Proceedings of

22nd International Conference on

Solid Waste Technology and Management

Philadelphia, PA USA

March 18-21, 2011

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Waste Composition

Solid Waste Composition And Waste Deposition Sites Analysis In Watershed Creek Of Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines, Oliva P. Canencia, Romeo M. del Rosario,  Vicenta V. Ansigbat, Nenita D. Palmes, Chris Rey M. Litua�as, Irene Pajaron, Philippines

Waste Compositional Analysis – An Integral Requirement For Changes To Waste Management Practices And Monitoring Those Changes, Nia Owen, Professor A.J. Griffiths, K. Williams, UK

Present-Day Situation of the Solid Waste Generated At Supermarkets: The Case of the Municipality of Ensenada, Baja California, M�xico, Carolina Armijo, Aurora Fierro, M�xico


Composting and Air Studies

Composting Hotel Waste In Ha Long City,Vietnam, Chi Phuong Hoang, USA, Philip H. Byer, Murray Haight, Canada

Managing The Potential Public Health Risks From Bio Aerosol Liberation At Commercial Composting Sites – An Analysis Of The Evidence Bas, Peter Sykes, Ken Jones, UK


Waste Policy 1

Existing And Future Waste Management Opportunities And How They Are Influenced By Decision Making Aspects And Development Control Decisions And Waste Management Structures And Strategies In The East Midlands Of England, Paul S. Phillips, UK

Public Acceptability Factors And Indicators Influencing Successful Landfill Siting Outcomes, Aylen B. Badilla, USA

Stop the Nonsense Of Segregated Waste Collection, Frank J. Riedel, Germany

Utilization Of Geographic Information Systems In Developing Environmental Policies, Ashraf Ghaly, USA


                            Landfill and Containment Innovation and Planning

Beneficial Use of Waste Latex Paint in Landfill Daily Cover, David L. Hansen, USA

Sustainable Operation Of Landfills With Passive Systems And Renewable Energy, Chris Zeiss, Canada

Geotechnical Evaluation of a Bentonite/Sand Seal for Waste Containment, Haluk Akgun, Turkey


Decision Making Tools

Development Of A Data Base Model For The Systematization Of Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management, Sonia I. Portalupi Ramos, M. Cristina Borba Braga, Brazil

A Simulation Model Of Solid Waste Collection Operations Based On Gps Data, Thuy T.T. Nguyen, Bruce G. Wilson, Canada

Development Of Gis Based Decision Support Tool For Optimal Route Analysis For Transportation Of Solid Waste, M. Anji Reddy, Vuppala Padmaja, India

Integrated Analytical Hierarchy Process – Gis Model For Landfill Siting: A Case Study From India, Vuppala Padmaja, S.S. Asadi, India

Key Variables For Proper Waste Management In Mexican Higher Education Institutions, Carolina Armijo, Sara Ojeda-Ben�tez, M�xico


Composting Technology 1

Calculating Airflow Requirements For Forced Aerated Composting Systems, G.Hewings, K.P. Williams, A.J.Griffiths, UK

Composting Animal Waste With Magnesium: A Novel Method Of Stabilizing Nitrogen And Phosphorus, Philip G. Malone, W. Allen Roberson, Charles A. Weiss, Jr. , David B. Ringelberg , Girish Panicker, USA

Performance of Epigeic Earthworm Species in Different Solid Wastes for Compost Making, G. Mikunthan, S. Piratheban, Sri Lanka

Meeting UK Catering Waste Processing Requirements in Forced Aerated Batch Composting Systems, G. Hewings, T. Griffiths, K. Williams, UK


Landfill Studies

A Vision Of The Brand New Program On Sanitary Landfill In Mexico City And Its Advances, Carlos Olivo, Kristy Pe�a, Dr. Klaus Fischer, Germany

Laboratory And Pilot Scale Study Of Municipal Solid Waste From Metepec (M�xico) And Its Leachate Produced By Simulated Rain Load, Ma.del Consuelo Hernandez-Berriel, Liliana M�rquez-Benavides, INIRENA-UMSNH, Iv�n Rodriguez-Rico, Otoniel Buenrostro-Delgado, Mexico

Prediction Of The Hydraulic Conductivity Of Clay Liners For The Efficient Construction And Monitoring Of Clay Liners In Landfills, Frank Atuahene, USA

