Proceedings of

The 33rd International Conference on

Solid Waste Technology and Management

Annapolis, MD, USA

March 10-14, 2018

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Zero Landfill Zero Waste – Connecting People to Nature, Sadhan Kumar Ghosh, India



Economic Analyses


Who Should Really Pay for Waste Management?, Anita Zavodska, Anne Morrissey, USA

Evaluation of the Performance and Profitability of Waste Businesses Using Diversion Indices, Conglian Pan, Kelvin T.W. Ng, Amy Richter, Canada

Synthetic Wood Generation through the Reuse of Solid Waste:  An Environmentally Sustainable Product, Marisa S. Borges, Jonathan Cocker, Douglas Santos, Brazil




Use of Wastes in Construction 1


Ceramic Ware Waste Potential as Co-Ballast in Dense Mansory Unit Production,  Ajayi-Banji Ademola, David Jenyo Adewale, Michael Adegbile, Nigeria




Composting and Biological Treatment 1


Rice-Straw Lining on Inner Walls of Composting Boxes to Regulate Heat Storage for Thermophilic Microorganism Functions in Digesting Organic Garbage,  Chulabut Chanthasoon, Kasem Chunkao, Noppawan Semvimol, Jeerasak Phermsin, Thailand


Flexible Energy Production through Combined Hydrogen and Methane Production at a Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant,  Marco Küppers, Jens Schoth, Ruth Brunstermann, Germany


Enhancement of Biogas Production from Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (OFMSW) Using Acid Pretreatment, Arpita Dasgupta, Munish Kumar Chandel, India




Landfill 1


The Effect of Using Prefabricated Vertical Drains on Secondary Settlement, Mohammad Al-Quraan, Andrew Stalling, David Espinoza, USA


Redevelopment of Landfill Site Eysels, Turnhout, Belgium, Bart Nevejans, Belgium


 Case Studies of Landfills of Indochina Peninsula, Deep Pit Disposal on Geological Barrier and Its Effects on Leachate Quality and Groundwater, Phetyasone Xaypanya, Jiro Takemura, Chart Chiemchaisri, Hul Seingheng, Maria N. Tanchuling, Japan


Estimation of Half-Life of Municipal Solid Waste, Dorairaja Raghu, Swamy Basim, USA




Community Education and Participation


Evaluation of Waste Recycling Practices of Primary School Learners in Mamelodi Township of South Africa,  Isaac Tebogo Rampedi, Gilani Muriel Makhubele, South Africa


The ‘Real Nappies for London’ Scheme – Waste Prevention and Wider Social Benefits – 2012-2017, Charles Warner, United Kingdom


Solid Waste Management in a University Campus in Brazil, Liseane Padilha Thives, Enedir Ghisi, Brazil




Construction and Demolition Wastes


Assessment of Human Health and Environmental Risks in Construction and Demolition Waste Use in the Czech Republic,  Anita Zavodska, M. Zimová, Libuse Benesova, Czech Republic


Key Factors Affecting Construction Waste Recycling in China, J. Hao, Z. Bao, Z. Chen, W. Lu, K. Sikora, I. Galobardes, China


Clean Aggregates and Minerals from CDW: The VEEP Project, F. Di Maio1, S. Lofti, A. Gebremariam, P. Rem, I. Vegas, J. M. Juez, M. Hu, E. van Roekel, Netherlands




Environmental Assessment


Multivariate Analysis and Hydrochemical Assessment of Groundwater at Regina Landfill Site, Conglian Pan, Kelvin T.W. Ng, Canada






Impact of Solid Waste Recycling on Sustainable Construction of Infrastructure in Developing Nations, Olufemi Oyedele, Nigeria



Case Studies 1


Municipal Solid Waste Management in the City of Polokwane:  Current Situation, Problems and Challenges, Mpho Godwin Morudu, Isaac Tebogo Rampedi, South Africa





Waste Collection


Customer Satisfaction of Solid Waste Collection Services:  A Measure towards Effective Waste Management,  Alhassan Sulemana, Emmanuel A. Donkor, Kofi S. Boateng, Kodwo Miezah, George N. Rockson, Ebenezer O. Turkson, Franklin O. Akuffo, Roland Darko, Ghana


Route Optimization for Municipal Solid Waste Collection in Sunyani, Ghana,  Alhassan Sulemana, Kwame, Emmanuel A. Donkor, Eric K. Forkuo, Sampson Oduro-Kwarteng, Ghana


Incidence of Human Labor in Waste Collection, Francesco Di Maria, Federico Sisani, Italy




Agricultural and Food Wastes 1


A Study of Hidden Potential for Solid Waste Production from Vegetative and Fruits, M.S.Bhuyan, K.A.Khan, M A Mamun, Mehedi Hasan, S.M. Azharul Islam, Malaysia, Bangladesh


