Proceedings of

The 31st International Conference on

  Solid Waste Technology and Management

Philadelphia, PA USA

April 3-6, 2016

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Resource Efficient Sustainable Circular Economy in Waste Management in Asia, Sadhan Kumar Ghosh, India



Utilization of Wastes in Construction 1


Strength and Microstructure of Alkali-Activated Fly Ash-Slag Foam Geopolymer, Ze Liu, China

Compressive Strength and Abrasion Resistance of Concrete Containing Used-Foundry Sand, Gurpreet Singh Dhanoa, Rafat Siddique, India




Education and Public Involvement


Teaching Solid Waste Management at University, Anita Závodská, Anne Morrissey, USA

‘Nothing Can Be Done to Make Our Markets Clean’:  A Qualitative Study of Attitudes of the African Marketplace Users Toward Waste, Adeni Abigo, Kassim Gidado, Paul Gilchrist, Emmanuel Aboagye-Nimo, United Kingdom

Participatory Model Utilization for Improved Environmental Sanitation in Nigeria, Nkonyeasua Kingsley Egun, Nigeria



Geotechnical Analyses

Geotechnical Considerations for Building on and in Mined Sites, Dorairaja Raghu, Vatsal Shah, USA

Geotechnical Properties and Permeability of Compacted Clay in the Gölbaşı Region, Ankara, Haluk Akgün, Turkey



Innovative Technologies and Concepts 1

Bright Green Island of Bornholm – Waste-to-Resource Labs Driving Sustainable Transition,  Hans-Christian Holmstrand, Jens Hjul-Nielsen, Denmark

Removal of Antimony from Crude Lead,  Walaa Nagy, Chloride Egypt S.A.E, Shakinaz El Sherbiny, Cairo University, H.A. Sibak, Cairo University, S.T. El-sheltawy, Egypt

Integrated Waste Management for Restoration of Saweni beach of the Fiji Islands, Ajantha Perera, Fiji

Cellulose Degradation Associated and Electricity Production by Mixed Cultures in Microbial Fuel Cell, Zainab Ziad Ismail, Ali Jwied Jaeel, Iraq




Enviroment Impacts

Analyzing Environmental Impacts and Energy Production of Various Treatment Methods for Sewage Sludge and Food Waste in Macau Using Life Cycle Assessment,  Irene Lo, Sam Chiu, Hong Kong, China


Assessment of the Emissions for the Collection of Biodegradable Waste in a Life Cycle Perspective:  The Influence of Source Separation Intensity and Collection Frequency, Francesco Di Maria, Caternia Micale, Italy






Green Construction and Clean Environment Through City and River Solid Waste Processing, Yash Pal Gupta, Pramila Gupta, India



The Separation of Household Organic Waste as a Method of Municipal Waste Reduction in the Czech Republic,  Anita Závodská, Libuše Benešová, Jakub Šmíd, USA




Utilizaton of Wastes in Construction 2


Utilizing Industrial Wastes to Prepare High Performance Soil Stabilizer, Hao Yu, Xin Huang, Dezhi Shao, Jinlong Liu, China






Determination of Greenhouse Gas Fugitive Emissions in a Municipal Solid Waste Landfills,  Carlos Sánchez, Adolfo Narros, Isabel del Peso, M del Mar de la Fuente, Encarnación Rodriguez, Spain


Effects of Waste Composition and Cover Practices on Landfill Methane Emissions, Douglas Haith, USA


High Efficiency Landfill Gas Fired Power Plant Process with ORC, Petri Kouvo, Finland




Ash Management


Shear Behavior of Raebarelli Pond Ash at Low Confining Pressures,  Sarvesh Chandra, Rashmi Kumari, Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy, India





Case Studies


Status of Solid Waste Material Recovery (SWMR) in Benin Metropolis, Nigeria, Dennis Iyeke Igbinomwanhia, Emmanuel Ehis Osolease, Nigeria


Eco-Waste Reduction and Diversion Program in Makati City, Andrew Lou Mungcal, Mildred Castillo, Philippines


Solid Waste Characteristics and Its Economic Potentials in Bauchi Metropolis Northeast Nigeria,  Haruna Abdu Usman, Sarkile Kawuwa, Muhammad Aminu Adamu, Nigeria


Municipal Solid Waste Generation and Composition in the Kanfing Municipal Council Area (KMC) – The Gambia,  Dawda Badgie, Latifah Abd Manaf, Mohd Armi Abu Samah, Ghana


Investigating the Impact of Waste Reduction Measures for Jos, Nigeria, Janet Agati Yakubu, Ryan Woodard, K. I. Gidado, E. Aboagye-Nimo, United Kingdom


