Proceedings of

30th International Conference on

  Solid Waste Technology and Management

Philadelphia, PA USA

March 15 – March 18, 2015

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Generation and Composition 1

  Predicting the Accuracy of Curbside Waste Composition Studies, Bruce Wilson, Canada   Determination of Factors Influencing Waste Composition at Institutions of Higher Education, Lauren Crawford, Derek Garbarino, Terry Simpson, Eric Smith, Sean Turley, Ronald L. Mersky, USA  


Landfill 1


Unsaturated Behaviour of Waste Wood Ash Treated Lateritic Soil, Kolawole Osinubi, Johnson Oluremi, Adrian Eberemu, Nigeria   Model of a Secure Landfill Using Abandoned Mine Pit; Technical and Economic Imperatives in Poor Developing Nations, Michael A. Nwachukwu, Ijeoma M. Nwachukw, Nigeria   Landfill Final Cover and Management of Leachate Seeps below Final Cover, Ali Khatami, USA   Desiccation Induced Volumetric Shrinkage of Compacted Metakaolin Treated Black Cotton Soil for Use as Hydraulic Barrier System, George Moses, Kolawole Osinubi, Nigeria  


Organic Wastes 1


A Novel Approach to Food Waste To Energy Modeling in the US, Matthew Franchetti, USA   Brazilian Research in MSW Biogas: How Large Is It and How Far Has It Gone?, Ruy Quadros, Glícia Vieira dos Santos, André Neiva Tavares, Dr. Sergio Valdir Bajay, Brazil   Sustainable Bio-Waste Management in Finland through Cascade Use of Biomass, Sari Piippo, Eva Pongrácz, Finland





Industrial and Energy Policies for Biogas-Based Electricity from Municipal Solid Waste in Brazil, Ruy Quadros, André Neiva Tavares, Glícia Vieira dos Santos, Dr. Sergio Valdir Bajay, Brazil   Reduction of Green House Gas Emission Associated with Effective Waste Mangement: Case of South Korea, Yong-Chil Seo, Jang-Soo Lee, Won-Seok Yang, Tai Gyu Lee, Republic of Korea


Recycling 1

  Fractal Spatial Analysis: The Montreal Case Study, Pierre-Alexandre Guillemette, Mathias Glaus, Robert Hausler, Canada  


Environmental Impacts

  Effects Of Solid Waste Disposal On Human Being In The Landfill Sites Surrounding Agra City, Sohail Ayub, India   Lack of Community Participation in Management of Garbage: Its Impacts on River Water, and Introduction of Rain Water Harvesting as an Alternative to Pipe Borne Water in Lautoka, Fiji Islands, Ajantha Perera, Fiji Islands  


Energy Recovery 1


The Potential for Waste-to-Energy at the US Naval Academy: A Case Study, Patrick CatonJoshua Schmidt, Christopher Adsit, Christopher Chase, Eric Bermudez, Timothy Kerner, USA   Simultaneous Removal of PCDD/Fs and NOx from the Flue Gas of a Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator with a Pilot Plant, Xiaolong Liu, Jian Wang, Xue Wang, Tingyu Zhu, China   Experimental Investigation of Ash Deposits on Convection Heating Surfaces of a CFB Municipal Solid Waste Incinerator, Zhi Tang, Xiaoping Chen, Carlos Romeo, Zhonglin Zhang, Wenguo Xiang, China   Reactive Extraction of Microalgae for Biodiesel Production; an Optimization Study, Hassan El Shimi, Nahed Attia, Shakinaz El Sheltawy, Guzine El Diwani, Egypt  


