Proceedings of

24th International Conference on

Solid Waste Technology and Management

Philadelphia, PA USA

March 15-18, 2009

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Recycling Case Studies

Calculating Recycling Rates for an Acute General Hospital

Anne C. Woolridge, UK

Is Recycling Garbage? – The Barry University Sequel

Anita Z�vodsk�, USA

Biobased Products from Residual Biomasses

Enzo Montoneri, Vittorio Boffa, Piero Savarino, Daniele G. Perrone,

Luisa Garlasco, Marzia Ghezzi, Stig A. Gundersen, Ashok M. Raichur, Italy

Innovative Technologies 1

Use of Anaerobic Digestion Gases in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for the Production of Heat and Power – Challenges and Sizing Issues

E. Agante, D. J. L. Brett, N. P. Brandon, UK

Interactive Odor & Particulate Control

Robert Richardson, USA

Landfill Liners

Innovative Landfill Closures

Alfred M. Yates, USA

Bentonite Microstructure Formation in Clay Liners

Nikol Kochmanova, Hiroyuki Tanaka, Japan

Geotechnical Aspects Of Ankara Clay As A Compacted Landfill Liner Material

Haluk Akgun,Turkey

Waste Generation and Composition

Solid Waste Crisis in Nigeria – A Preliminary Comparative Study on Residential Solid Waste Generation and Management in Lagos and Benin Metropolis

Dennis Iyeke Igbinomwanhia, Ejovo Nena Ohwovoriole, Nigeria

Measuring Productivity and Efficiency of Portuguese Solid Waste Utilities

P. Sim�es, R. C. Marques, Portugal

Recycling Technologies

Separation of Granulated Mixtures of Plastics from WEEE

M. Teresa Carvalho, Jo�o Tiago Santos, C�lia Ferreira, Portugal

Recovery Of Waste Products Resulting From Post-Consumer Tyres Processing

Giuseppe Bonifazi, Silvia Serrant, Italy

Fiber Recovery From Recycling Aseptic Waste Pack

Salah El-Haggar, Eiman Hamdy, Egypt

Copper Slag As An Alternative Material For Road Construction

Vasant G. Havanagi A.K.Sinha, P.S.Prasad, Sitaramanjaneyulu, Sudhir Mathur , India

Integrated Management Studies

Industrial Engineering And Its Applications In Solid Waste Minimization

Jenny Ulloa, Matthew Franchetti, USA

A Study on Solid Waste Management Practices in Historical City of Patna, India-Impact on Communities and Social Spaces

Shailendra Kumar Mandal, Surendra Kumar, India

Driving The Waste Prevention Agenda: An Evaluation Of Weighing Kerbside Household Waste Arisings Methodology In Doreset, UK

Paul Phillips, UK

Technical, Economical and Social Solutions for Integrated and Sustainable Waste Management Systems in Rural Areas in Romania

Alexei Atudorei, Luminita Gabriela Atudorei, Elena Dumitru, Valentin Rusu, Romania

Evaluating Solid Waste Management Alternatives Using Fuzzy Multicriteria Decision Analysis

Shoou-Yuh Chang, Francis Eshum, USA

Solid Waste Crisis In Nigeria – A Case Study Of The Constraint To Residential Solid Waste Disposal And Management In Benin Metropolis

Dennis Iyeke Igbinomwanhia, Ejovo Nena Ohwovoriole, Nigeria

Food and Organic Wastes

Authoring Best Practice Guides For Regulators And Industry

Georgina Davis, Australia

Development and Preliminary Evaluation of a Commercial Duty Composting System

Michael A. Aloria, Philippines

Development of Bagasse Pelletizer

Donnalyn C. Cabaces, Coleen M. Pernes, Mary Grace Bahillo, Timothy Joseph Dalanon, Philippines

Removal Of Copper From Aqueous Solutions Using Walnut Shells

Sama Alkarmy, Lua’y Zeatoun, Bayan Jodeh, Jordan

Contaminated Disposal Sites

Physicochemical Water Quality Seasonal Variations of the Salhad Stream, South Abbottabad, North Pakistan

Farhana Maqbool, Amir Haider Malik, Zulfiqar Ahmed Bhatti, Arshid Pervez, Pakistan

Bioremediation Of A Cr(VI) Contaminated Site: A Conceptual And Feasibility Study For A Site In Brits

Pulane E. Molokwane , Evans M.N. Chirwa, South Africa

Effect of Solid Waste Disposal on the Microbiological Water Quality of Salhad Stream South Abbottabad, North Pakistan

Farhana Maqbool, Amir Haider Malik, Arshid Pervez, Zulfiqar Ahmed Bhatti, Pakistan

Correlation Between Physical Chemical Properties Of Different Venezuelan Crude Oils And Their Biodegradability

Elena U. Ehrmann, Carmen Infante, H�ctor Mart�nez, Venezuela

Study on BTX Volatilization and Biodegradation for Remediation of Illegal Dumping Sites by an Air Injection Method