Waste Management in USA through Case Studies: E-waste recycling and Waste Energy Plant, Sadhan Kumar Ghosh, Joonheon Lee, Achi Chibueze Godwin, Adekunle Oke, Reem Al-Rawi, Mervat El-Hoz, India, Korea, Nigeria, UK, Iraq, Lebanon




Biofuels from Wastes


Recent Trends in Solid Waste Utilization for Biodiesel Production, Shakinaz El-Sheltawy, Eslam Al-Sakkari, Egypt


Modeling and Process Simulation of Biodiesel Production from Soybean Oil Using Cement Kiln Dust as a Heterogeneous Catalyst, Shakinaz El-Sheltawy, Eslam Al-Sakkari, Mai Fouad, Egypt


Lignocellulosic Biomass Supply Chain for Bioethanol Production, Aryama Raychaudhuri, Sadhan Kumar Ghosh, India





Biological Treatment 1


Assessment and Comparison of the Leaching Behaviour of Two Types of Compost Materials from Aerobic/Anaerobic Biodegradation Processes,  Francesco Lombardi, Renato Gavasci, Piero Sirini, University of Florence, M.C. Di Lonardo, S. Pantini, I. Verginelli, G. Costa, Italy


Partial Flow Digestion in Municipal Biowaste Management, Aino Kainulainen, Christoph Gareis, Petri Kouvo, Finland



A Potential Utilization of Munical Solid Waste (MSW) through Vermicomposting Practice for Tropical Country Application,  Ornuma Taeporamaysamai, Chavalit Ratanatamskul, Thailand


Assessment of Unprocessed Food and Yard Waste Composting at Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia,  Ricardo Oviedo-Ocaña, Isabel Dominguez, C.F. Pachón, A. Forero, Colombia



Industrial Wastes


Microwave Activation of Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) Slag for Strengthening Calcium Extraction with Ammonium Chloride Solution,  Zhibo Tong, Guojun Ma, Xiang Zhang, China


Properties and Application of Geopolymer 3D Printing Building Materials, Xiqiang Lin, China


Research on the Particle Size Distribution Fractal Dimension of Ultra Fine Phosphorus Slag Powder, Guoyou Li, China


Recycling of Kiln Rollers Grind Waste for the Preparation of Nano–size Support Ceramic Membranes, Mai Roushdy, Shereen Kamel Amin, Shakinaz El–Sherbiny, Abdallah, M.F. Abadir, Egypt


Thinking Over the Utilization of High-Alumina Fly Ash in China, Shuhua Ma, Xiaohui Wang, Shili Zheng, Jian Ding, Yuejiao Wang, Zhenhua Tang, China



Utilization of Wastes in Construction 3


Recycling of Granite Waste from Sawing Operation in Clay Brick for Civil Construction, Carlos Maurício Fontes Vieira, Juliana Gazem Rufino de Carvalho, Brazil


The Feasibility of Using Glass as a Replacement for Fly Ash in Concrete and as an Additive in Asphalt, Larry L. Lehr, USA




Construction and Demolition Wastes


Construction and Demolition Waste Management Using Domain Based Fuzzy Goal Programming, Sadhan Kumar Ghosh, Payel Ghosh, India






Codes for Solid Waste Management for Developing Countries:  India and Egypt, Sadhan Kumar Ghosh, S. T. El Sheltawy, S. A. El Sherbiny, M. M. K. Fouad, India



Post Earthquake C&D Waste Management – Case Studies ofNepal,  Himadri Sekhar Haldar, Soumyajit Chatterjee, Biswajit Debnath, Sannidhya Kumar Ghosh, Sadhan Kumar Ghosh, India


Effects of 3R Promotion Measures on Citizen Participation for Recycling, Yasuhiro Matsui, Tran Vu Chi Mai, Japan




Solid Waste Reduction Management with Special Reference to Developing Countries,  Patrick Nwaopani, Munyaradz Mujuru, South Africa


Assessment of Resilience in Municipal Solid Waste Management Companies,  Massimiliano Fabbricino, Patrizia Agnello, Paolo Bragatto, Paola Olimpia Achard, Italy


Medical Waste of Light-Based Scaffold Fabrication Materials and Their Environmental Impacts, Ozlem Yasar, USA


Study of Influential Factors in the Compaction of Municipal Solid Waste in Lysimeters, Rafael Lourenço Thomaz Favery Favery, Mariana Politti Manzatto, Renata Lima Moretto, Gustavo Henrique Tonelli Dutra de Almeida, Miriam Gonçalves Miguel, Eglé Novaes Teixeira, Brazil