Waste Utilization in Construction 1

  Strength Properties and Sulfate Resistance of Self-Compacting Concrete Incorporating Metakaolin, Anhad Singh Gill, Rafat Siddique, India   Solid Waste (Ceramic Tiles) As A Replacement For Concrete Aggregate, Shakeel Ahmad, Rehan Ahmad Khan, Md Daniyal, India   Reuse Of Waste From The Ceramics Industry Rejects As Recycled Aggregates For The Manufacture Of Prestressed Concrete Elements, Fernando L. Gayarre, Pedro J. Fernández Arias, Carlos Lopez-Colina, Dr. Miguel A. Serrano Lopez, Spain     Utilization of Copper Slag in Concrete Manufacturing, Ravinder Kaur Sandhu, India   Microscopy Analysis of Fired Bricks Containing Solid Wastes Generated from Energy-related Processes, Lu-Ming Chen, Mei-In Melissa Chou, USA



  Insight into Economies of Scale for Waste Packaging Sorting Plants, Ciprian Cimpan, Anja Maul, Henrik Wenzel, Prof. Thomas Pretz, Denmark  


Hazardous Wastes

  Synthesis of Graphene Oxide and Its Application for Efficient Removal of Fluoride from Water, Syed Hadi Hasan, Vijay Kumar, India   Lab Waste Management in Egypt, Walaa Nagy, Hanem Sibak, Shakinaz El Sherbiny, Prof. Dr., Shakinaz El Sheltawy, Egypt



Recycling Technologies


MSW Biodrying in the Czech Republic, Libuše Benešová, Vojtěch Pilnáček, Dr. Anita Zavodska, Czech Republic   Operating Conditions in the Catalytic Steam Reforming of Volatile Products from HDPE Pyrolysis, Itsaso Barbarias, Maite Artetxe, Maider Amutio, Gartzen Lopez, Jon Alvarez, Aitor Arregi, Martin Olazar, Spain   Comminution Characteristics Of Small Domestic Appliances By High-Speed Vertical Shredder, Joonheon Lee, Heechan Cho, Kihong Kim, Jeonghoon Ok, Daeyang Lee, Sookyung Kim, Korea     Research and Development of Equipment and Facilities For WEEE/E-Waste Management in Lagos, Nigeria, Abdul Wahab Ogunbiyi, Olasunkanmi Ojowuro, Lagos, Nigeria, Adeshola Openibo-Adebosin, Engr Rasheed A. Ayeni, Nigeria


Case Studies 1

Case Study of Solid Waste Management: 3R (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) at Karnataka State Women’s University, Bijapur, Karnataka , India, Meena Maithili Chandawarkar, India   Case Study: Sustainable Energy Management by a Local Agricultural Organization Through Implementation of Complete Rice Husk Recycling, Masafumi Tateda, Japan   Change in Future Waste Management in Saint-Petersburg, Donald J. Birnesser, Maria A. Liubarskaia, USA and Russian Federation



Geotechnical and Mining Advances

  Determination of Clay Barriers Hydraulic Conductivity Using a Centrifuge Permeameter, Jai Jung, Mark Knight, Shayne Giles, Robin Pernet, Canada   Evaluation of Dynamic properties of Municipal Solid Waste Sites by Geophysical Tests, Naveen B.P, Sitharam T.G, Sivapullaiah P.V, India   Fresh And Strength Properties Of Low Calcium Fly Ash Based Geopolymers-Review, Rafat Siddique, Ankur Mehta, India


Industrial Wastes 1

Industrial Solid Waste Management  in Greece: The Current Situation and Prospects for Valorization, Erasmia Pantazopoulou, Ourania Zebiliadou, Georgios Bartzas, K. Komnitsas, A. Xenidis, A. Zouboulis, Greece     Predicted Free Settling Velocity of Spherical Non-Oily Palm Oil Mill Effluent Particles at Different Particle Sizes, Reem Alrawi, Anees Ahmad, Aligarh, Norli Ismail, A. K. Mohd Omar, Iraq   Management of ceramic waste materials, Hanem Sibak, Shakinaz El Sherbiny, Shereen Amin, Magdi Abadir, Egypt



Education and Analysis

  A Flipped Classroom Approach to Solid Waste Minimization for Engineering Undergraduate Students, Matthew Franchetti, USA   Raising Waste Management Awareness in Nigerian Schools, Suleiman Abba Suleiman, Abuja, Daniel O Alamu, Abuja, Odiase E Omo-Osagie, Abuja, Ruth Garba, Nigeria



