Proceedings of

28th International Conference on

  Solid Waste Technology and Management

Philadelphia, PA USA

March 10-13, 2013


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Landfill 1

 Evaluation of Bagasse Ash Treated Black Cotton Soil for Use in Waste Containment Applications,  Kolawole Osinubi, Stephen Ijimdiya, Nigeria   Effect of Frequency and Recirculated Volume in Produced Leachate,  María Claudia Delgado-Hernández, María del Consuelo Hernández-Berriel, Beatríz Barrientos Becerra, Liliana Márquez-Benavides, México  



Recycling 1


An Economic and Technical Analysis of Emerging Post-Consumer Plastic Recycling Methods,  Matthew Franchetti, Connor Kress, USA   The Management and Reverse Logistic of Industrial Waste as an Indicator of Sustainability,  Marisa Soares Borges, Brazil   Glass Recycling in Italy: Use of Glass Waste in the Production of New Materials,  Rosa Taurino, Luisa Barbieri, Fernanda Andreola, Cristina Leonelli, Italy    


Utilization of Wastes in Construction


Utilization of Solid Wastes to Produce Value Added Ceramic Products Useful for the Construction Industries,  Swapan Kumar Das, India


The Use of a Petrochemical Industry Waste as a Partial Replacement of Portland Cement Concrete: Performance Against Chlorides and Carbonation Ingress,  Nancy Torres Castellanos, Janneth Torres Agredo, Ruby Mejia de Gutierrez, Colombia  


Modeling and Planning

  The Use of GIS: Spatial and Temporal Analysis of a Waste Management System within an English County,  Nicholas Head, Paul S. Phillips, Terry Tudor, Margaret Bates, United Kingdom



Biological Treatment 1


The Development of Biogas with Bio-Degradable Solid Waste Fermentation in China,  Hongxun Zhang, Zhihui Bai, Qian Wang, P.R. China   Treatment of Alkaline Cement Kiln Dust with Bacillus sp. for Sustainable Environment Protection,  Kunal Garg, Anita Rajor, Rafat Siddique, India   Physico-Chemical and Spectroscopic Assessment of Decomposition Pattern During Aerobic Composting of Municipal Solid Waste,  Manohara Badekkanadka, Shiddappa Lagamappa BelagaliRagothama S, India   Composting of Used Diapers,  Perla Xochitl Sotelo-Navarro, Rosa María Espinosa-Valdemar, Alethia Vázquez-Morillas, Margarita Beltrán-Villavicencio, Xochitl Quecholac-Piña, México




  E-Waste Generation and Management in Nigeria,  Fatima Badiru Ibrahim, Donatus B. Adie, Abdulraheem GiwaCharles Amen Okuofu, Nigeria   Assessment of Metal Recovery Efficiency for Waste Printed Circuit Boards in Vietnam with MEMRECS and Different End-of-Life Scenarios,  Hoang Long Le,  Keiichi N. Ishihara, Eiji Yamasue, Hideyuki Okumura, Japan  


Case Studies 1


Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Management in Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria: Potential for Wealth Generation,  David Olukanni, Nigeria


Development of an Environmental Decision Support System for Municipal Solid Waste Management and Its Application in Primary Collection Process,  Anurag Ohri, Prabhat Kumar Singh, India


Challenges of Domestic Solid Waste Management in an Emerging African Urban Environment: An Analysis of Stakeholder Perspectives from Lobatse in Botswana.  Tumelo Tinny Kwailane, Botswana   Sustainable Health Care Waste Management in Nigeria – A GIS Mapping Approach,  Isa Iyortim, Kelechi Amaefule, Kalada Green, Abimbola, Sowande, Nigeria  



Environmental Protection


Remediation Of Contaminated Soil in Car Maintenance Centers,  Shakinaz El Sheltawy, Haidy Magdy, Egypt   Prediction of Environmental Impacts from Using Municipal Solid Waste Derived Material as Co-fuel in Cement Kiln,  Deepak Singhal, Anurag Garg, India


Life Cycle Assessment of an Innovative Process for PVC Cables Waste Recycling,  Cristian Chiavetta, Valentina Luciani, Peter Rem, The Netherlands