Kazuei Ishii, Toru Furuichi, Noboru Tanikawa, Japan

Agricultural Wastes

Utilizing of Sugarcane Baggase for Producing Useful Chemicals

Chizuru Sasaki, Yuya Yamashita, Yoshitoshi Nakamura, Japan

The Effects of Organic Wastes on Sodosols in Tasmania, Australia

Stephen Ives, Bill Cotching, Leigh Sparrow, Shaun Lisson, Richard Doyle, Australia

Practicality of a High Value-Added Edible Mushroom Using Sweet Potato Shochu Lees

Masahito Yamauchi, Masayoshi Yamada, Sumio Masuda, Megumi Mihara, Mariko Sakamoto and Tadahiro Matsuda, Japan

Landfill Leachate Studies

Evapotranspirative, Soil-plant Systems with Reed (Phragmites australis) for Landfill Leachate Treatment – Two Years Operational Experiences

Andrzej Bialowiec, Slawomir Kasinski, Poland

Microbiological Indicators Of Well Water Pollution And Probability For Cholera

Outbreaks And Other Diseases: The Case Of Some Neighbourhoods In The City Of Douala Cameroon

Epule Terence Epule, Balgah Sounders Nguh, Sweden

Recycling Studies

Recycling: Economic Profitability of the Plant Responsible for Processing Waste into Secondary Materials

Mohamed Alwaeli, Poland

Design and Management of Low Strength Recycle Material

Hao-Hsien Chen, Jyh-Dong Lin, Hui-Mi Hsu, Jyh-Tyng Yau, Taiwan, R.O.C.

An Economic And Operational Analysis Framework And Assessment Tool For Government Owned Material Recovery Facilities

Matthew Franchetti, USA

The Potential Application of Sulfonated Polystyrene (SPS) from Recycled Styrofoam in the Reduction of Heavy Metals in Wastewater

Sharon M. Manalac, Antonio E. Senador Jr., Angela D. Escoto, Philippines

Recycled Waste Paper and the Corrugated Packaging Industry in Europe

Stergios Adamopoulos, Costas Passialis, Elias Voulgaridis, Greece

Innovative Technologies 2

Adsorption of Chromium (VI) by Metal Hydroxide Sludge from the Metal Finishing

Lo�c Perrin, Val�rie Laforest, Marie De Roy, France

Nuclear Waste Minimisation For New Generation Nuclear Reactors – Carbon-14 Bioseparation

Evans M. N. Chirwa, Pulane E. Molokwane, South Africa

Thermal Treatment and Energy

Microwave drying of moisture-rich solid wastes

Richard Marsh, James Tiernan, Tony Griffiths, United Kingdom

Physiological Appoach Of Municipal Solid Waste To Biogas Leading To Low Cost Energy Generation

A.P.Verma, Uma K.Verma, India

Sludge Dryer Wet Scrubber Used to Produce Renewable Energy

Andrew Bartocci, USA

Quantification of products from thermal decomposition of solid wastes

Richard Marsh, Julian Steer, United Kingdom

Community Behavior and Education

Who Are Waste Managers: A Story Of Constructed Identities And Professional Training And Educational Opportunities

Georgina Davis, Australia

Transforming Solid Waste into Learning Experiences

Adam Buckingham, New Zealand

Women Participation in Municipal Solid Waste Sorting and Recycling

Mervat El-Hoz, Lebanon

Industrial Wastes Management and Use

Study of Two Sampling Procedures for the Valorization of Metal Hydroxide Sludge as Pollutant Trapper

Valerie Laforest, Loic Perrin, Jacques Bourgois, France

Mechanisms Of Spinels Formation From Waste Metal Solids To Ceramic Products

Kaimin Shih, Hong Kong, China

Utilization of Hazardous Anode Mud Generated During Zinc Electrowinning to Make Manganese Compounds and Lead-Pigment

Navin Chandra, S.S. Amritphale, Deepti Pal, India

The Effect of Artificial Ageing on The Mechanical Behaviour and Microstructure of Industrial Sludge

Treated by the CFS Technique with Cement and Undergoing a Compacting at the Paste Phase

Mohamed Choura, Maissoune Keskes, Jamel Rouiss, Tunisia

Co-processing of Hazardous Industrial Sludge Containing Heavy Metals as Alternative Raw Material for Portland Cement Clinker

Manaskorn Rachakornkij, Thantip Punmatharith, Thailand

New Approaches to Landfills

Turning a Brownfield into a Greenfield at the Allied Waste Niagara Falls Landfill

Bart A. Klettke, USA

Knowledge Based Ranking Algorithm for Comparative Assessment of Post Closure Care Needs of Landfills

Vivek Kumar, Banu Sizirici, Berrin Tansel, Luis Prieto-Portar, USA

Organic Wastes

A Recommended Holistic Policy Framework for Vegetable Oil Waste Management in Egypt

S.T. El Sheltawy, A. A. Refaat, Egypt

Nutritional Evaluation as Ruminant Feed to Curtail the Environmental Menace of Water Hyacinth in Nigeria

