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Editor: Prof. R L. Mersky, Widener University, USA 

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Instructions to Authors for submission of articles to Journal of SWTM:

  1. Submission process: click on the log in link:

Log in with email and existing password, if you are already registered earlier. For new registration, click on the “Register Now” at the bottom of log in page. Registration page will open. Complete Registration. Remember the password. On Clicking “Register”, My profile page will open. Enter your profile. Go to the box on the left side and click on “Upload New & Revised Submission” to upload the Abstract, New Paper or Revised paper as the case may be. Complete the form, upload the word files of Paper, and save. Log out. This way the paper is submitted.


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  1. General Instructions: Submitting the manuscript is a representation that it has not been copyrighted or published, and is not being submitted for publication elsewhere. A forwarding letter along with the paper and other document should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief. The Papers should have a main author to whom correspondence will be sent. The main author carries full responsibility that all other authors have approved the manuscript and to pay the PRF.


  1. Forwarding Letter: (See the format) A forwarding letter with the title of the paper should contain the following with the following information and document,

1. Personal declaration that the paper has not been copyrighted or published, and is not being submitted for publication elsewhere,

2. Personal declaration: I agreed to pay the Processing Registration Fee (PRF) of INR 5,000/- for Indian and USD 150 for foreign authors for publication payable to “ISWMAW” by bank transfer or online ( after the acceptance before publication.

3. Declare the name of Plagiarism Detection Software (PDS) used and the % similarity found for the paper (keep max. 15% with self-plagiarism, exclusion of common words & quotes),

4. Mention the Novelty of the paper in 45 words.


  1. List of Reviewers & Author/s (See the format): Submit tabular list of 4 reviewers [from different country/ies, none from author’s organisation/s] & list of all authors [name, designation, affiliation, email id and mobile no]
  2. Manuscript (Paper): Include Postal address, email address, country code, mobile no, of the corresponding author. Titles and headings should be of max. 12 words.  Avoid using footnotes – instead use referencing. Units should be SI or American with SI in parentheses. Be as concise as feasible – avoid unnecessary or repetitive information. Full article should be between 25,000 to 35,000 characters counted with space. Article should be submitted with 25 mm margin on each side on A4 size, using 12 font size times roman letters, single space in word file and pdf files in single column. Each figure and tables with good readability should be cited in the text or source given.

a. Abstract and Keywords: Abstract (mandatory) in 200 words should clearly outline the main idea/study, outcome & novelty & 5 keywords for indexing purposes.

b. Illustrations: All illustrations (tables, graphs, photographs & figures) should be legible, properly identified by numbers and with short caption. Each illustration should be cited within the text. The illustrations should mention sources, wherever required.

c. References: APA (American Psychological Association) system [e.g., (Ghosh, 2021), (Mersky, 2019), & so on] should be used with alphabetized reference list at the end of the paper. All references should be complete and give adequate information.

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  1. Tentative Timeline for Publication (Authors must respond in time)