Collection and Transport

  Design of a Hierarchical Waste Collection System on the Landscape, Audrey Tanguy, Ecole de Technologie Supérieure, Mathias Glaus, Ecole de Technologie Supérieure, Valérie Laforest, Ecole des Mines de St-Etienne, Jonathan Villot, Robert Hausler, Canada   Driving The Waste Collection Routing Agenda: A Model for Determination of the Route Time by Simulating a Collection vehicle traveling in Greater Baku Area, Republic of Azerbaijan, Faig Sadigov, Ministry of Economy and Industry, Republic of Azerbaijan


  Performance Of Experimental Double Capillary Barrier Cover, Monolitic Cover And Evapotranspirative Cover In A Brazilian Landfill, Juacyara Carbonelli Campos, Gilberto Oliveira Joaquim Junior, Elisabeth Ritter, Brazil   Evaluation of the Biogas Productivity Potentials of Domestic and Agricultural Waste in a Tertiary Institution, Adedayo Badejo, Julius Ndambuki, Williams Kupolati, Ekeade O.B, Okunrounmu O.A., South Africa   Mechanical Properties of Concrete Containing Shredded Scrap Tires and Class C Fly Ash, Pranshoo Solanki, Bharat Dash, USA   The Technology of Carbon Dioxide Utilization through Carbon Fixation in Aqueous Phase with Fast Kinetics, Dongwoo Kang, Sangwon Park, Min-Gu Lee, Hoyong Jo, Yoonyoung Lee, Jinwon Park, Republic of Korea   Estimation of Solid Waste Generation and Recycling Potential on Hotel Sector: Case Study in a Tourism City – Hue, Vietnam, Thi Thu Trang Do, Yasuhiro Matsui, Phuc Thanh Nguyen, Cao Le Hung, Japan


Energy Recovery 2


Recovery of Combustible Gases via Pyrolysis of the Combustible Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste, William Buah, Paul Williams, Ghana   Co-Processing of  Waste in Cement Plants, Rahul Baidya, Sannidhya Kumar Ghosh, Sadhan Kumar Ghosh, India


Generation and Composition 2

  Household Waste Generation and Characteristic in Iskandar Malaysia: Current And Projection, Cindy Ik Sing Lee, Zainura Zainon Noor, Fatin Aliah Phang, Malaysia   Quantification of Electronic Passive in the Valley of Toluca, Maria del Consuelo Mañon-Salas, Maria del Consuelo Hernandez-Berriel, Martha María Montes de Oca-Herrera, Laura Verónica Díaz Archundia, Elvira Olay Romero, México   Waste Audit at Jackson State University, Mississippi, Moe Chowdhury, Ricardo Brown and Talya Thomas, USA



Biological Treatment


Application of Anaerobic Digestion to the Treatment of MSW in China, Hao Chen, Yuzhu Zhao, Xiaohua Xia, Mr. Zhenyu Wu, Mr. Wenbiao Han, P. R. China   Disposal of Organic Waste Worship Materials through Vermicomposting from Some Religious Places of Patna, Bihar, Arvind Kumar Nag, Bihari Singh, A Abhishek Mani, Chiranjeev Kumar, India   Dynamics of Fermentative and Methanogenic Bacteria in the Accelerated Degradation of Municipal Solid Waste, Elvira Olay Romero, María del Consuelo Hernández-Berriel, Isaías de la Rosa-Gómez, Liliana Márquez-Benavides, María del Carmen Carreño-de León, México


Agricultural Wastes

  Comparative Analysis of Some Neem Seed Oil Extraction Methods for Biodiesel Production, Mohamed Ben Oumarou, Garba Mohammed Ngala, Nigeria   Suppressiveness of Composts against the Plant Pathogens Phytophthora and Fusarium Oxysporum, Josefa Blaya, Margarita Ros, Jose A. Pascual, Spain   Renewable Waste Substrates of Plant Origin for Bioethanol Production, Bartho Okolo, Anene Moneke, Reg Agu, Onyetugo Amadi, Nigeria   Three Stages Composting Process for Poultry Mortality at Open Desert Site in Kuwait, Samir Al-Ghawas, Hamad Al-Munsoor, Kuwait   Utilization of Cassava Processing Waste as a Viable and Sustainable Strategy for Meeting Cassava Processing Energy Needs: Case Study from Ibadan City, Nigeria, Coker, Achi, Nigeria


