Proceedings of

29th International Conference on

  Solid Waste Technology and Management

Philadelphia, PA USA

March 30 – April 2, 2014

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Recycling 1


Implementation of Communal Recycling Programmes Towards Sustainable Waste Management in the City of Tshwane, Jacques Snyman, South Africa


 Economic Feasibility of Waste Separation at Source: Case Study of Neighborhoods in Haifa, Israel,  Lior Regev, Ronald L. Mersky, Ofira AyalonUSA and Israel



Landfill 1


Compacted Lateritic Soil Treated with Cement Kiln Dust Asprof, Kolawole Osinubi, Suleiman Liman, George Moses, Nigeria


 Evaluation of Different Landfill Capping Systems on the Stability of the Landfill and Nearby Utilities/Structures,  Amira Fahim, Lahbib Chibani, Zahid Aziz, USA



Innovative Technologies


Application of Collagen Nanofibrils in the Manufacture of Porous Metallic Materials with Applications in Biomedical and the Chemical Processing Industries,  Judy Elhamalawy, Ahmed Mohamed El-Khaiary, Gennaro Maffia, Neena Joseph, USA and Egypt

 Evaluation of Fatigue Behavior of Neat and Polymer Modified Binders and Mastics Using Multiple Test Methods,  Yusuf Mehta, Gemma Peebles, Jessica Gugleimo, USA



Energy Recovery 1

Reforming of Light Volatiles and Aromatic Compounds in Advanced Thermal Treatments of Municipal Solid Wastes, Massimiliano Materazzi, Paola Lettieri, Chris Chapman, Richard Taylor, UK


Thermal Plasma Pyrolysis of Crude Oil Residue Using Catalyst for Energy Recovery,  Vijay Kumar Srivastava, Sudhir Kumar Nema, India



Agricultural Wastes and Biological Utilization


Use of Organic Waste Materials as Replacement for Inorganic Fertilizer in Water Melon (Citrullus lanatus L.) Production in Zaria, Nigeria,  Usman Ibrahim, Idi Lakum Hamma, Aishatu Abubakar Mukhtar, Nigeria


 Comparative Analysis of Some Selected Agricultural Wastes’ Suitability for Gasification, Mohamed Ben Oumarou, Nigeria


 Impact of Solid Wastes Based Compost and Urea Application on Carrot (Daucus carota L.) Production, Samih Abubaker, Tarek Ammari, Taleb Abuzahra, Jordan


Manufacture and Evaluation of Collagen Nanofibrils from  Ground Bovine Hide Collagen, Judy Elhamalawy, Neena Joseph, Gennaro Maffia, Ahmed El-Khaiary, USA and Egypt



Case Studies


Status of Solid Waste Management Policy and Implementation in Nigeria – A Case Study of Benin Metropolis,  Dennis Iyeke Igbinomwanhia, Benedicta A. Ideho, Nigeria


Ecodesign, a Strategy of Solid Waste (Packaging) Reduction in El Bosque University. Preliminary Results. Bogotá, Colombia,  Carolina Montoya Rodríguez, Paloma María Teresa Martínez Sánchez, Colombia


A Case Study Finding Practical and Concrete Problems Linked to Decision Making in a Small Company Establishing a New Recycling Business (Drywall Recycling),  Masafumi Tateda, Japan


Solid Waste in Quilombola Communities: A Case Study in Two Communities in Brazil,  Ariadne Andrino, Dom Bosco Catholic University, Priscila Lima, Fernando Magalhães Filho, Brazil


Green Chemistry Application Using Nanotechnology and Microwave Irradiation: Biodiesel a Case,  Shakinaz El Sheltawy, Ahmed Refaat, Hanem Sibak, Egypt




Construction/Demolition Wastes 1


Effectiveness of Technical Safeguards for Earth Constructions with Contaminated Soils and Building Materials,  Emanuel Birle, Dirk Heyer, Germany


BIM to Enhance On-Site Construction Waste Management,  Sujeewa Wimalasena, Chadi Darwish, Canada




Research Advances 1


Research on the Application of Slurry Fuel Prepared by Mixing Wastewater Sludge and Coal, Ruikun Wang, Jianzhong Liu, Jianfei Xi, Zhenyu Huang, Jun Cheng, Junhu Zhou, Kefa Cen, China