Sanitary Disposal Facilities For Dead Poultry, S.T. El Sheltawy, N. Metawey, Egypt

Effect of MSW Leachate Recirculation Frequency on Contaminants Reduction, R. Ravishankar, P. Ravichandra, Gopal Mugeraya, India


Mining Wastes

Carrier-Microencapsulation For Preventing Pyrite Oxidation, Jacqueline Satur, Naoki Hiroyoshi, Masami Tsunekawa, Mayumi Ito, Hideyuki Okamoto, Japan

Quarries – How To Expand Business, Reduce Dead Time, Increase Usefull Life By Means Of Environmental Impact Reduction, Paulino E. Coelho, Brazil

Remote Sensing As A Tool To Enforce European Regulation On Mining Wastes, Chevrel Stephane, D., France, Sommer Stefan, Italy


Waste Policy and Economics

A Landfill Tax Credit Scheme Funding Success: East Sussex Waste Minimization Programme, John R Morris, Paul S. Phillips, UK

Driving Sustainable Industrial And Commercial Resource Efficiency: A Radical New Approach To The Design And Operation Of A New Generation Of Demonstration Resource Efficiency Clubs In The UK, Steve Smith, Thomas Coskeran, Paul Phillips, UK

Economics Of Solid Waste Collection, Hauling, And Disposal: Monopolies Or Free Markets?, Molly K. Macauley, USA

Efficiency Of The Solid Waste Minimization Program Of The School Of Civil Engineering, Architecture And Urbanism At The State University Of Campinas, Egl� Novaes Teixeira, Martina Barbosa, Brazil

Lessons From History: A Detailed Analysis Of The Operation Of Three UK Waste Minimisation Clubs And The Implications For Demonstration Resource Efficiency Clusb, Thomas Coskeran, Steve Smith, Paul Phillips, UK

Towards The Development Of Sustainable Landfills, Jay N. Meegoda, USA, Patrick Hettiaratchi, Canada, Hsin-Neng Hsieh, A. Borgaonkar, S. El Haggar, R. I. Stessel, USA


Chemical and Biochemical Treatment

Chemical Precipitation Of Ammonia-N As Struvite (MAP) From Landfill Leachate- Effect of Molar Ratio Upon Recovery, O. Parthiba Karthikeyan, Kurian Joseph, India

Effects of Sucrose and Sorbitol on Cement-based Stabilization/ Solidification of Toxic Metal Waste, Linghong Zhang,Lionel J. J. Catalan, Stephen D. Kinrade, Andrew C. Larsen, Canada

Treatment Of Laboratory COD Analysis Wastewater By Xanthate, Yi-Kuo Chang, Juu-En Chang, Professor, Li-Choung Chiang , Pai-Haung Shih, Ming-Her Leu, Tsang-Chin Chen, Taiwan

MSW Treatment by Pyro-Gasification Process, C. Marulescu, A. Badea, T. Apostol, Romania, G. Antonni, France


Recycling Development

Dirty Materials Recycling Facilities (Mrfs) And Their Role In Assisting A UK Local Authority To Divert Waste Away From Landfill, Nia Owen, A.J. Griffiths,K. Williams, UK

Improving Public Participation In Kerbside Recycling – Assessing The Options Being Considered For Widespread Adoption In The UK, Adam Read, Marie Harder, Ryan Woodard, UK

PA Recycling Markets Center Glass Cullet Concrete Research And Development Program, Jeffrey J. Cucura, Robert J. Bylone, Jr., USA

WEEE Recovery Infrastructure In The Oulu Region Of Finland: Challenges To Resource Use Optimization, Jenni Yl�-Mella, Kari Poikela, Eva Pongr�cz, Ulla Lehtinen, Paul Phillips, Riitta Keiski,  Finland


Utilization of Waste in Construction

Suggested Mixtures Competent of Acid-Resisting Bricks Manufacture Using Some Solid Wastes, Medhat Sobhy El-Mahllawy, Maha Moustafa El Shafei, Mohamad Hassan Moustafa, Egypt


Transfer Stations

Implications of FAA Advisory Guidelines on Transfer Station Development, Christina Seibert, Walter Willis, Douglas Allen, USA