Health Impacts of Solid Waste on Urban Environment: Case of Akurana Town, Sri Lanka,  Lalitha Dissanayake Dissanayake Mudiyanselage, Breuste Juergen, Amanda Robinson, Sri Lanka   Future Implications of Utilizing Dedicated Pumps for Groundwater Sampling,  Christine Batchelder,Groundwater Essentials, Craig Intelisano,Proactive Environmental Products, USA   Coal Fired, Zero Emission with Physical CO2 Separation & Sequestration in a Parallel Brayton Gas-Rankine Steam Cycle Plant,  Bert Zauderer, USA


Recycling Technologies


A Comparative Study of Testing Methods for the Fatigue Lives of Neat and Polymer Modified Binders with and without Mastics,  Yusuf Mehta,  Gemma Peebles, USA


Safe Disposal of Black Plastic Bags,  Mansoor Imam,  Abdul Quddus, Samiullah Bhatti, Pakistan


Influence of Waste Paper Particle Size Distribution on the Performance and Screening Efficiency of Disc Screens – A Case Study, Arash Rezaee, Bastian Wens, Anja Maul, Alexander Feil, Thomas Pretz Department of Processing and Recycling (I.A.R.), RWTH Aachen University, Germany,  Arash Rezaee, Anja Maul, Nils Bauerschlag, Thomas Pretz, Germany  


Agricultural and Plant Wastes

  Utilization of Grains and Straw Pellets for the Evaluation and Further Development of a Small-Scale Combustion Unit,  Donnalyn Cabaces, Joel Cabaces, Philippines


An Integrated Approach for Madhuca Indica (Mahua) Seed Cake Utilization,  Aditi Gupta, Satyawati Sharma, India   Towards Zero Solid Waste: Utilising Tannery Waste as a Protein Source for Poultry Feed,  Hira Lal Paul, Paul Phillips, Anthony D. Covington, Paula Antunes,  Paul Evans, United Kingdom   Optimization of Biogas Production from Animal Wastes,  Mohamed Ben Oumarou, Nigeria    Development of an Eggshell Powdering Machine,  Donnalyn Cabaces, Hector Comia, Chrislee Gonzales, Raffy Dalisay, Philippines  


Landfill 2


Lessons Learned from Successful Applications of Biological Leachate Treatment: Overview and Case Studies,  Sara Arabi, George Nakhla, Andrew Lugowski, Canada   VSEP for Landfill Leachate,  Mark Galimberti, USA


Innovative Technologies 1


Application of Locally Produced Activated Carbon from Waste Nigerian Bamboo,  Awajiogak UjileNigeria



Energy Recovery 1


A Study of Influencing Factors on Quality of Rice Straw Pellets,  Kazuei Ishii, Toru Furuichi, Shintaro Watanabe, Yu Tomokawa, Japan   Performance Contracting of a Multifaceted Combined Heat and Power Plant Using Landfill Gas at a Corrections Facility,  Jerald Peterson, Rao Chitikala, Carl Zickler, Jeffrey Simerl, Brina Clippinger, Paul Cunningham, Robert Cahill, Jim Kreutzberger, Dan Buck, Mark Harlacker, USA   ASPEN-HYSYS Simulations for the Small Scale Conversion of Waste Plastics into Gaseous and Liquid Fuels,  Ahmed Mohamed El- Khaiary, Alex Bertuccio, Gennaro Maffia, Egypt   Decision Support System for Development and Integration of Technologies for Energy Reclamation from Municipal Wastes, Assaf Yoshi, Gadi Rabinowitz, Zeev Wiesman, Gideon Oron, Israel  


Landfill 3


Impact of Leachate Age on the Treatment Efficiency and Power Generation of Microbial Fuel Cells,  Mohamed Abdallah, Matthew Neilson, Kevin Kennedy, Canada   Landfill Leachate: How Much Is Lost and Where Did It Go?,  Ketil Haarstad, Norway   Geotechnical Characterization of Ankara Clay as a Liner Material,  Haluk Akgün, Turkey    


Waste Generation and Composition

  Composition of Solid Waste Generated by the  Tertiary Aluminum Recycling Industry,  Mirian Chieko Shinzato, Luis Fernando Wu, Inara Guglielmetti Braz, Brazil


Measurement of Moisture Content of Fresh Municipal Solid Waste by Four-Point Probe Resistivity Method,  Sams Farhana, Jebari Weekes, Sahadat Hossain, Noureddine Melikechi, Daniel Fluman, Mukti Rana, USA


Alternate Method to Determine the Biochemical Methane Potential of Solid Wastes,  Ian Fleming, Kevin Mathison, Canada  