Adsorption of Methylene Blue on Cotton Stalk Adsorbent,  Mohammad El-Khaiary, Gihan Malash, Egypt


Anaerobic Digestion of Soap Stock Sludge from Refining of Vegetable Oil and Bio-Methane Potential,  Joseph Varghese Thanikal, Raya Al Wahaibi, Michel Torrijos, Sultanate of Oman


A Promising Efficient Recycling Route of Electronic Waste Based on Microwave Pyrolysis and Microwave-Metal Discharge, Jing Sun, Wenlong Wang, Chunyuan Ma, Qinyan Yue, China



Environmental and Social Impacts


Methodological Analysis in the Identification of Significant Variables to Establish the Experimental Design of Workstation Hydroponics,  Nadia Lara, LIlia Dominguez, Miguel Aguilar, Dra. Martha Dominguez, M.C. Miguel Aguilar, M.E.M. Luz E. Marin, Mexico


Resolution of a Controversy – Do Waste to Energy Plants Cause Public Health Impacts? , Paul Chrostowski, Sarah Foster, USA


Environmental Examination of Waste Plastic Recycling Industry,  Mervat El-Hoz, Lebanon




Industrial Wastes


Ultra-Clear Glass Production from Fly Ash,  Lijun Zhao, Qi Sun, Baodong Wang, Xiaohuan Wang, Yongfeng Xiao, Gengzhi Yu, Xiaoting Liu, Zhonghua Zhang, China



Waste Tires


Analysis of a Tire-Derived Oil Using GC × GC – TOF/MS for Better Identification and Grouping of Hydrocarbon Compounds, Sakollapath Pithakratanayothin, Thailand


The Use of Asphalt Rubber Mixtures to Improve the Permanent Deformation Performance in New Pavements and Overlays,  Liseane Padilha Thives, Glicério Trichès, Jorge Carvalho Pais, Paulo António Alves Pereira, Brazil


Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Scrap Tires Disposal Methods,  Shoou-Yuh ChangFrank Gronwald, USA






Analysis of the Root System of Rosebushes Grown with Facultative Pond Sludge,  Jorge Luiz da Paixão Filho, Giuliano Gabrielli, Bruno Coraucci Filho, Ronaldo Stefanutti, Adriano Luiz Tonetti, Brazil


Use of Sewage Sludge Ash (SSA) as Adsorbent Material for Copper Removal from Wastewater,  Shakinaz El Sheltawy, Maha El Shafei, Rasha Sary El Deen, Egypt




Ash Utilization


Dense Slurry Ash Management in the Context of EPA Proposed Regulations for Coal Ash (CCR) and Power Generation Wastewater (ELG), Dale Timmons, USA


Resource Recovery from Municipal Solid Waste Ash,  Jinfeng Tang, Henric Lassesson, Britt-Marie Steenari, Sweden


Utilizing Biomass Gasification Ash as an Admixture in Concrete for Sustainable Environment and New Construction Applications, Mori Toosi, Wafeek Wahby, Peter Ping Liu, Wei Zhang, Vinod Patel, Brajendra K. Sharma, USA




Waste Generation and Composition


Waste Generation Composition of Commercial Establishments in UP Diliman, Ma. Brida Lea Diola, Maria Antonia Tanchuling, Dominique Charmaine Aranas, Paolo Fonollera, Philippines


Prediction of Municipal Solid Waste Generation by Use of Combination of Artificial Neural Network and Principal Component Analysis,  Salman Safavi, Roohollah Noori, Iran


A Statewide Electronic Waste Composition Study – The Case of Delaware,  Kelsea Schumacher, USA


The Quantification of Hazardous Waste in the Czech Republic,  Libuše Benešová, Daniela Máchová, Anita Závodská, Czech Republic



Compost and Organics


Improvement of Municipal Biowaste Composting in Developing Countries. Case Study: Versalles, Colombia, Edgar Ricardo Oviedo Ocaña, Luis Fernando Marmolejo Rebellon, Patricia Torres Lozada, Colombia


Chemical Characteristics of Source Separated Municipal Organic Waste Degraded with Diastic Microbes (of Achatina achatina) as Animal Feed,  Nnamdi Mbanefo Anigbogu, Destiny Jane Uchealor, Nigeria