Adejoke A. Mako, O. J. Babayemi, A. O. Akinsoyinu, Nigeria

Farm System Modeling of Organic Amendments in Tasmania, Australia

Shaun Lisson, Stephen Ives, Richard Doyle, Australia

Energy and Chemicals from Biomass – Some Thoughts for 21st Century

K. Gadgil, India


New Quality Control And Sorting Strategies For Polyolefins (PP-PE) Recycling

Giuseppe Bonifazi, Silvia Serranti, Italy

E-Construction Surplus Earth and Gravel Management System

Shih-Huang Chen, Jyh-Dong Lin, Wen-Yan Luo, Taiwan

Characterization Of Electroplating Sludge Prior/After Cao Based Solidification/Stabilization

Nenad Mikulic, Visnja Orescanin, Ivanka Lovrencic, Stefica Knapic, Gordana Medunic, Croatia

Evaluation of Incinerator Bottom Ash for Pavement with Road Test

Jyh-Dong Lin, Po-Hsun Sung, Jui-Mao Wang, Taiwan

Utilization of Water-Quenched Slag as Aggregate on Asphalt Concrete

Jyh-Dong Lin, Ming-Chin Yeh, Ching-Tsung Hung, Taiwan

The Removal of Basic Dyes from Wastewater onto Dead Water Hyacinth

Gihan F. Malash, Mohammad I. El-Khaiary, Egypt

Wood Pellet Ash – A Potential Forest Fertilizer and Soil Conditioning Agent (A Case Study)

Matti Kuokkanen, Toivo Kuokkanen, Hannu Nurmesniemi, Risto P�yki�, Finland

Student-Powered Waste Characterization: A County/City/University Collaboration

Bridget Bero, Matthew Roberts, John Biedenharn, Matthew Morales, USA

Changes in MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) Composition in the Czech Republic in Period from 2000 to 2008

Petra Hnatukova, Libuse Benesova, Buhumil Cernik, Zdenka Kotoulova, Czech Republic

Study on Lactic Acid Production from Pretreated Lignocellulosic Waste

Yuya Yamashita, Chizuru Sasaki, Yoshitoshi Nakamura, Japan

Total and leachable heavy metal concentrations in green liquor dregs from a causticizing process at a pulp mill

Risto P�yki�, Hannu Nurmesniemi, Toivo Kuokkanen, Riitta L. Keiski, Matti Kuokkanen, Finland

Release of Metals from Fluidized-Bed Boiler Bottom Ash at Different pH Values

Risto P�yki�, Hannu Nurmesniemi, Paavo Per�m�ki, Hannu R�nkk�m�ki, Finland

Waste Management Challenges in New Member States of EU

Krzysztof Pikon, Poland

Assessment of the economic profit of recycling – case study

Mohamed Alwaeli, Poland

Integrated Processing of the Rice Hulls With Producing Materials of Polyfunctional Purpose

Svetlana Yefremova, Yuriy Sukharnikov, Corby G. Anderson, Kazakhstan

Three Dimensional Groundwater Simulation Based on Estimation of Nitrogen
Loading Amounts from Different Types of Nitrogen Source in Dairy Farms

Kazuei Ishii, Toru Furuichi, Noboru Tanikawa, Shogo Nitta, Japan


Use of Fly Ash in Cement Industry in Turkey to Decrease CO2 Emissions

Aysel T. Atimtay, Selda Ilksoy, Kursat C. Ozcan, Turkey

The Fly Ash from Sewage Sludge Thermal Treatment Recovery as LECA for Constructed Wetlands

Andrzej Bialowiec, Wojciech Janczukowicz, Miroslaw Krzemieniewski, Zygmunt Gusiatin, Poland

Fly Ash Potential And Its Consumption In Important Product Formation

P.Dubey, A. P. Verma, India

Policy and Regulations 1

Constitutional Policy Frameworks And Solid Waste Management In Nigeria

Iyiola Omisore, Rahila Ahmadu, Tunji Idowu, Nigeria

A Company-level Adaptive Management Model Under the Implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in the Car Industry

Yiping Zhao, Yingdi Xie, Jun Ohya, Japan

Environmental Benefits from MSW System Conversion According to EU Regulations

Krzysztof Pikon, Poland

Bioreactor and Innovative Landfills

Economic Evaluation of an Aerobic Treatment Cell

Richard Aho, Brad Austin, USA

A Simple Method To Determine Volume Of Gas Produced And Biodegradation Settlement As A Function Of Time

Joseph J. Lifrieri, Dorairaja Raghu, USA

Struvite Formation in Leachate Recirculation Pipes of Bioreactor Landfills

Madduma K.P.T. Somathilake, Patrick Hettiaratchi, Canada

Desiccation Induced Shrinkage Of Compacted Lateritic Soil Treated With Bagasse Ash

Kolawole J. Osinubi, Adrian O. Eberemu, Nigeria

Treatment of Landfill Leachate by Rotating Biological Contactor Pilot Plant

Saleh M. Al-Muzaini, Tareq Al-Obled, Abdul-Aziz Al-Sherriadh, Kuwait

Influence of Moisture Content Regimes in Leachate Composition

Liliana Marquez-Benavides, