Proceedings 2019

Proceedings of

The 34th International Conference on

Solid Waste Technology and Management

Annapolis, MD, USA

March 31-April 4, 2019

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Sustainable Waste Management in Ribboning and Retting Process of Jute –  an alternative to Plastics, Sadhan Kumar Ghosh, India



Landfill 1


Status of Solid Waste Landfill in Benin Metropolis, Nigeria,  Dennis Iyeke Igbinomwanhia, Ohikhokhai Gift Aizebeoje, Osaghale Andrew Ehizogie, Nigeria  




Waste Generation and Composition


Comparative Study of Solid Waste Characteristics and Management Practices in Two Towns of Punjab Province of Pakistan,  Khalid Iqbal, Madeeha Rafi, Tayyaba Noreen, Pakistan 


Grain-Class-Specific Water Contents of Different Waste Streams,  Kay Johnen, Alexander Feil, Germany 

Generation and Characterization of Solid Waste in a Peri-Urban Community in Sub-Saharan Africa, Olubunmi Mokuolu, Medinat Abdulsalam, Nigeria


Solid Waste Generation and Management in Schools Within Samaru Kaduna State Nigeria,  Fatima Badiru Ibrahim, Khadijat Abdulkareem Abdulraheem, Ahmed M. Baba, Nigeria



Use of Wastes in Construction 1


Structural Performance of Concrete Elements Constructed Using Recycled Concrete Aggregate and Recycled Tyre Steel Fibres,  Hynda Aoun-Klalib, Nicholas Barnes, Bahareh Kaveh, UK


Durability Performance of Flat Panel Display Glass Concrete, Grady Mathews IV, Robert Bylone Jr., Harry NashDr. Shirley Clark, USA


Utilization of Industrial By-Products in Self-Compacting Concrete, Nikita Gupta, Rafat Siddique, India



Public Education and Involvement


Household Solid Waste Management in Monrovia, Liberia: Influencing factors, Characteristics, and Management Solutions, Victor Emer David Jr, China


Attitudes and Behaviour of Residents towards the Management and Recycling of Municipal Solid Wastes in Olievenhoutbosch, South Africa,  Ndivhewafhi Oscar Makhale Isaac Tebogo Rampedi, South Africa



Policy and Regulations


Governance Failure in Public Service Delivery; A Study of Solid Waste Management in Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Nepal,  Indra Prasad Dahal, Nepal


An Assessment of Policy Related to Municipal Solid Waste Management in Botswana, Daniel Mmereki, Kgosiesele Velempini, Larona Mosime-Serero, Vietnam


Development of Municipal Solid Waste Policy in Lebanon, Mervat El-Hoz, Lebanon



Construction and Demolition Wastes


Recovery of External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems Containing EPS as Part of a Circular Economy, Martin Simons, Alexander Feil, Germany


The Reuse of Waste in the Brazilian Construction Industry, Marienne do Rocio de Mello Maron da Costa, Luiz Felipe Cordeiro, Michael Isaac Gabriel Santos, Marisa, Soares, Borges, Brazil


Estimation of construction waste with rectangular prism and pyramidal shape method in urban areas of Pakistan, J. Rafi, M. Rafi, M. Mushtaq, Qatar   




Geotechnical Use of Wastes


Dry Density-Water Content Curves for High Plasticity Clays Treated with Fly Ash, Stone Dust and Combinations, Darga Kumar Nandyala, India

Experimental Research on a New Solid Waste Stabilizer KC of Stabilizing Chloride Soil,  Yin Cheng, Jing Chen, Ya-fei Li, Luo Dai-song, China

Experimental Investigations Using Waste Materials in the Stabilization of Expansive Soils, Kandru Suresh, Musini Venkateshwarlu, KSV Praveena, India

Characteristics of Apparent Electrical Resistivity on Compacted Clays Mixed with Lime and Fly Ash,  Fang Li, Shulin Sun, deheng zhang, P.R. China




Biological Treatment


Application of Mixed Organic Waste for Effective Septage Treatment through In-vessel Co-composting,  Anu Rachel Thomas, Martin Kranert, Ligy Philip, NIL, India