Utilization of Construction and Demolition Wastes

Effect of Replacemet Of Aggaregates By Demolition Waste On Concrete Properties, Surinder Mohan Gupta, Paratibha Aggarwal, Yogesh Aggarwal, India

Reuse Of Waste Materials For Manure Stabilization, Rominder Suri, Hongxiang Fu, Uthappa Devaiah Mandepanda, Deepthi Kalyanam, Mrinalini Madabhushanam, USA

Identification Of Current Situation Of Construction Waste Management In Brazil, Rafael F. Tozzi, M. Cristina Borba Braga, Brazil

Demolition Solid Waste: A Source Of Coarse Aggaregates For Concrete, Paratibha Aggarwal, Rafat Siddique, Surinder Mohan Gupta, India


Energy Recovery

Energy From Waste In The United Kingdom – Current And Future Scenarios, Richard Marsh, Sally Hewlett, Tony Griffiths, Keith Williams, UK

Evaluation Of Availability Of RDF Power Generation With Different Treatment System By LCA, Motoko Yamanari, Sohei Shimada, Japan

Particle Cluster Formation In The Riser Of Circulating Fluidized Bed Incinerators, Munish Kumar Chandel, Babu J. Alappat, India

Advanced Thermal Treatments for Solid Waste- a Waste Manager’s Guide, Richard Marsh, Sally Hewlett, Tony Griffiths, Keith Williams, UK


Public and Private Development

An Endeavour Of Public Private Partnership To Manage The Urban Solid Waste Of Patna City, Prabhjot Singh Sodhi, Satish Kumar, Preeti Saxena, Ram Boojh, India

Delivering New Waste Infrastructure – A Public Consultation Toolkit From The UK, Adam Read, Victoria Bond, Kate Heath, Sarahjane Widdowson, UK

Door To Door Promotions – Making The Public Take Responsibility For Their Recyclables, Adam Read, James Kay, Sarahjane Widdowson, Avin Al-Salihi, UK

Leveraging End-Of-Life Waste Fleet Assets To Improve Your Bottom Line, Steve Saboe, USA

Private Sector Participation (PSP) in Solid Waste Management– The City of Lagos, Nigeria: A Case Study, Cosmas O. Odunaiya, Nigeria


Contaminated Sites

Pixe Analysis Of Heavy Metals In Shellfish Of Uranouchi Bay, M. Hasnat Kabir , Tadashi Narusawa, Japan

Feasibility Studies On Anaerobic Bioremediation Of Illegal Dumping Sites Contaminated By Tetrachloroethylene, Kazuei Ishii, Toru Furuichi, Noboru Tanikawa, Mako Nagayama, Japan

Systematic planning for Waste Removal from Illegal Dumping Sites, Tomoko Takeda, Toru Furuichi, Kazuei Ishii, Noboru Tanikawa, Japan


Waste Treatment and Utilization

The Study Of Plasma-Treated Organic Materials As Adsorbents For Heavy Metal Removal, Min-Her Leu, Yi-Kuo Chang, Fung-Hwa Chi, Min-Sheng Ko, Chi-Choa Chen and Juu-En Chang,  Taiwan

The Utilization Of Industrial Food Waste (Sweet Potato Shochu Lees) For Sawdust Cultivation Of Pleurotus Eryngii, Masahito Yamauchi, Sumio Masuda, Masayoshi YAMADA, Megumi Mihara, Masato Kihara, Hideki Harada, Japan

Analysis of Drying Technologies for Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge as an Alternative Source of Energy, Belzahet Trevi�o Arjona  Jos� Rodr�guez Cisneros, Mexico

Suitability of Waste Slags from Industries as Construction Material: A Case Study of Imperial Smelting Furnace (ISF) Slag from Hindustan Zinc Limited (HZL), A.B. Gupta, S.B. Patil, A.K. Vyas, India

Magnetic Properties of Mn-Zn Ferrite Synthesized by Hydrothermal Process from Used Dry Batteries, Chung-Wen Liu, Cheng-Hsiung Lin, Yen-Pei Fu, Taiwan

Effect of Fly Ash Content in Concrete on Strength and Water Absorption, Anurag Misra, Madan Lal Bairwa, Rohit Ramteke, India



Enzymatic Hydrolysis Of Cellulosic Materials Derived From Municipal Wastewater Treatment Sludges For Ethanol Production, Pascale Champagne, Caijian Li, Canada