Turning Waste into Wealth: Municipal Organic Waste as Part of Formulated Diets for Maradi Goats, Nnamdi Mbanefo Anigbogu, C. B. Chukwurah, Nigeria



Waste Collection and Facility Siting


 Exploring Solid Waste Management Scenarios for the Old Royal Capital Cetinje in Montenegro,  Ulku Yetis, Merih Kerestecioglu, Filiz Bengü Dilek, Jens Bjorn Jacobsen, Enver Kıyık, Turkey




Waste Reduction and Planning


Towards Zero Waste – A Comparative Study on Solid Waste Management Between Curitiba in Brazil and Borås In Sweden, Marisa Soares Borges, Ilona Sárvári Horváth, Brazil


Achieving Campus Sustainability – The Challenges and Constraints,  Anne Morrissey, Anita Zavodska, Ireland





Comparison of the Landfill Disposal Options for Bottom and Fly Ash Fractions from an Industrial-Scale (120 MW) Power Plant Incinerating Different Fuel Mixtures,  Risto Pöykiö, Kati Manskinen, Hannu Nurmesniemi, Gary Watkins, Olli Dahl, Finland


An Environment-Friendly Method to Catalytically Oxidate NO in Waste Water by Supported Manganese Oxide on Graphite Oxide,  Ruijing Su, China


Preparation of Bacillus Thuringiensis Berliner Biopesticide by Using Mud of Blue-Green Algae,  Chao Tan, Naiming Zhang, China


Study on Influence Factors of Waste Activated Sludge Reduction by Worms’ Predation,  Xuefeng Zhu, China






Comparison of Characteristics of Backyard and Municipal Solid Waste Composting Phenomena, Shiddappa Lagamappa Belagali, Manohara Badekkanadka, India


Changes in the Physico-Chemical Characteristics During Composting of Municipal Solid Waste and Their Influence on Compost Stability and Maturity,  Siddappa Lagamappa Belagali, D. C. Shyamala, India


Effects of Long-Term Use of Compost on Soil Properties in Vegetable Cropping Systems in Greenhouse, Hui Han, Ake Zhang, Hefa Yang, Ji Li, China




Goals and Critical Needs of Waste Management


Environmental Performance of Waste Recyclers: Ensuring the Quality of the Custody Chain, Paulo Roberto Janissek, Cintia Mara Ribas de Oliveira, Julio Jose Neto, Brazil


Waste Characterization of Copper Ore Processing for Sustainable Management, Raul Oliveira Neto, Luis Eduardo de Souza, Regis Sebben Paranhos, Irineu Antônio Schadach de Brum, Angela Cristina Fleck, Luis Eduardo Zago, Adriane Oliveira, Brazil


Chemically Derivatized Textile Cotton Dust for In Situ Remediation of Colored Waste Waters,  José Domingos Fontana, Gizele Rejane Baldo, Adelia Grzybowski, Marcela Tiboni, Lucas Blitzkow Scremin, Lucas Dohler, Brazil


A Comparative Study of Waste Management Practices Among Different States in the Federation of Brazil, Marisa Soares Borges, Brazil



Recycling 2


Wood Comminution and the Influence on Grain Size and Particle Shape,  Nils Bauerschlag, Sebastian Kaufeld, Alexander Feil, Thomas Pretz, Germany


Pyrolysis of the Cross-Linked Polyethylene,  Yuying Du, Xuguang Jiang, Alfons Buekens, Yuqi Jin, Fei Wang, Yong Chi, Jianhua Yan, China


Producing Low-Temperature Co-Fired Ceramics (LTCC) from Thin-Film Transistor Liquid-Crystal Display (TFT-LCD) Waste Glass, Kung-Cheh Li, Chen-Shiuan Fan, Taiwan


Technological Feasibility Study on Recovery of Metals from One Computer Center of the FCQI,  Miguel Aguilar Cortes, Martha Lilia Domínguuez Patiño, Nadia Lara Ruiz, Luz Elva Marín Vaca, Rosa María Melgoza Aleman, México


Advances in Post-Consumer Recycling Methods for Plastics, Matthew Franchetti, USA