Enhanced Biogas Production from Alkali-Pretreatment Giant Reed as a Potential Wild Reproductive Crop, Zainab Ziad Ismail, Nazik Adnan Noori, Iraq


A Study on Functioning of the Dry Waste Collection Centers In Bangalore City,  Prakash Gowdra, Vivekanand Venkataraman, Judith Anthony, PGDM, Mohammed Sharukh, India




Waste to Energy 1


Combustion Characteristics of Selected Tropical Wood Residues in Relation to Their Particle Sizes,  Abdulkarim Baba Rabiu, Olumuyiwa Ajani Lasode, Habeeb A. Ajimotokan, V.A. Afolayan, Nigeria


The Feasibility Study on Municipal Solid Waste to F-T Derived, Wei Wu, Yijie Zhong, Gang Fan, P.R. China


Co-Combustion of Solid Recovered Fuel as Sustainable Tool in an Advanced Waste Management System,  Eva Miller, Aaron Fuller, Jörg Maier, Günter Scheffknecht, Thomas Glorius, Germany



Integrated Management and Policy 1


LCA towards Optimizing the Environmental Performance of ISWM in a Developing Context, Amani Maalouf, Mutasem El-Fadel, Lebanon


An Overview of Municipal Solid Waste Indicators:  Towards the Efficiency, Efficacy, and Effectiveness,  Rafael Deus, Rosane Battistelle, Barbara Bezerra, Karina Rabelo Ogasawara Vieira, Edvaldo José Scoton, Brazil



Shell Wastes


The Influence of Utilizing Seashell Waste Materials and Fly Ash on Binding Time for Geopolymer,  Ridho Bayuaji, M. Sigit Darmawan, Nur Ahmad Husin, R. Buyung Anugraha, S. Subekti, S.E. Santoso, Indonesia




Innovative Technologies


Physico-Chemical and Biological Characterization of Mixed Fruit Peels Waste, Gajraj Singh Rajput, Sudha Goel, India


Use of Nano-Silica from Rice Husk as a Drug Delivery Vehicle in Drug Delivery System, Ryoko Sekifuji, Masafumi Tateda, Japan


Variability of Heavy Metals Contents in the Sewage Sludge from Three Sewage Treatment Plants, Kuwait,  Saleh Al-Muzaini, Kuwait




Use of Wastes in Construction 2


Risks and Opportunities of RDF Fuel Replacement in Cement Kilns,  Hanan Hassan El-Sersy, Mai Mohamed Kamal Fouad, Shakinaz El Sheltawy, Egypt


Investigation on Workability and Strength of Geo-Polymer Concrete, Najeb Sawsi, Hwai Wu, USA


Waste Material Recovery Rates, Incomes, and Challenges Facing Informal Waste Reclaimers in the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality in the Gauteng Province of South Africa – An Exploratory Study,  Isaac Tebogo Rampedi, Sibongile Euphemia Gumbi, South Africa


Potential Use of a Local Municipal Sewage Sludge Ash as Cementitious Additives, Ian Nordfors, Xiaochao Tang, USA





Contaminated Sites


Comparative Study of Environmental Parameters at Two Construction Sites under Controlled and Uncontrolled Conditions, Khalid Iqbal, Muhammad Waseem Mumtaz, Muhammad Sohaib Ejaz, Pakistan


Prediction of 1,4-Dioxane Contamination Distribution during Countermeasures at an Illegal Dumping Site by Numerical Simulation, Kazuei Ishii, Atsushi Fujiyama, Masahiro Sato, Toru Furuichi, Japan




Mining Wastes


Evaluation of Economic Mineral in Gold Tailings Dams:  A Case Study of the Louis Moore Tailings Dam, Limpopo Province, South Africa,  Ndivhuwo Nemapate, J.S. Ogola, G.E Ekosse, South Africa


Mine Waste as a Resource:  A Case Study of South Africa,  Humbulani Rejune Mundalamo, Jason Sammuel Ogola, South Africa




Composting and Biological Treatment 2


A Feasibility Study on Treatment of Solid Waste Generated from Religious Places Using Vermicomposting Technique, Nirav Shah, Ketan Patel, India




Integrated Management and Policy 2


Municipal Solid Waste Management in the City of Polokwane: Current Situation, Problems and Challenges, Mpho Godwin Morudu, Isaac Tebogo Rampedi, South Africa


Model for Prediction of MSW Generation in India Using Artificial Neural Network (ANN),  Tirthankar Mukherjee, Rahul Baidya, Sadhan Ghosh, India


Municipal Solid Waste Management in Urban Cities: Challenges and Perspectives, Mervat El-Hoz, The University of Balamand, Lebanon