Sludge Disinfection And Its Use For Irrigation And Fertilization, Gad Shani , Emeritus, Shlomit Magidivich , Israel

Utilization Of Paint Industry Sludge For Culturing Earthworms, Deepanjan Majumdar, Vaidehi Buch, Jignesh Patel, India

The Role of Proteinaceous and Carbonaceous Parts of EPS on Dewaterability of Pin-Floc Sludges, Asli Yildirimli, Aysen Erdincler, Turkey


Landfill Analyses

Effect Of Construction And Demolition Wastes In The Aceticlastic And Propionotrophic Methanogenesis Of Municipal Solid Waste, Liliana M�rquez-Benavides, Otoniel Buenrostro-Delgado, Ma. del Consuelo Hernandez-Berriel, Mexico

Fuzzy Logic Simulation Of Biodegradation Of Municipal Solid Waste In Simulated Aerobic And Anaerobic Bioreactors Landfill, Septa Rendra, Leta Fernandes, Mostafa Warith , Canada

Leachate And Landfill Gas Extraction From An Unlined Landfill, Jason T. Chan, Matthew J. Evans, USA

Methane Oxidation in Landfill Biocaps Constructed with Partially Stabilized Compost, O.D. Hurtado, J.P.A. Hettiaratchi, Canada

Settlement Behaviour of a Landfill Cell During Filling Operations, Patrick Hettiaratchi, Carlos Hunte, Canada

The Evaluation of the Municipal Solid Waste Degradation Performance in Semi-Aerobic Landfills, A. Suna Erses, Turgut T. Onay, Turkey


Recycling of Specific Wastes

Evaluation Of Utilization Of Recycled Waste Glass In Japan, M.Azizul Moqsud, S.Hayashi, Professor, Y.J. DU, Daisuke Suetsugu, Yutaka Hara, Y. Ushihara, Japan

How To Recycle 5 Billion Pounds Of Old Carpet, Robert Peoples, Jeremy Stroop, USA

Management Of Packaging Waste In The Central Business District Of Lagos City, Nigeria., Ezechiel Oladapo Longe, Eberechukwu Emmanuel Igwe, Nigeria

Managing Electronic Waste at Local Gov. Level In Australia, Georgina Davis, Sunil Heart, Australia

Recycling Method Of Sheet Metal Wastes By Non-Smelting Process For CO2 Emission Reductions, Hiroki Takano, Kimiyoshi Kitazawa, Hikaru Yamamoto, Nae Marutani, Japan

The General Utilizations Of Scrap PC Boards, Y. L. Yeh, Ming-Hsin, Cheng Hsiung Lin, Chung-Win Liu, R.S. Shie, C.F. Lin, Y.J. Chiou, Taiwan

Towards Sustainable Management Of Electronic Wastes: Policy Development And Implementation – A Case Study From The Tertiary Education Sector, Georgina Davis, Malcolm Wolski, Australia

Use of Crumb Rubber Wastes In Cement Stabilized Soil Blocks, Prakash Parasivamurthy, S.C.Sharma, Director, India

Comparing Policies on Computer Waste in Europe and Canada for Sustainability, Shirley Thompson, Canada



Building Bricks With Class F Fly Ash From Illinois Basin Coals- Commercial Production Demonstration, Sheng-Fu J Chou, Mei-In M. Chou, Joseph W. Stucki, USA

Investigation Of Petrochemical Ashes As Cement Additives On Gas Migration Through Cement Slurry, Seyed Reza Shadizadeh , Mehdi Zaferanieh, Amin Bazrafkan, Iran

Mechanical Properties Of Concrete Conatining Coal Bottom Ash As Replacement Of Fine Aggregates In Concrete, Yogesh Aggarwal, Paratibha Aggarwal, N.I.T.Kurukshetra, Rafat Siddique, India

Washing And Fractionating Treatment To Reduce Dioxin Hazard On Excavated Wastes Generated During Landfill Reclamation, Kazuo Tameda, Eun-ah Cho, Sotaro Higuchi, Takeshi Yamato, Masataka Hanashima, Namhoon Lee, Chung-Hee Chang, Japan

Use of Lime Added Class-F Fly Ash in the Dykes of an Ash Pond, Erdal Cokca Prof, Turkey

