2018 Agenda

A summary of the agenda appears below.  To view the detailed agenda, please click here.

SUNDAY, MARCH 11, 2018

Pre-Conference Tour of Annapolis

Opening Reception

MONDAY, MARCH 12, 2018

Opening Plenary

Oral Presentations

1A      Economic Analyses
1B      Use of Wastes in Construction 1
1C      Composting and Biological Treatment 1
1D      Landfill 1

2A      Community Education and Participation
2B      Construction and Demolition Wastes
2C      Environmental Assessment
2D      Recycling 1
2E      Case Studies 1

3A      Emerging Contaminants Found in Landfill Leachate
3B      Waste Collection
3C      Agricultural and Food Wastes 1
3D      Medical Wastes
3E       Landfill 2

4A      Waste to Energy 1
4B      Integrated Management and Policy 1
4C      Shell Wastes
4D      Ash Utilization
4E      Innovative Technologies

Poster Session 1



Oral Presentations

5A      Use of Wastes in Construction 2
5B      Contaminated Sites
5C      Mining Wastes
5D      Composting and Biological Treatment 2
5E      Integrated Management and Policy 2

6A      Agricultural and Food Wastes 2
6B      Landfill 3
6C      Sludge Management
6D      Special Wastes

Poster Session 2

Oral Presentations

7A      Sludge and Wastewater Management
7B      Waste to Energy 2
7C      Research Advances
7D      Case Studies 2
7E      Recycling 2
7F      Agricultural and Food Wastes 3

Closing Reception



Technical Field Trips