Biodegradable Waste management techniques for Apartments complexes and Gated communities for Metro cities- Best Practices of Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagarapalike(ULB of Bengaluru City),  jyothilakshmi Ramaswamy, Sumangala Patil, India



Impact of Seasonal and Regional Influences on the Quality of Separately Collected Biological Waste,  Melanie Brune, Christoph Jansen, Alexander Feil, Germany




Energy Recovery


Trial Calculation to Obtain the Upper Price Limit for a Complete Electricity Generation System Based on Waste Incineration, Masafumi Tateda, Ryoko Sekifuji, Japan


Challenging Situation to Optimise 100% Pet Coke With 15% Tsr: A Case Study at Ambujanagar,  Bibekananda Mohapatra, Pravesh Kumar Sharma, Ramsinh Chauhan, Mr. Atul Kumar Chaturvedi, Ms. Reshu Chauhan, Mr. Sukuru Ramarao, India




Agricultural Wastes


Assessment of Environmental Impact and Nutrient Content of Oil Palm Slurry in Livestock Nutrition in Nigeria,  Adejoke Adeneye Mako, Oluwanike Abiola-Olagunju, Victor Olusegun Akinwande, Nigeria


Novel Application of Ultrasonic Pretreatment of Giant Reed Co-Digested with Chicken Manure for Biogas Recovery, Zainab Ismail, Nazik Noori, Iraq


Reverse Logistics of Agrochemical Packaging in Brazil: Case Study, Ariane Braga Oliveira, Bruno Fernando Gianelli, Sandro Donnini Mancini, Brazil


Characteristics of Wood Pellets Mixed with Torrefied Rice Straw, Kazuei Ishii, Toru Furuichi, Ryosuke Kizuka, Masahiro Sato, Satoru Ochiai, Japan






Study on the Use of Post Processed MSWI Ash in Concrete and Mortar,  Grady Mathews IV, Reem Alsinan, Michael Young, USA



Case Studies


Some Aspects of Household Food Waste Generation and Treatments Options: A Case Study of Mamelodi and Montana in the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality in South Africa,  Morwesi Silvia Ramotse, Isaac Tebogo Rampedi, South Africa



The Practices and Challenges for Municipal Solid Waste  Management in Temeke Municipality,   Dar Es Salam, Tanzani,  Ahmed Lubwama, Tanzania



Environmental Assessment 1


The Impact of the Maintenance Phase in a Life Cycle Assessment of Houses, Enedir Ghisi, Andrea Invidiata, Brazil


Piecewise Nonlinear Regression: A statistical Method for the Analysis of Experimental Adsorption Data by the Intraparticle-Diffusion Models, Mohammad Elkhaiary, Egypt


Single-Use Plastics: How Prepared Are Ireland and the US for Sustainability? Anita Zavodska, Anne Morrissey, USA



Landfill 2


Methanotrophic Methane Oxidation in New Biogeochemical Landfill Cover System,  Raksha Rai, Krishna Reddy, USA


Evaluation of Unsaturated Hydraulic Behavior of Evapotranspiration (ET) Cover through Field Instrumentation and Numerical Modeling, Md Jobair Bin Alam, Prabesh Bhandari, Farnaz Seraj, USA



Use of Wastes in Construction 2


Portland Composite Cement: An Sustainable Product in Indian Scenario,  Bibekananda Mohapatra, Pravesh Kumar Sharma, Ambuja Cements Ltd., Varsha Liju, Sanjeev Chaturvedi, India

Performance of Concrete with Recycled Plastic Waste for Flood Defence Barrier Systems,  Bahareh Kaveh, Hynda Aoun-Klalib, Tom Kemp, UK



Electronic Wastes


E-Wastes Management in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects, Fatima Badiru Ibrahim, Abubakar Ismail, Nigeria




Plastics Wastes

Plastic Waste Management and Public Health Concerns in Bangladesh,  Mohammad Habibur Rahman, Alauddin Ahmed, ITN-Buet, Bangladesh

A Sustainable Approach for Post-Consumer PET Bottles Recovery and Reduction in Nigeria, Olaide Monsor Aderoju, Antonio Guerner Dias, Peter C Ekweozoh, Iquo Offiong, Portugal




Contaminated Sites 1



Upward Electrokinetic Remediation (UEKR) for Contaminated Sediments with Heavy Metals, Arulpoomalai A, Shashidhar T, India



Alternatives for Red Mud Reuse in Civil Engineering Construction Materials after Environmental Accidents in Brazil,  Liseane Padilha Thives, João Francisco Thives da Luz Fontes, Mayara S.S. Lima, Brazil



Policy, Economics and Management


Smart City Development: A Step towards Solid Waste Management and  Sustainable Development, Anaya Ghosh, Sadhan Kumar Ghosh, India


A Situational Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Management Practices in Sara-i-Alamgir City, Pakistan, Khalid Iqbal, Muhammad Ali, Pakistan 


How the Commodities Recovery and the Restoration/Disaster Industries Can Work Closer Together for Expanded Business Opportunities, Stephen Baruch, Jason Teliszczak, USA




Tire/Rubber Wastes


Utilization of Scrap Tires and Waste Oil as Supplementary Fuels in Cement Production, Gizem Eker, Vedat Pinarli, Turkey


After 10 Years Implementation of the Environmental Legislation about Scrap Tires Disposal, What Has Changed in Brazil, Liseane Padilha Thives, Enedir Ghisi, Gabriela Hammes, Yuri Mello Muller de Oliveira, Brazil



Environmental Assessment 2



Drinking and Domestic water Use Near an Open Dumpsite in a Peri-urban Community, Olubunmi Mokuolu, Ifeoluwa Olaniyi, Nigeria

A Pilot Study on EIA Report Quality in the Management and Recycling of Proposed Hazardous Waste Management Projects  in The Gauteng Province of South Africa, Willem Abraham Foord Ceronio, Isaac Tebogo Rampedi, South Africa


Dispersion of Heavy Metals from Tshikondeni Exxaro Coal Dump, Limpopo Province, South Africa, Phumudzo Gift Munyai, Jason Samuel Ogola, Lufuno Reginald Kone, South Africa




Biochemical Treatment

A Viable Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment Technology, Glen Tobiason, Germany



Special Wastes


Safe Removal and Disposal Procedures of Asbestos Containing Waste In Italy,  Sergio Bellagamba, Federica Paglietti, Sergio Malinconico, Beatrice Conestabile Della Staffa, Ivano Lonigro, Paolo De Simone, Italy


Economic Potential of Gold Mine Waste: A Case Study of Consolidated Murchison Mine Waste, Rembuluwani Solly Ravele, Jason Ogola, Humbulani Rejune Mundalamo, South Africa


Impact of Aquaculture Waste on Receiving Streams,  Bolaji Sule, Olayemi Olanlokun, Gbemi Oladipupo, Nigeria





Mineralogical characterization of sewage sludge for use as raw material in civil construction, Maria Ingunza, Luis Yermán, David Williams, Brazil





Evaluation of Physical and Mechanical Parameters of Construction and Demolition Waste for Geotechnical Applications, Jéssica Menezes, Erinaldo Cavalcante, Guilherme Bravo Almeida, Brazil


Effect of Pressure on the Surfactant Pretreatment of Wastewater Sludge to Maximize the Drainability,  Mohsen Taghavijeloudar, Junboum Park, South Korea


Effects of Fly Ash Addition on the Rheological Behaviour of Red Mud Slurry, Maria P.D. Ingunza, David Williams, Sebastian Q. Olaya, Brazil



Case Studies 2



Consulting Support and Automatization as the Basic for the Eco-Industrial Park’s Development in Russia, Dmitry Yaroslavtsev, Alexander Liubarskaia, Russia



Tracking the Movement of Waste and its Environmental Impact: An Institutional Case Study, Patrick Caton, Howard Ernst, Karen Flack, Prof. Joseph Smith, Prof. Kurtis Swope, USA


Use of Wastes in Construction 3


Gold Mine Tailings as a Construction Material: A Case Study of the Klein Letaba Gold Tailings Dam, Limpopo Province, South Africa,  Ndivhuwo Nemapate, South Africa