Recovery of Metals from Spent Hydroprocessing Catalyst Waste: Extraction with Ammonium Salt Solution, Meena Marafi, Mohan S. Rana, Kuwait



Policy, Economics and Education


Scavenging in Kinshasa: Beyond Livelihood Strategies for the Urban Poor, Clement Longondjo Etambakonga, South Africa


Capacity Building in Solid Waste Management: A Case Study from Aceh Province and Nias Island, Indonesia, Praja Shapkota, Yayat Kurniawan, USA


Policy and Guidelines vis-à-vis Their Implementation and Compliance: The Key Factor for Sustainability in Solid Waste Management, Praja Shapkota, 1964, USA


Proposal for an Environmental Information Repository for the State of São Paulo (Brazil) and Its Importance for Protecting Soil Quality and Managing Polluted Areas, Pedro Luiz Côrtes, Brazil


Public Involvement Aiming at the Improvement of Household Solid Waste Management: A Case Study,  Fernando Rodrigo Bortolozoa, Juliane Rizzi, Fabiano Ramiro Serpe, Maria Cristina Borba Braga, Brazil


Social Technologies Applied in Explotation of Solid Waste from the Amazon Forest,  Izabel Cristina da Silva, Alexandre Cruz de Mello Franco, Flávio de São Pedro Filho, Mariluce Paes de Sousa, Sônia Maria Teixeira Machado, Brazil


Future   Waste   Policy   in Finland   According   the European Union   Waste   Strategy, Jouko Saarela, Tuuli Myllymaa, Finland




Energy Recovery 2


Isothermal Thermogravimetric Analysis of Biomass Wastes and Their Model Components, Olumuyiwa Lasode, Ayokunle Balogun, Nigeria


Design and Off-Design Conditions of Waste-to-Energy Cogeneration Plant, Wondwossen Bogale Eremed, Federico Viganò, Italy


Performance Analysis of Waste-to-Energy Plants at Design and Off-Design Conditions, Wondwossen Bogale Eremed, Federico Viganò, Italy



Landfill 2


 Site Characterisation for Landfill Construction in Tarkwa-Nsuaem Municipality, Ghana,  Victoria Elorm Frempong, Roberta Flemming, Ernest Yanful, Jerry Kuma, Newton Amegbey, Ghana


Measurement of Hydro-Thermal Variation During Decomposition of MSW in Bioreactor Landfill, Bhagawan Patil, Devendra Narayan Singh, India


The Properties of Dune Sand-Bentonite Mixtures for Use as Landfill Liners,  Yahia Mohamedzein, Ahmed Al-Ghaithi, Mohammed Al-Aghbari, Oman


Quantifying Surface Methane Emissions from Two Landfills of the Estado de México, Laura Verónica Díaz Archundia, María del Consuelo Hernández Berriel, María de la Luz Jiménez Núñez, Otoniel Buenrostro Delgado, María del Consuelo Mañón Salas, México


Deconstruction of the Sanitary Landfill Concept and the Management of Solid Waste in Western Amazon, Jeoval Batista da Silva, Flávio de São Pedro Filho, José Moreira da Silva Neto, Brazil



Modeling and Analysis


Time-Based Detection of Single Particles in Output Streams of Trommel Screens,  Sebastian Kaufeld, Alexander Feil, Thomas Pretz, Germany


Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process for Decision Support in a MSW Collection Scheme, Alexander Davies, Anthony Griffiths, Nick Oakes, UK


Application of Zero Waste Index as an Alternative Performance Assessment Tool: The Context of Adelaide,  Atiq U. Zaman, Australia


An Economic and Environmental Comparison Approach for Food Waste-to-Energy Technologies,  Matthew Franchetti, Adam Dellinger, USA



       Use of Wastes in Construction 1


 Utilization of Bacterial Treated Cement Kiln Dust in Concrete,  Rafat Siddique, Kunal, Anita Rajor, India


Sustainable and Economical Utilization of Biomass Gasification Byproducts, Wei Zhang, Vinod Patel, Peter Ping Liu, Brajendra K. Sharma, Mori Toosi, Wafeek Wahby, USA


Development of Incineration Bottom Ash (IBA) Aerated Geopolymer,  Zhitao Chen, Yiquan Liu, Zheng Hui Phua, En-Hua Yang, Singapore