Determination of Optimum Fly Ash Usage Amount in Concretes, İlker Bekir TOP�U, Ph.D., Mehmet Uğur TOPRAK*, M.Sc., Turhan BİLİR, M.Sc., Turkey

Utilization of Fly Ashes, Boric Acid and Borax Wastes in Cement and Concrete Production, Emek Moroydor Derun, Nurcan Tugrul, Sabriye Piskin, Turkey

Pelletization of Pyrite Ash Wastes by Using Calcium Hydroxide, Calcium Chloride and Bentonite for Iron Ore Production, Mehmet Piskin, Nurcan Tugrul, Emek Moroydor Derun, Turkey


Geotechnical Studies

A Model To Predict Settlements And Landfil GAS Generation In Bioreactor Landfills, Chamil H. Hettiarachchi, Jay N. Meegoda , USA, Patrick Hettiaratchi, Canada

A Simplified Method for Estimating The Magnitude And Rate Of Biodegradation Settlement Of Fill Containing Slightly Organic Materials, Dorairaja Raghu, USA

Studies On Compacted Soil  With Fiber Reinforcement As A Landfill Cover System, Tri Harianto, Shigenori Hayashi , Yan-Jun Du, Daisuke Suetsugu , Japan


Environmental Analyses

Environmental Effects Of Recycling And Manufacturing Paper Using The Life Cycle Analysis, Shoou-Yuh Chang, Samuel Massie, Kimina Chisolm, USA

Development of Comprehensive Microbiological Methods to Assess the Possible Impact of Biweekly Kerbside Collection of MSW on Human Health in England, Shanom Ali, Paul S Phillips, Margaret Bates, Carol A Phillips, UK


Will Waste Diversion Make a Difference in Greenhouse Gas Emissions: An Analysis of Methane Generation in Canadian Landfills, Shirley Thompson, Jennifer Sawyer, Stephen Smith, Canada

Selection of the Appropriate Aggregation Function for Landfill Air Pollution Index, Somali Pant, Atul Sharma, Dinesh Kumar, Srikanth M., Babu J. Alappat, India


Recycling Technology

Comparing Methods For Reclaiming Magnetic Fluids Used In Materials Separation, Hanneke Agterhuis, Daniela Trambitas, Erwin Bakker, Peter Rem, The Netherlands

Conversion Of Municipal Waste Plastics To Fuel By Coprocessing With  Coal And Petroleum Residue, Mohammad Farhat Ali, Shakeel Ahmed, Pakistan

Effectiveness Of Foamed Waste Glass As A Contaminated Tidal Mud Improvement Material, M.Azizul Moqsud, S.Hayashi, Y.J.Du, Daisuke Suetsugu, Yutaka Hara, Y. Ushihara , Japan

Polymers Recycling From Automobile Shredder Residue (ASR): Separation Of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) From ASR By Forth Flotation With Ozonation, Srinivasa Reddy Mallampati, Keisuke Kurose, Tetsuji Okuda, Wataru Nishijima, Mitsumasa Okada, Japan


Using Recycled Building In Hot Asphalt Mix, Manal Abd Alla, Mahmoud EL-Saied, Egypt


Industrial and Mining Waste Composition

Analysis Of Heavy Metals In Solid Industrial Wastes By ICP-OES, ICP-VGA And XRF., Tesfaye Seyoum, Samuel Adeloju, Australia

Characterization Of Gold In Flotation Tailing By Metallurgical And Micro-Beam Techniques At The Sar Cheshmeh Porphyry Copper Mine, M. M. Salari Rad, Iran, M. Tsunekawa, T. Hirajima, T. Yoneda, Japan

Chemical Analysis As An Aid To Waste Minimisation In Phosphating Processes, Sally Spankie, Kuveshnee Moodley, Sasol Infrachem, Colin Southway, South Africa

Utilization Of Certain Important Agricultural And Industrial Wastes Of Andhra Pradesh – India, E. Nagabhushan, D Jaya Prakash, P. Raja Rao, A Ravidernath, S. G. Samadhani, India

Production of Potash from Kiln Dust of a Cement Plant in Saudi Arabia Using an Aqueous Calcium Nitrate Solution, Muhammad A. Daous, Saudi Arabia

From Waste to Wealth: The Journey in Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, S. Saran, India


Waste Collection

A Cross-National Comparison Of Strategies For Urban Solid Waste Collection, Federico Bonicelli, Italy