Medical Wastes


Investigation of Scaffold Fabrication Techniques: Tissue Engineering for Reducing Medical Waste and the Environmental Impacts, Ozlem Yasar, Masato Nakamura, Shalman Ahmed, USA   Medical Waste Management in Libya Northeastern Region Hospitals as a Case Study, Farag El Mabrouk, Benghazi University, Ibrahim Ghaweel, Benghazi University, Libya   Waste Prevention and Management in Hospitals, Joan Plisko, Carrie Flora, USA   The Challenge of Healthcare Waste Management Practices in Primary Healthcare Centers, Ogun State, Nigeria, Ezechiel Oladapo Longe, Ismail Adenuga, Nigeria   Developing a Regional Hospital Waste Management: A Case Study, M. El-Hoz, Lebanon  


Waste Utilization in Construction 2

  The Use Of Dumpsite Solid Waste In The Production Of Clay Bricks, Magdi Abadir, Shakinaz El Sherbiny, Shereen Amin, Marwa Ahmed, Kamilia El Naggar, Egypt   Deformation Properties of Recycled Concrete with Mixed Recycled Aggregates, Focused On Precast Prestressed Products, Fernando L. Gayarre, Ruben Blanco Viñuela, Pedro Serna Ros, Carlos Lopez-Colina, Aitor Llano Torre, Spain   Influence of Coal Bottom Ash on the Strength Properties of Concrete, Rafat Siddique, Malkit Singh, India   Novel Self-consolidating Concrete Containing Industrial Waste, Felix Udoeyo, Armaghan Izadpanahi, Evan Shepard, Priyank Patel, Stuart Shepard, USA   Utilization of Fly Ash and Red Mud to Make Foam Bricks by Addition of Polystyrene, Kamalesh Singh,Vinay Singh, T. R. Mankhand, India


  Evaluation of the Ability of Municipal Solid Waste Treatment Plants to Serve as Regional Disaster Response Facilities, Tomohiro Tabata, Peii Tsai, Takashi Saeki, Japan   Bacteriological Characterization Of Leachates From Experimental Cells Containing Household Solid Waste And Health Care Solid Waste, Juacyara Carbonelli Campos, Bianca Ramalho Quintaes, Alessandra Fonseca Lourenço, Marco Antonio Lemos Miguel, João Alberto Ferreira, Brazil   Municipal Waste Management in Poland: Current Status and Challenges, Marta Sebastian, Poland   How to Improve the Quality of Waste Derived Fuels, Emilia Den Boer, Marta Sebastian, Poland   Hidden Wastes of Finnish Food Consumption: Global Impact of Imports, Sari Piippo, Pablo Piñero, Eva Pongrácz, Finland


Case Studies 2

Glass and E-Waste Disposal Management at Karnataka State Women’s University, Bijapur, Karnataka, India, Mahantappa Jogad, Meena Maithili Chandawarkar, India   Too Much Waste – Too little Space: Waste Management System in the Greater Banjul Area (GBA) of the Gambia, Challenges and Prospects, Dawda Badgie, Latifah Abd Manaf, Mohd Armi Abu Samah, Gambia   Application of EDSS-MSWM for Primary Collection  and Secondary Storage of Municipal Solid Waste Management, Anurag Ohri, Prabhat Kumar Singh, India   Waste Collection and Transportation in Developing Economies, Vivek Agrawal, Centre for Development Communication, Siddhant Srivastava, Centre for Development  Communication, India   Feasibility of Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Site in Lekhnath Municipality, Nepal using Geographical Information System (GIS), Bishow Raj Tiwari, Nepal  