Sludge and Mineral Wastes


Influences of Thermal Treatment on Evaporation and Leaching of Fluorides from Mg Slag Generated in Pidgeon Process,  Fenglan Han, Laner Wu, Shengwei Guo, Qixing Yang, Chun Du, Yuhong Chen, China   Re-use of Dredging Sludges as Semifinished Products, Antonio D’Andrea, Cristiano Fustaino, Cristina Tozzo, Italy   Methylene Blue Adsorption by the Waste of Phosphate Rock,  Gihan Malash, Mohammad El-Khaiary, Egypt  


Waste Utilization

  Effective Solid Waste Management by Utilising Slag Waste as Replacement of Normal Coarse Aggregate in Concrete Applications,  Arun D. Pofale, Mohammed Nadeem, India   Improvement Asphalt Mixtures Behaviour Using Scrap Tires,  Liseane Padilha Thives, Glicério Trichês, Jorge Pais, Paulo Pereira, Brazil   Converting Waste from the Dimension Stone Industry into Sustainable Environmental Resources: Current Trends, Market Opportunities and Future Outlook,  Carla Furcas, Ginevra Balletto, Italy   Enhancement of Strength and Durability Properties of Quarry Dust Concrete Using Inorganic Inhibitors,  Devi M,  Murugesan VDr. K. Kannan,  India  



Heavy Metal Distribution Characteristics in Different Particle Size Fractions of Bottom Ash and Fly Ash from a Large-Sized (120 MW) Power Plant of a Fluting Board Mill,  Risto Pöykiö, Olli Dahl, Gary Watkins, Kati Manskinen, Hannu Nurmesniemi, Finland   Characterization of Bottom Ash and Fly Ash from an Industrial-Scale (120 MW) Power Plant Incinerating Biomass-Based Fuels,  Risto Pöykiö, Kati Manskinen, Hannu Nurmesniemi, Gary Watkins, Olli Dahl, Finland   Preparation and Characteristic Analysis of Densified Refuse-Derived Fuel for Thermal Treatment,  Yi-Ying Jin, Tian-Jing Mi, Fu-Qiang Liu, China


Obtention of Soil Cement Bricks through Addition of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Wastes,  João Alexandre Paschoalin Filho,  João Henrique Storopoli, Brazil   A New Trend in Collection and Transportation Management of Municipal Solid Waste in Shanghai, China,  Ying An, Guangming Li, Wenqing Wu, Wenzhi He, Xiang Shi, China   The Technology Research of the Co-processing of Municipal Sludge in Cement Rotary Kilns,  Wei Xu, Jingcheng Xu, Xiangfeng Huang, Juwen Huang, Chen Zhao, Guangming Li, China   Biogas Generation Characteristics of Bio-dried Organic Residue from Bio-drying MBT Facility,  Jae-Ram Park, Je-Hyun Nah, Sung-Jin Bae, Jeong-An Kwon, Dong-Hoon Lee, Korea   Management Method for Waste from Sewage Plants as a Component of Concrete Designed for Local Roads,  Paweł Rajczyk, Jarosław Rajczyk, Zbigniew Respondek, Poland   The Analysis of the Influence of Fly Ashes on the Growth Rate of Concrete Compressive Strength and Freeze Resistance,  Jarosław Rajczyk, Jacek Halbiniak, Poland   Analysis of Gas Arising from Iron Ore Reduction Mixture of Gas Simulating Natural Gas Reformed,  Girley Ferreira Rodrigues, Eduardo Junca, Victor Bridi Telles, Jorge Alberto Soares Tenório, Denise Crocce Romano Espinosa, Brazil   Numerical Simulation for Remediation of 1,4-Dioxane-Contaminated Groundwater at Aomori-Iwate Illegal Dumping Site in Japan,  Kazuei Ishii, Toru Furuichi, Yuto Okajima, Japan   Preparation of Carbonaceous Heavy Metal Adsorbent from Paper Sludge Using Sulfur Impregnation,  Takaaki Wajima, Japan    


Case Studies 2


Alternative Management Strategy of Solid Waste in Developing Countries, Nairobi Kenya Case Study,  Shoou-Yuh Chang, Jenberu Feyyisa, USA   Implementation of Integrated Municipal Waste Management Systems in Romania. Case Studies.,  Alexei Atudorei, Luminita Gabriela Atudorei, Mihai Gabriel Ghinea, Romania   Building Resilience through Solid Waste Management:  The Case of the Province of Iloilo, Central Philippines,  Joy Lizada, Rhodella Ibabao, Philippines   Evaluation of the Performance of Integrated MSW Management Scenarios in Europe: Preliminary Results,  Paolo S. Calabro’, Claudio Lubello, Manuela Gori, Italy   Solid Waste Management in Sugar Industry: A Case Study of Sanjeevani Co-operative Sugar Factory Goa India,  Prakash Munnoli,  Saroj Bhosle, Goa University,  India    


Biological Treatment 2

  Development and Performance Evaluation of a Biodegrable Waste Milling Machine for Composting System,  Michael Aloria, Christian Roy Marasigan, Abegail Barte, Ibrahim Manalo, Philippines   Advanced Exhaust Treatment for MBT Plants,  Erdogan Coskun, Bastian Wens, Thomas Pretz, Germany   Converting Waste to Money Using Managed Ecosystem Fermentation,  Edward Calt, USA  


Management of Specific Wastes


Recovery of Homogeneous Materials from Composite Masonry Structures by Crushing and Mechanical Separation – Limitations of Prevalent Processes,  Mirko Landmann, Anette Müller, Ulrich Palzer, Germany   Investigation and Analysis of Informal End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) Treatment in China,  Shuhan Hu, Hidefumi Kurasaka, Yanping Yang, Japan   Degradation of Plastics on Marine Environment,  Juan Carlos Álvarez-Zeferino, Margarita Beltrán-Villavicencio, Alethia Vázquez-Morillas, Rocío Gutiérrez-Ortíz, Rosario Enríquez-Rosado, México  


Landfill 4

  Attenuative Capacity of Compacted Bagasse Ash Treated Foundry Sand,  Kolawole Osinubi, George Moses, Nigeria   Laser Induce Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) – A New Technique to Determine Metals in Landfill Leachate,  Sams Farhana, Poopalasingam Sivakumar, Jebari Weekes, Noureddine Melikechi, Sahadat Hossain, Daniel Fluman, Mukti Rana, USA   Efficiency of Different Coagulants in Treatment of Compost Leachate,  Gh. Kiani, A.H. Mahvi, M.H. Dehghani, M. Barani, Iran   Landfill Leachate Pollution Index and Phytotoxic Assays,  Liliana Marquez-Benavides, Daniela Guerrero, Juan Manuel Sanchez,Otoniel Buenrostro, Ma. Consuelo Hernandez-Berriel, México    


Energy Recovery 2


Thermal Decomposition Characteristics of Automobile Shredder Residue,  Juma Haydary, Dalibor Susa, Slovakia


Influence of the Operating Conditions on Sewage Sludge Gasification Process in the Fixed Bed Gasifier,  Sebastian Werle, Poland   Pyrolytic Conversion of Corncobs to Biofuels,  Olumuyiwa Lasode, Innocent Oyerinde, Ayokunle Balogun, Nigeria


Energy Recovery from Crude Oil Residue Using Thermal Plasma Pyrolysis,  Vijay Kumar Srivastava, India


Economic Analysis of Biodigesters as an Appropriate Waste-to-Energy Technology in the Developing World with Case Study,  Adam Dellinger, Matthew Franchetti, USA




Policy and Public Involvement 1


Survey of Study Activities in Environmental Education at Elementary Schools in Japan,  Masafumi Tateda, Natsuki Myoui, Japan   Model of Economic Development Surrounding Sustainable Development through Environmental Education,  Marisa Soares Borges, Brazil   An Industry-Led Waste Strategy for Queensland: Process and Outcomes,  Georgina Davis, Australia


Towards a Zero Waste Vision: Backcasting as a Potential Method for Achieving Effective Policy Formation,  Nicholas Head, Paul S. Phillips, Terry Tudor, Margaret Bates, United Kingdom


The Use of Financial Incentive in Solid Waste Management: A Case Study of the Environmental ICMS of the State of Pernambuco,  Waldecy Farias Filho, Danuza Lima Gusmão, Simone Machado Santos, Brazil   Attitudes to the Use and Disposal of  Pharmaceuticals,  Anne Morrissey, Cecilia Fenech, Kieran Nolan, Luc Rock, John Tobin, Ireland   State-of-Art of Russian Solid Waste Management System and Perspectives of Its DevelopmentM. A. Lyubaskaya, Russia  