Compressibility Parameters of MSW from Southeastern Brazil Using a Large Scale Oedometer,  Julio César Beltrame Benatti, Jorge Luiz da Paixão Filho, Vitor Bochett Vilela, Miriam Gonçalves Miguel, Brazil


Chemical Fractionation of Non-Process Elements in Green Liquor Sludge from the Sulphate Pulp and Board Mill Complex,  Risto Pöykiö, Hannu Nurmesniemi, Olli Dahl, Finland


Effect of Landfill Leachate on the Grain Yield of Phaseolus vulgaris, L.,  D. Guerrero-Rodríguez, L. Márquez-Benavides, J.M. Sánchez-Yáñez, O. Buenostro-Delgado, M.C. Hernandez- Berriel, Mexico


Monitoring of Microbial Population Dynamics During the Thermophilic Sludge Bioleaching by Real-Time PCR,  Shen-Yi Chen, Wen-Hsing Chen, Li-Chieh Chou, Taiwan


The Effects of Particle Size and Concentration of Waste Polyethylene Terephthalate on the Rutting and Fatigue Cracking Resistance of Composite Trinidad Lake Asphalt/Trinidad Petroleum Bitumen Blends,  Chris Maharaj, Rean Maharaj, Rhea Jaikaran, Trinidad and Tobago


Kinetic Modeling of the Gasification of Utah Bituminous Coal and Waste Wood Using ASPEN Plus,  Idowu Adeyemi, Isam Janajreh, United Arab Emirates


The Issue of Electronic Waste Management. Case Study in the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro,  Marco Figueiredo, Brasil


Thermal and Chemical Effects on the Cyclic Shear Behaviors of Geosynthetic-Soil Interface, Changwon Kwak, Innjoon Park, Junboum Park, Jaekwon Kim, Dongin Jang, Korea




Waste in Developing Regions


Privatisation of Organic Waste Management in Ghana and Impacts on Local People,  Michael Osei-Antwi, Philip Nti Nkrumah, Germany and China


Urban Solid Waste Management in Ilorin, North Central Nigeria: A Case Study,  Olumuyiwa Lasode, Adeniyi Aremu, Ayokunle Balogun, Nigeria


Municipal Solid Waste Management as Panacea to Economic Development and Wealth Creation: The Role of Private Sector in Africa, Olufemi Oyedele, Nigeria


Bio-Risk and Health of Informal Waste Management in Kaduna Metropolis,  Abdul Gambo Badamasi, Samual Agoezie Ezeudu, Mohammed Shuaibu, Yusuf Abdullahi Rigasa, Nigeria


An Appraisal of the Role of Informal Sector in the Management of Electronic Wastes in Nigeria,  Fatima Badiru Ibrahim, Abdulraheem Giwa, Donatus B. Adie, Johnson Adebola Otun, Charles Amen Okuofu, Nigeria


Transfer of Knowledge on Solid Waste Management from Sri Lanka to Fiji,  Ajantha Perera, Fiji Islands




Carbon Reduction and Biochar


The Influence of Biochar on Growth of Onion and Tomato and Their Colonization by Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi,  Kalika Prasad Upadhyay, Doug George, Victor Galea, Jitka Kochanek, Roger S. Swift, Australia


German GHG Mitigation Lighthouse Project MBT Plant Gaobeidian (PR China), Florian Kölsch, Mathias Ginter, Germany


Low-Income Housing in México: Solid Waste and Energy Profiles,  L. Marquez-Benavides, E. L. Moreno-Goytia,  S. Ojeda-Benítez,  M.C. Hernadez-Berriel,  México




Advances in Hazardous Wastes


Successful Co-Processing of Hazardous Waste, Opium Marc in Cement Kiln,  Bibekananda Mohapatra, Chander Shekhar, Sunil Kumar Vyas, J. S. Kamyotra, S. S. Bala, P. K. Gupta, India


Leaching of Lead from Geopolymer Prepared by Waste Acid Residue, Fenglan Han, China


Application Research of Waste Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Powder Recycling by High Frequency Vibration Air Separator,  Guan Jie, Ren Haohua, China




Contaminated Sites


Reporting of the Main Areas Contaminated by Organochlorines in Brazil, Pedro Luiz Côrtes, Brazil