An Analysis of Grey Water Recycling Technologies Using Analytical Hierarchial Process,  Biswajit Debnath, Aryama Raychaudhuri, Sadhan Kumar Ghosh, India


Surfactant Waste-Can It Be Disposed to Anaerobic Bioreactor Landfills?, Karthik R. Manchala, John Novak, USA



Agricultural Wastes


A Sustainable Local Energy System Producing Amorphous Silica from Rice Husk and Developing Its Use in Geopolymer Concrete, Masafumi Tateda, Japan


Comparative Study of Whey Utilization in India, New Zealand, and Australia – Identifying Untapped Potential and Means of Utilization,  Monami Das, Sadhan Kumar Ghosh, India



Contaminated Sites 1


Application of a Coupled Estimation Method Using Flow and Transport Equations to a Real 1,4-dioxane Groundwater Contamination Site with Complex Hydrogeological Structure,  Kazuei Ishii, Toru Furuichi, Atsushi Fujiyama, Japan


Study on Multi-criteria Decision Making with Multiple Evaluators to Evaluate Remedial Alternatives for an Illegal Waste Dumping Site,  Atsushi Fujiyama, Kazuei Ishii, Toru Furuichi, Japan



Medical Wastes


Spontaneous Household Medicine Returns in the Brazilian Public Health System: Characterization and Legal Overview about Reverse Logistics,  Andre Pereira, Raphael Tobias Barros, Sandra Pereira, Brazil




Innovative Technologies and Concepts 2



Challenges of Urban Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries, Olufemi Oyedele, Nigeria


Geospatial Technology as a Tool in Municipal Solid Waste Management and Monitoring in Nigeria, Olaide Monsor Aderoju, Guerner Antonio Dias, Renato Guimarães, Portugal



Kinetics of Synthetic Wastewater Oxidation in Supercritical Water,  Sijie Zhang, Rui Zhao, Jie Liu, Junjie Gu, Canada



Supercritical Water Oxidation of Synthetic Wastewater,  Rui Zhao, Sijie Zhang, Junjie Gu, Jie Liu, Canada


Big Data on Campus Waste Audit for Cost-effective Trash Management,  Moe Chowdhury, USA




Thermal Treatment and Energy Recovery


Tar Conversion Characteristics During Catalytic Gasification-Reforming of Municipal Solid Waste, Wei Wu, Xianchao Zhou, Xiangli Nan, China


Case Study of a Solar Tower/Compost Waste-to-Energy Test Facility,  Kevin Anderson, Pedro Perez, Benjamin Kampen, Chris McNamara, Joseph Juarez, Suzanne Shihadeh, Ali Sharbat, Reza Baghaei Lakeh, Marayam Shafahi, USA


Adsorption Capacity and Mechanism of Cadmium on Orange Peel-Derived Biochar at Different Pyrolysis Temperatures and Times, Hai Tran, Sheng You, Chao, Chung Yuan, Taiwan


An Investigation on Tar Reduction in Producer Gas in Downdraft Gasifier System,  Shailendra Kumar Shukla, Sunil Kumar, Kunal Kanoi, India




Electronic Wastes


Development of an Electrolytic Process for Selective Extraction of Copper from Chemical and Biological Leachates from Electronic Waste, Mynepalli Kameswara/Sridhar, Taiwo Babatunde/Hammed, Hana Ifeoluwa/Oyelami, Nigeria


Waste Tablets Characterization Aiming Recycling, Vinicius Coelho Nóbrega da Motta, Renato Ribeiro Siman, Luciana Harue Yamane, Brazil


Waste Management in India:  E-waste Recycling and Bio-methanation – Case Studies, Sadhan Kumar Ghosh, Reshma Roychoudhury, Sushant B. Wath, Biswajit Debnath, Sandhya Jayakumar, Ajay Maloo, India


Bio-metallurgical recovery of Gold from Printed Circuit Boards (PCB): A Review, Biswajit Debnath, Ranjana Chowdhury, Sadhan Kumar Ghosh, India




Biological Treatment 2


Environmental Sustainability of the Management of Bio-Waste by Co-Digestion with Sludge in a Life Cycle Perspective, Francesco Di Maria, Italy


Novel Up Flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Solid-State Reactor for Treatment of the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Wastes,  Gabriela Zafra Jiménez, José Guadalupe Vian Pérez, Sergio Esteban Vigeuras Carmona, Alejandra Velasco Pérez, México