Research Advances 1


Study on the Stabilization/Solidification of Lead with Rich-Silicon Materials,  Longjiao Shen, Weixing Wang, Yan Shao, Haobo Hou, Min Zhou, China   Effect of Tannery Effluent and Contamination Curing Period on Some Geotechnical Properties of Lateritic Soil,  Adrian Eberemu, Agapitus Amadi, Kolawole Osinubi, Nigeria   Economic Evaluation of the Implementation and Operation of Landfills in Open Pits Remaining from Mining Activity,  Raul Oliveira Neto, Carlos Otávio Petter, Luis Eduardo Souza, Brazil   Comparison of Degradation of Methylene Blue by N Doped ZnO and Iron Ore Rejects,  Vrinda Borker, Rajashri Karmali, Koyar Rane, India


Properties of Concrete with Recycled and Secondary Aggregates a Review,  Amarnath Yerramala, Ramachandrudu C, India   A Geopolymer Synthesized from Calcined Ore-Dressing Tailing of Bauxite and Its Low-Temperature Properties,  Wensheng Zhang, Jiayuan Ye, China   Enhancing Printed Circuit Boards Leaching by Ultrasound,  Denis Massucatto, Jorge Alberto Soares Tenório, Denise Crocce Romano Espinosa, Brazil    Study of Bioelectricity Generation by Using Compost in Paddy Plant Microbial Fuel Cell,  M. A. Moqsud, K. Omine, M. Hyodo, Y. Nakata, J.Yoshitake, Japan



Recycling of Bituminous Concrete Road Pavement,  Paweł Rajczyk, Jarosław Rajczyk, Paweł Słaboński, Poland


Diffusion of Ions Present in the Vinasse through a Tropical Soil,  Miriam Gonçalves Miguel, Thalita Priscila Suguikawa, Bruno Cesar Mortatti, Sueli Yoshinaga Pereira, Brazil


Hydraulic Conductivity of Municipal Solid Waste from Brazil,  Bruno Cesar Mortatti, Barbara Cesar Martins, Julio Cesar Beltrame Benatti, Jorge Luiz da Paixão Filho, Miriam Gonçalves Miguel, Sueli Yoshinaga Pereira, Brazil   Volume to Weight Conversion Factors for Commercial Office Buildings (NYC),  Amy Marpman, Matthew Shurtleff, Ross Guberman, Richard Fuller, USA   Factors Affecting Methane Production from “Isatis Tinctoria L.”,  Manuela Carchesio,Carlo Bo, Isabella Lancellotti, Fabio Tatano, Rosa Taurino, Luisa Barbieri, Italy   A Micromechanical Model to Heterogeneous and Complex Solid Materials,  Buonsanti Michele, Leonardi Giovanni, Schepis Micol, Italy   Characterization of Waste from the Cutting of Marble for the Production of Synthetic Slags,  Felipe Grillo,  Jose OliveiraDenise Espinosa, Raphael de Alcantara Sampaio, Jorge Alberto Soares Tenório, Brazil  


Agricultural and Food Wastes

  Extraction of Potassium and Ammonium Fertilizer from Rice Straw,  Shakinaz El Sheltawy, Dina Magdy, Marwa Shalaby, Egypt


Preliminary Study on the Use of Sugar Cane Bagasse Ash as an Addition to Portland Cement,  Janneth Torres Agredo, Camilo Ernesto Escandón Giraldo, Ruby Mejía de Gutiérrez, Luis Octavio Gonzalez Salcedo, Colombia   Development of a Liquid Manure Disposal System for the Swine Industry in the Philippines,  Michael Aloria, Philippines   Study of Particle Size Distribution on Fluidization Parameters in a 5MW AFBC Power Plant Using Cotton Stalk,  Saroj Kumar Mohapatra, Rajeev Kamal Sharma, India


Utilization of Agro-Industrial Waste as Organic Fertilizer to Enhance the Growth, Yield and Quality of Egg Plant (Solanum melongena),  Abhishek Sharma, Satyawati Sharma, India   Market-based System of Municipal Solid Waste Composting,  M. El-Hoz, Lebanon




Recycling 2

  The Process Evolution – Technology at the Service of Recycling,  Jeremie Bourgeois, Canada   Trends in Plastics Recycling and Reuse,  Randy Rossow, D. S. Mahamah, USA   Reuse and Recycling of Construction Waste:  A Comparative Study between Brazil and Portugal,  P. L. Côrtes, António Guerner Dias, J. A. Paschoalin Filho, Brazil    