Agricultural and Food Wastes 2


The Brazilian Experience in the Valorization of Agro-Livestock By-Products and Production of Biofertilizers, Marisa S. Borges, Thiago Gonzales, Douglas Santos, Brazil


The Feasibility of Fruit and Vegetable Waste for Methane Production by Using Different Substrate to Inoculum Ratios at Hyderabad, Sindh, Pakistan,  Korai Muhammad Safar, Mahar Rasool Bux, Uqaili Muhammad Aslam, Pakistan


King Bhumibol’s Royally Initiative Nature-by-Nature Process for Activating Digestion Period in Municipal Garbage Composting,  Kasem Chunkao, Thanit Pattamapitoon, Chulabut Chanthasoon, Surat Bualert, Aphichaya Taychitkunanon, Narumon Vongsawan, Sakonwan Mokatip, Thailand


Potential of Campus Food Waste for Biodigestion or Direct Combustion, Patrick Caton, Scotty Davids, USA


Organic Wastes Management from Low-Cost Meals:  The Educator Role of the Universities,  Liseane Thives, Gabriel Dibe Andrade, Ricardo Henrique Nunes, Pâmela Betiatto, Mariana Fornara Nohatto, Cláudio Cesar Zimmermann, Brasil


Monitoring Urease, Invertase, Phosphatase and Total Enzyme Activity in Soil Amended with Municipal Sewage Sludge, George Antonious, USA





Sludge and Wastewater Management


An Economic, Technical and Environmental Feasibility Study for Slurry Injection for Biosolids Management in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, Yashesh Panchal, Ibrahim Mohamed, Omar Abou-Sayed, Nihal Mounir, USA


Feasibility of Sewage Water Treatment in Skaka City Using Up-Flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) Reactor,  Abdalla Zakey Albahrawy , Mohamed El-Khateeb, Maher Al-Enazi, Saudi Arabia


Applicable Granule Sludge from Wastewater Treatment Process of Cassava Starch Factory for Energy Generating and Construction Materials,  Noppawan Semvimol, Kasem Chunkao, Surat Bualert, Siwanat Thaipakdee, Chulabut Chanthasoon, Donyarat Subwongrod, Thailand


Utilization of Community Wastewater and Sewage Sludge for Economic Cropping in Phetchaburi Province, Thailand,  Onanong Phewnil, Noppawan Semvimol, Watcharapong Wararam, Kittichai Duangma, Nawee Chanwong, Pavin Wichittrakarn, Worakai Usa, Nontaporn Prasertkul, Wiroon Sumleeraj, Thailand




Waste to Energy 2


A New Approach in Dioxins and Furans Emissions by Accumulation of Precursor Compounds at Incinerators Post Fire Zone, Marcelo Pestana Vieira, Brazil


Evaluating anaerobic digestion of source separated organic solid wastes in Hennepin County, Minnesota, USA, Shunchang Yang, Jaime V. Chávez-León, César Miguel Moreira, John Jaimez, Paul M. Kroening, Pratap Pullammanappallil, USA




Research Advances


A Comprehensive Characterization of Plastic Waste and Effect of UV Radiation on Bacterial Breakdown of LDPE, Ved Prakash Ranjan, Sudha Goel, India


Recovery of Neodymium from Waste Permanent Magnets by Solvent Extraction and Supported Liquid Membrane, Achmad Chusnun Niam, Yi-Hsien Liu, Sheng-Jie You, Ya-Fen Wang, Taiwan





Additional Topics


Waste Management in the Amazon and the Conceptual Innovation of Sustainability, Valéria Arenhardt, Flávio de São Pedro Filho, Waldir Schalch, Sâmia Laise Manthey Benevides, Saiane Barros de Souza, Brazil


Multivariate Statistics and Spatial Distribution of Heavy Metals in Soil of Waste Disposal Site in South Western Region of Bangladesh, Sanjida Khair, Islam M. Rafizul, Bangladesh


Influence of Construction and Demolished Waste on Controlled Low Strength Material, Fei Li, Chenhui Liu, Fujin Wang, Li’an Zhou, China




A Novel Design of a Solar-Assisted Accelerated Composting Unit, Kurabachew Duba, Praveen Malali, Faete Filho, USA


Effect of the Incorporation of Biomass Wastes on the Properties of Fired Clay Bricks, Gisela Pelozo, Nancy Quaranta, Marta Caligaris, Melisa Romano, Adrián Cristóbal, Argentina


The Use of Municipal Tree Pruning and Bamboo Wastes in Bricks Production, Barbara Stolte Bezerra, Manuel J. D. Silva, Rosane Aparecida Gomes Battistelle, Paulo Roberto O. Carvalho, Brazil


Utilization of Coal Bottom Ash as Aggregate in Clayey Mixtures, Miguel Unsen, Gisela Pelozo, Marta Caligaris, Nancy Quaranta, Argentina