Research Advances 2


 Traditional Medicine in Waste Bottles: The Prospects of Integrated Waste Bottle Management in Nigeria, Chidiebere Onyeka Okafor, Nigeria


Biogas Production with Two Frequencies and Rates of Leachate Recirculation in Municipal Solid Waste,  Elvira Olay-Romero, María del Consuelo Hernández-Berriel, Laura Veronica Díaz-Archundia, Isaías de la Rosa-Gómez, Otoniel Buenrostro-Delgado, Liliana Márquez-Benavides, México


Preparation of Nano-Magnetite Whisker, Rods, and Needles Using Ultrasonic Bathing with Co-Precipitation Technique,  Ahmed Hanafy, Shakinaz El Sheltawy, Mahmoud Nasr, Mervat Hassan, Egypt


Drainage Characteristics on Silt Deposition in Meghadrigedda Reservoir, Visakhapatnam, Abbulu Yerramsetty, India


Tea Waste as a Low Cost Adsorbent for the Removal of Cr and Pb from Wastewater, Safaa Ragheb, Egypt


Red Mud as Low-Cost Adsorbents for Wastewater Treatment, Maha El Shafai, Egypt



Use of Wastes in Construction 2


 Microstructure of Porous Corundum and Mullite-Based Composite Water Permeable Ceramics Prepared with Fly Ash and Aluminum Oxide,  Xiu-Wen Wu, China


Strength and Permeability Studies of Self-Compacting Concrete Incorporating Fly Ash and Silica Fume,  Gurpreet Singh Sidhu, Rafat Siddique, India


Design of Stone Matrix Asphalt Using Leather Waste,  Chidambaram Kamaraj, Sundaram Lakshmi, Chellan Rose, P.K. Jain, A.B. Mandal, S. Gangopadhyay, India


Development and Demonstration of Cast In-Situ Cement Free Reinforced Geopolymer Concrete Structure at CSIR-AMPRI, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India,  Sudhir Sitaram Amritphale, Deepti Mishra, Ramesh Kumar Chouhan, Manish Mudgal, Mohd. Akram Khan, Swati Lahiri, Navin Chandra, B.K. Mishra, India


Application of Biopolymer for Making Geopolymer,  Sudhir Sitaram Amritphale, Deepti Mishra, Ramesh Kumar Chouhan, Manish Mudgal, Mohd. Akram Khan, Prabha Padmakaran, Swati Lahiri, Sarika Verma, Navin Chandra, B.K. Mishra, India


Portland Cement Design with Crumb Rubber from Waste Tires as a Fine Aggregate to Make Accessibility Ramps,  Liseane Thives, Guilherme Koettker, Cristine Yohana Ribas, Fernanda Deucher, Matheus Bracht, Gunnar Gabriel, Brazil




Landfill 3


Analysis of the Long-Term Data for Stabilizing the Waste in Closed System Disposal Facilities, Kazuei Ishii, Toru Furuichi, Japan


Maximizing Air Space Capacity Utilization at a Landfill – A Case Study of King County Cedar Hills Regional Landfill, Maple Valley, WA,  Mizanur Rahman, USA


Release of Humic Substances during In Situ Aeration,  HuanHuan Tong, Ke Yin, JingYuan Wang, Singapore


Emerging Issues for High Strength Leachate Treatment,  Ivan Cooper, Olya S. Keen, USA




Additional Topics


Effects of Solid Waste Dumping on the Spatial and Temporal Variability of Shallow Groundwater and Nitrate Contamination in Bundelkhand Region of India, Sutapa Bose, Amit Singh Chauhan, Oinam Jayalakshmi Devi, Senthilkumar G, Anamika Shrivastava, Al. Ramanathan, India


Structural Concrete of 25 to 50 Mpa Compressive Strength Using Aggregates Recycled in Kuwait, M. N. Haque, A. Al-Yaqout, And V. Sreekala, Kuwait


Comparative Analysis of Waste Oil Management Practices in the Russian Federation, the European Union, and the United States,  M. A. Liubarkaia, Prof., D, D.J. Birnesser, Russia and USA


Role of bacterial inoculums on bioconversion of press mud using Eudrilus eugeniae (Kinberg), Munnoli P.M, Bhosle S.N,  India