  Stabilization of Spreader Stoker Coal Fly Ashes (SSCFA) by Using Alternative Binders and Chemical Activators, Julie Hot, Moustapha Sow, Christelle Tribout, Prof. Martin Cyr, France


Waste Utilization in Construction 3

  Applicability ‘Pure Water’ Sachet In Asphalt For Sustainable Environment, Adedayo Badejo, Julius Ndambuki, Williams Kupolati, Adekunle AA, Adekoya OO, South Africa


Innovative Technologies

  Innovative Technique for Waste Water Treatment and Contaminated Site Remediation, Klaus Philipp Sedlazeck, Montanuniversitaet Leoben, Daniel Höllen, Montanuniversitaet Leoben, Peter Müller, Ferro Decont, Robert Mischitz, Austria   Sewage Sludge Valorisation by Fast Pyrolysis for the Production of Bio-Oil and Adsorbents, Jon Alvarez, University of the Basque Country, Maider Amutio, University of the Basque Country, Gartzen Lopez, University of the Basque Country, Maite Artetxe, Aitziber Erkiaga, Itsaso Barbarias, Aitor Arregi, Martin Olazar, Spain   Analysis of Controlled Release Rate Models in Porous Collagen Matrices, Eugene Bender, Manhattan College, Gennaro Maffia, Manhattan College, USA   The Feasibility of Using Banana Peels as a Solid Catalyst for the Transesterification of Non-Edible Bauhinia Monandra Seed Oil into Methyl Esters: An Optimization Study, Aramide Mistura Akintunde, Obafemi Awolowo University, Victoria Oluwadamilare Odude, Obafemi Awolowo University, Sheriff Olalekan Ajala, Obafemi Awolowo University, Tunde Victor Ojumu, Eriola Betiku, Nigeria   Design and Testing of a Low Cost Single Axis Solar Tracker, Mohamed Ben Oumarou, University of Maiduguri, Abdulrahim Abdulbaqi Toyin, University of Maiduguri, Nigeria     Innovative Containment System for Recycling and Application of Oil Contaminated Sand in Construction, Souad khalid/Al-Bahar, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Kuwait   Novel Separation Technique to Break the EthanolWater Azeotrope, Snehanjani Shivakumar, AnnMarie Foglio, Gennaro Maffia, USA  


Case Studies 3


Waste to energy in India and UK : Analysis Through Case Studies, Debashree De, Sadhan Kumar Ghosh, Sadhan Kumar Ghosh, India   Electronic Waste Management and Discard of Technology, Anelize Irene Appelt, Wellington Silva Porto, Flávio de São Pedro Filho, Robinson Francino da Costa, Alexandre de Freitas Carneiro, Brazil   Annakshetra Surplus Food Saving Initiative, Vivek Agrawal, Siddhant Srivastava, India  


Recycling 2


Enhancement of asphalt rubber properties obtained from waste tires produced in the laboratory,  Liseane Padilha Thives, Glicério Trichès, Jorge Carvalho PaisPaulo António Alves Pereira, Brazil   Preparation and Characterization of Adsorbent from Waste Printed Circuit Boards, Biswajit Debnath, Sadhan Ghosh, India



Additional Topics

  Reliability Evaluation of Bagasse Ash Treated Black Cotton Soil for Use in Waste Containment Application,T.S. Ijimdiya, Kolawole Osinubi, Nigeria

  Evaluation of Coagulation-Flocculation Process as Pretreatment Option for Landfill Leachate Using Alum, Ferric Chloride and Polyacrylamide Grafted Gum Ghatti, Mohini Verma, Shubhrasekhar Chakraborty, R. Naresh Kumar a,b, Ph.D, India   Challenges in Managing Construction and Demolition Waste, A. A. Oyenuga, R. Bhamidiarri, S. G. Naoum, UK

Biodegradable Municipal Waste (BMW) Management Strategy: Ireland and the Czech Republic Compared – A Year Later, Anita Závodská, Libuše Benešová, Anne J. Morrissey, USA, Czech Republic, and Ireland