Proceedings of

35th International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management

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A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment for a Single Stream and Drop Off Glass Waste Collection: A Case Study of the City of Guelph, Canada, Bassim Abbassi, Canada

Rice Husk and Rice Straw Biochar for Treating Municipal and Industrial Wastewater, Bassim Abbassi, Ramesh Rudra, Faisal Shahin, Eman Alsayed, Shiv Prasher, Canada

Waste Containment by Bentonite/Sand Seal, Haluk Akgün, Turkey

The Dry Season Feed Potentials of Shed Leaves (Theobroma Cacao, Cassia Simea, Terminalia Catappa and Tectona Grandis), Victor Olusegun Akinwande, Adejoke Adeneye Mako, Nasirat Akinlolu, O. A. Subair, Nigeria

The Challenge of Reverse Logistics for E-Waste in Brazil – A Case Study in Electronic Components Industry, Raíssa Liz Alves Rocha, Leonardo Costa Teixeira, Marco Aurélio De Souza Vasconcelos, Max Filipe Silva Gonçalves, Marcos Wagner Jesus Servare Junior, Brazil and Canada

Effect of Membrane Removal on the Production of  Calcium Oxide from Eggshells Via Calcination, Samuel Tomi Aina, Vuyo Mjimba, Deon Brink, Barend Du Plessis, South Africa

Energy and Bio-Resources Recovery from Food Waste Using Hydrothermal Methods, Henagmeh Bayat, Umakanta Jena, United States

Exploring the Facts Associated with Waste Management in Semi-Urban Areas of India by Household Social Survey, Chandana N, Bakul Rao, Meghraj Garad, Megha Yashawant Nikam, Kanchan Prakash Malkhede, Hemlata Dilip Suryawanshi, India

Solid Waste Management in Africa, Hanem Sibak, Ahmed Refaat, Shakinaz El Sheltawy, Egypt

Impact of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Change on Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Generation in Maputo, Amad H. A. Gani, Antonio A. R. Mondjane, Antonio G. Dias, Portugal

Deriving Municipal Solid Waste Miles for an Indian Metropolitan City: A Case of Pune City, Amruta Garud, Bakul Rao, India

Comparative Study on Productions of Styrene-Butadiene Rubber and Silicone Rubber Floors Using the Recycled Silicone Rubber as a Filler, Blenda A.C. Gaspar, Miriam L.C. Machado, Nilson C. Preira, Max F. Goncalves, Cicera S. Pereira, Brazil

Marine Debris Management in Brazil, Enedir Ghisi, Liseane Padilha Thives, João Francisco Thives da Luz Fontes, Brazil

Marine Littering and Micro Plastics: Status, Impacts and Way Forward, Sadhan Kumar Ghosh, India

A Situational Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Management Practices in Sara-i-Alamgir City, Pakistan, Khalid Iqbal, Muhammad Ali, Pakistan

Comparative Study of Solid Waste Characteristics and Management Practices in Two Towns of Punjab Province of Pakistan, Khalid Iqbal, Madeeha Rafi, Noreen Tayyaba, Pakistan

A Simple Three-Dimensional Numerical Model to Predict Leachate Generation in Landfill Sites for Climate Change Mitigation Measures, Kazuei Ishii, Natsuki Hiraoka, Masahiro Sato, Japan

Problems on Long-Term Operation of Landfill Sites Under Climate Change in Japan, Kazuei Ishii, Fumitaka Koyama, Masahiro Sato, Japan

Bioelectrochemical Treatment of Real Petroleum Refinery Oily Sludge Associated with Energy Generation in Microbial Fuel Cell, Zainab Ziad Ismail, Rusul Khazaal, Iraq

Utilization of Food Processing Waste for Energy Generation, Viresh Kumargouda, India

Household Storage and Disposal Practices of Pharmaceutical Wastes in Soweto (Johannesburg): A Pilot Survey, Isaac Tebogo Rampedi, Benele Magagula, South Africa

E-Waste Management in Bangladesh — Its Potentials and Challenges, Rowshan Mamtaz, Fahmida Gulshan, Bangladesh

Energy Consumption Analysis Between Scrap Tires Manufacturing and Co-Processing in Brazilian Cement Plants, Rafaela J. Mondadori, Vitor S. Thiesen, Carlos E. Figur, Sérgio L. S. Filho, Liseane P. Thives, Claudio C. Zimmermann, Brazil

Use of Admixtures for Enhancing Pelletization and Strength of Aggregate Manufactured Using Overburden Soil, T. Manjari, K. Ramamurthy, India

Cement and Fly Ash Stabilised Gold Mine Tailings for the Development of New Material, N. E. Mkhonto, T. P. Mashifana, N. T. Sithole, South Africa

Enhancement of the Geotechnical and Geochemical Properties of Gold Tailings by BOF Slag and Class F Fly Ash, N. E. Mkhonto, T. P. Mashifana, N. T. Sithole, South Africa

The Performance of Varying PTFE Coated Fabric Cloth on Electricity Production Using Synthetic Wastewater with Aid of Activated Carbon Air-Cathode, Malesela Benny Molala, Sydney du Plessis, Robert Huberts, South Africa

Fluorene Degradation in Sand by Conventional and Catalytic Ozonation, Jaime Dueñas Moreno, Tatyana Poznyak, Julia L. Rodríguez Santillán, Isaac Chairez Oria, México

Effect of Crumb Rubber and Low Density Polyethylene on Flexible Pavements, Munnoli P. M., Ishan Soodan, India

Investigation of Environmental and Socio-Economic Impacts of Coal Mining at Tshikondeni Exxaro Mine, Limpopo Province, South Africa, Phumudzo Gift Munyai, Jason Samuel Ogola, Lufuno Reginald Kone, South Africa

Evaluation of Location Methods for Return Center Installation for Electronic Waste, Milto Concatto Neto, Victória Regina de Sousa Silva, Max Filipe. S. Gonçalves, Alexis Nsamzinshuti, Alassane Ndiaye Balle, Brazil and Belgium

Study on Thermal Utilization of Energy Crop Miscanthus Giganteus by Small Biomass-Burner, Satoru Ochiai, Masahiro Sato, Kazuei Ishii, Toru Furuichito, Japan

Mathematical Simulation of Phases in Anaerobic Bioreactor Landfill for Organic Municipal Solid Waste, S. T. Mali, Priyanka Shinde, India

Utilization of MSWI Ash Treated with Cement and Fiber for Geotechnical Applications, Davinder Singh, India

Environmental Impacts of Sandstone Quarrying and Its Waste: A Case Study of Jodhpur, India, Abhishek Singhal, Sudha Goel, Finland

Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Asphalt Plants, L. P. Thives, E. Ghisi, M. B. dos Santos, J. Candido, Brazil

An Analytical Study of Effects of Households Size and Family Income on Per Capita Solid Waste Generation in Urban Centres of Developing Countries, Haruna Abdu Usman, Kawuwa Abubakar Sarkile, Muhammad Danladi, Nigeria

Small Strain Characteristics of Porous SLA Specimens, April Weintraub, Chris Swan, United States

Consume Less, Generate Less (Waste): How Two Universities Are Trying to Make a Difference, Anita Zavodska, Anne Morrissey, United States

Study on Strength and Deformation Characteristics of Expansive Soils Treated with Lime-Biomass Ash, Deheng Zhang, China

Application of Circular Economy Concept for a Food Processing Activity, N. Zidan, S. T. El Sheltawy, F. I. Barakat, Egypt