Innovative Technologies 2

  Recovery of Glass from MBT Residue by Gravity Concentration: Effect of Up Stream Processing in Particle Shape,  M. Teresa Carvalho, Nilmara Dias, Nuno Belo, Angela Maximo, Stephanie Landim, Pedro Pina, Jorge Sousa, Portugal   Modeling and Simulation of Flow Distribution of Centrifugal Slurry Pump,  Satish Kumar, Saroj Kumar Mohapatra, Bhupendra Kumar Gandhi, India


Removal of Oil Products from Waste Water by Cable Factories Waste,  Anush Harutyunyan, Gagik Torosyan, Armenia   Bioremediation of Toxic Organics and Recovery of Radioactive Elements from Nuclear Wastewater,  Evans M. N. Chirwa, Pulane E. Molokwane, Nonhlanhla Ngwenya, Phumza V. Tikilili, South Africa   Lighting the Future for Mercury Waste Disposal, Mark A. Ceaser, USA  


Ash Utilization and Treatment

  Masonry Mortar Added with Algaroba Wood Ashes,  Márcio Couceiro Saraiva de Melo, Ana Cecilia Vieira da Nóbrega, Érika Pinto Marinho, Ricardo Henrique de Lira Silva, Maria das Vitórias Vieira Almeida de Sá, Simone Machado dos Santos, Brazil


Influence of Compactive Efforts on Lateritic Soil Stabilized with Bamboo Leaf Ash,  Afeez Bello, Kolawole Osinubi, Nigeria   Detoxification of Incineration Fly Ash Using Supercritical Water Oxidation: Destruction of PCDD/Fs and Stabilization of Heavy Metals,  Daoan Zou, Yong Chi, Jun Dong, Mingjiang Ni, China   The Effect of Metal Chelating on the Solidification/Stabilization of Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator (MSWI) Fly Ash Using Blast Furnace Slag-Based Cementitious Materials,  Yan Shao, Min Zhou, Weixing Wang, Haobo Hou, China   Feasibility of Use of a High Percentage Fly Ash Unburned Material in Alkaline Activation Processes,  Johanna Mejia, Jhonathan Rivera, Ruby Mejia de Gutierrez, Colombia   Recovery of NF-Metals from Bottom Ash and Further Processing,  Stefan Heinrichs, David Ruessmann, Thomas Pretz, Germany   Properties of Sintered Aggregate Made With Pond Ash of Bituminous Coal Source, Vasugi V,  Ramamurthy KIndia   Application of Silica Reduction Technology (SRT) for Fly Ash Zeolite Synthesis,  Vijay Kumar Srivastava,  Chintan Pathak, India  


Policy and Public Involvement 2


Applicability of NIMBY and NIMTO Syndromes, and Willingness and Ability to Pay for Improved Solid Waste Management among Nairobi Households,  Augustine Afullo, Benjamin Danga, USA   The Evolution of Value Chains and Recycling Opportunities in the Informal Management of Municipal Solid Waste of Kaduna Metropolis, Nigeria,  Yusuf Rigasa Abdullahi, Bala Isah Abdulkarim, Abdul Gambo Badamasi, Nigeria    


Research Advances 2


Assessment and Management of Used Pesticide Containers from Farm Lands in Kaduna State, Nigeria,  Usman Ibrahim,  Aishat Mukhtar,  Fatima Badiru Ibrahim,  S.W.J. Lyocks, Nigeria   Waste Management: A Bibliometric Analysis of the Brazilian Scientific Production,  P. L. Côrtes, Brazil   Effect of Additive on the Rheological Properties of Coal Slurry,  Saroj Kumar Mohapatra, Satish Kumar, India    


Additional Topics

  Post War Developments in the Solid Waste Management Sector of Sri Lanka, Ajantha W. Perera, Sri Lanka   Purssian Blue Dissociation, Analysis and Biodegradation in Soil Sample, Neha Gupta, C.B Majumder, V.K. Agrawal, India   Utilization of Fly Ash as a Carrier in Biofertilizer and Biopesticide Formulation of Chandrapura Thermal Power Station, India, Neha Shreya, Biswajit Paul, India   Studies of a Hydrocyclone to Produce Clean Coal from Tunçbilek/Turkey Fine Lignite Tailings, Selçuk Özgen, Turkey