Measuring The Efficiency Of Solid Waste Collection Routes, Thuy T.T. Nguyen, Bruce G. Wilson, Canada

Reducing Mixed Household Solid Waste: Assessment Of Policy Strategies In The Flemish Region Of Belgium, Verhelst Pieter, Gellynck Xavier, Belgium, Popp Jennie, USA

A Case Study on the Optimization of Municipal Solid Waste Collection, Karolina A. Filipiak, Layek Abdel-Malek, Hsin-Neng Hsieh, Jay N. Meegoda, USA


Hazardous Wastes

A Radical New, Envionmentally Acceptable Approach To Hazardous Waste Management In The UK: Plasma Arc Technology, D. Degan, Paul S. Phillips, UK

Adsorption Of Cadmium And Zinc By Zeolite Tuffs, Lua’y A. Zeatoun , Sama Alkarami, Mazen Darwish, Jordan

Pt And Rh Recovery From Waste: Catalytic Converters, Duanghatai Chaikla, Thamrongrut Mungcharoen, Attasak Jaree, Thailand

Health Hazards Due to High Nickel Intake and Removal of Nickel [II] from Water by Low Cost Adsorbents, Jyotsna Lal, Mobashshara Beg, India


Composting and Organics

Stabilization Of Industrial Sludges By Composting And Assessment Of Maturity As Indicator Of Compost Quality – A Case Study, C. Aparna, V. Himabindu, India, Y. Anjaneyulu, USA


Agricultural Wastes

Development Of Livestock Manure Disposal Model Reflecting Preference Survey To Farmers For Sustainable Manure Utilization System, Tomoko Iwata, Sohei Shimada, Japan

Kinetic, Isotherm And Transport Modeling For Sorption Of Basid Red On To Activated Carbon Prepared From Ipomoea Carnea Stem Waste,  S.Karthikeyan, M. Jambulingam, A.P. Shekhar, B.Sivakumar, India

Utilization Of Java Kapok (Ceiba Pentandra) In The Textile Industry, Abdul-Raheem Giwa, O.K. Sunmonu, Nigeria

Field Studies on Nitrogen Pollution of River and Groundwater by Livestock Manure, Eri Kohsaka, Toru Furuichi, Kazuei Ishii, Noboru Tanikawa, Japan

Manufacture of Organic Fertilizer from Vegetable Market Garbage (VMG) using Eppawela Rock Phosphate (ERP) and Its Effects on Rice Cultivation, S.A.S. Perera, Sri Lanka

Patented Process for Rapid Digestion of All Types of Biomass into Organic Fertiliser a Solution to the Urban Solid Waste (USW) Problem and to the Fertiliser Problem in Sri Lanka, S.A.S. Perera, Sri Lanka


Recycled Tires

Recycled Tires As Stay-In-Place Forms For Pavers, Charles A. Weiss, Jr., W. Allen Roberson, Joe G. Tom, Philip G. Malone, USA

Determination of Waste Tire Generation Rate and Characteristics for the Island Of St. Kitts, West Indies, Charles S. Higgins, Edsel B. Daniel, USA, Alphonso E. Bridgewater, St. Kitts


Waste Treatment and Utilization

Studies On Briquetting Fines And Wastes Of Iron And Steel Plants, Jaya Prakash.D, E. Nagabhushan, A. Ravindranath , India

Used Oil Recovery in America, Robert Arner, USA

Utilization of Some Industrial Wastes in the Production of Cement Bricks, Basil A. El-Sabbagh, Hassan A. Marie, Nazek. A. Gabr, Egypt


Utilization of Industrial Wastes in Construction

Research Of Fire And High Temperature Effects On Concretes Produced With Waste Crushed Tile, İlker Bekir TOP�U, Abdullah DEMİR, Turkey

Characteristics And Utilization Of Slag Obtained By The Co-Melting Of MSWI Ash And Industrial Sludge, Wei-Shih Hsieh, Kung-Cheh Li, Taiwan

Effect Of Spent Foundry Sand As Partial Replacement Of Fine Aggregate On The Properties Of Concrete,  Rafat Siddique, Ritu Gupta, Ishatpreet Kaur, India

Use Of Slags In Production Of Sulphate Resistant Mortars, İlker Bekir TOP�U, Ahmet Raif BOĞA, Turhan BİLİR, Turkey

Maximum Utilization of Used Oils for Cleaner Environment, F.H. Ashour, S.M. El Marsafy, H. Nour El Din, Egypt


Waste Management in Developing Regions

Efficacy Assessment Of Municipal Solid Waste Management System Of Greater Mumbai, India, Anil Kumar Dikshit, Prakash V. Shirsat, India

Integrated Waste Management System In Mindanao, Philippines, Oliva P. Canencia, Ruth G. Cabahug, Ricardo E. Rotoras, Philippines

Municipal Solid Waste Treatment & Recycling Technologies For Developing Countries – A Typical Nigerian Case Study, Chidubem Uchendu, Germany


Health Care Wastes

Biomedical Waste An Approach For Clean Development Mechanism, E. Nagabhushan, D Jaya Prakash, P Raja Rao, A Ravidernath, Indra Mohan, India

Common Healthcare Waste Appropriate Management Plant(Champ) – An Economically Appropriate Approach For Bio Medical Waste Management In Rural Areas And Smaller Cities Of India, Shyamala Mani, Shubhangi Wankhede, India

Realizing Effective Medical Waste Management From Craddle To Grave In Nigeria, Gozie Vincent Offiah, Christopher C. Onwuakpa, Nigeria

The Ethical Aspects Of Designing A Healthcare Waste Management Research Proposal., Anne C. Woolridge, Paul Phillips, Thomas Coskeran, Robin Crockett, UK


Waste Generation

Characterisation Of Household And Commercial BMW Generation According To Socio-Economic And Other Factors For The Dublin Region, Mary Purcell, W.L. Magette, Ireland

Child Abuse and Environmental Degradation in Nigeria: The Solid Waste Connection, Odoziobodo Severus Ifeanyi, Onu Hillary Chinedu, Nigeria


Case Studies

Integrated Solid waste Management for Pune City, India, K.C.Khare, S.T.Mali, India

Municipal Solid Waste Management in Semi Urban Area, Mervat El-Hoz, Lebanon


“An Environmental Approach: Conversion of Waste Aluminum Foils into Alum”, Sandeep K. Saxena, M.Sc., Sanat Kumar, Ph.D., Ajay Singh, M.Sc, Deepika Bhatnagar, B.Sc, India

Manufacture of High Heat Conductivity Resistant Clay Bricks Containing Perlite, İlker Bekir TOP�U, Burak Işıkdağ, Turkey

Study on Carbothermic Reduction for EAF Dust Resource Recycling by Waelz Kiln, Chiung-Fang Liu, Tsao Shen, David Yang, Ming-Chu Yang, Taiwan

Experience Gained with Waste Management Activities in Brazilian Grade Schools, M. Fehr, H.M.N. Santos, M.C.R. Leite, Brazil

Development of Plastic-Reinforced Panels Impregnated With Granulated Rubber, Ashraf Ghaly, USA, Stanislava Kodedova, Czech Republic

Solid Waste Sorting and Utilization at Stora Enso Oyj Veitsiluoto Mills in Kemi, Northern Finland, Hannu Nurmesniemi, Risto P�yki�, Toivo Kuokkanen, Eva Pongr�cz, Riitta Liisa Keiski, Finland

Regeneration of Different Types of Granular Activated Carbons with Adsorbed Trichloroethylene Using Wet Peroxide Oxidation Under Mild Condition, Kiyokazu Okawa, Takeshita Toshihiro, Katsuyuki Nakano, Japan

Environmental Education and Training in Nigeria: Facing the Challenges in Current Practice, Jerry E. Uhno, Nigeria

Environmental Impact of Mobile Phones: Material Content, Jenni Yl�-Mella, Eva Pongr�cz, Pia Tanskanen, Riitta L Keiski, Finland

Movable Treatment Technology of Domestic Refuse in Small Towns, Song Fu-Zhong, Li Shu-Qing, Wang Xing, China

Making Fired Bricks with Spent Equilibrium Catalyst: A Technical Feasibility Study, M.-I. M.Chou, S.-F. J. Chou, V. Patel, L.-M. Chen, USA

Investigation on Hydrogen Sulfide Generation from Wasted Plasterboard Under Water-Saturated Condition, Toshihiro Takeshita, Sotaro Higuchi, Japan


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