Plasma Gasification Technology for Energy Recovery from Waste, Rahul Baidya, Sadhan Kumar Ghosh, India



Utilization of Discarded Waste in a Composting Plant for Energy Recovery by Plasma Gasification-A Proposed Model,  Rahul Baidya, Sadhan Kumar Ghosh, , India







Influence of Sludge and Sludge Bio-Char on the Transfer of Available Heavy Metals in Soil,  Guangwei Yu, Yin Wang, Xiang Zhang, Xiao-da Tang, Zhen Yu, Jie Li, Xing-dong Wang, Zhen-Jiao Xing, Zhiwei Li, China


Municipal Solid Waste Management in Hangzhou, China,  Jouni Havukainen,  Xiaodong Li, Mingxiu Zhan, Mika Horttanainen, Yan Jianhua, Finland





Estimating Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste Arising in Libya, Ashraf Ali, Chukwunonye Ezeah, Jamal Khatib, United Kingdom


Environmental Impact Assessment of Municipal Solid Waste Management Systems by Life Cycle Assessment, Michel Xocaira Paes, Gerson Araujo de Medeiros, Sandro Donnini Mancini, Brazil


Proposal for Placement and Reusing of Ribbon Tapes,  Camila Honorina Barbosa Nascimento, Fernando Codelo Nascimento, Edilene de Cássia Dutra Nunes, Antônio Donizetti Giuliano, Brazil


The Impact of Medical Waste for Human Health and Environment, Vanessa Resende Cruvinel, Hayssa Moares Pintel Ramos, Dayani Galato, Brazil


Properties of Rigid PVC Containing Micronized Thermoset Composite,  Eliseu William, Gerson Marinucci, Eliseu William, Brazil


Utilization of Some Environmental Resource Materials as a Soil Conditioner, Ahmed Ali Abuzkhar, Ahmed Isa Tamzini, Libya


Reaction Mechanism and Kinetics of the Mercury Solid Waste Pyrolisis:  An Isoconversional Approach,  Yailen Busto, Edesmin Wilfrido Palacios Paredes, Filip M. G. Tack, Luis Manuel Peralta, Luis Ernesto Arteaga, Miriam de la Caridad Yera, Liz Mabel Ríos, Ecuador


The Effect of Curing Time and Temperature on the Properties of Foam Geopolymer Using Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion Fly Ash, Ningning Shao, China


Environmental Impact Assessment of Mercury Solid Waste Generated by a Chlor-alkali Industry: A Case Study,  Edesmin Wilfrido Palacios Paredes, Yailen Busto, Filip M. G. Tack, Luis Manuel Peralta, Xiomara Cabrera, Miriam de la Caridad Yera, Liz Mabel Ríos, Ecuador


Is the Use of Filled PET Bottles as Building Blocks a Safe Practice?, Carmen Leonor Barajas, Luis Emilio Vera, Colombia


Construction and Demolition Waste Management (Tehran Case Study), Babak Rouhi Broujeni, Ghassem Ali Omrani, Reza Naghavi, Fatemeh Azadi, Iran


Incorporation of Polypropylene Waste Arising from Disposable Diapers Production for Manufacturing Automotive Parts, Giancarlo Tanabe Denane, Fernando Codelo Nascimento, Clodoaldo Lazareti, Brasil


A Review of the Existing Waste Oil Management Systems, Viktoriia Kapustina, M. Horttanainen, Finland


Chemical Recycling: discarded PET bottles as raw material to produce flexible PVC, S. D. Mancini, Beatriz B. Mattos, Luana M.H.Pinto, Gustavo B. Silva, Antonio Rodolfo Junior, Brazil





Landfill and Remediation


Asbestos Landfills:  Italian Data and Waste Management at Superfund,  Sergio Malinconico, Federica Paglietti, Beatrice Conestabile Della Staffa, Sergio Bellagamba, Paolo De Simone, Italy




Innovative Technologies and Concepts 3



Fiji towards Zero Waste: Effectiveness of Empowering Children and Youth of Fiji Islands for Integrated Waste Management, Ajantha Perera, Fiji


Handling Scrap Tyres in Botswana: Initiatives, Practices, and Consequences, Daniel Mmereki, Andrew Baldwin, Liu Hong, Baizhan Li, China





Special Topics


Development and Implementation of a Municipal Solid Waste Management Single Score Sustainability Index, H. Ak, W. Braida, USA


Biodegradable Municipal Waste (BMW) Management Strategy: Ireland and the Czech Republic Compared – A Year Later, Anita Závodská, Libuše Benešová, Anne J. Morrissey, USA, Czech Republic, Ireland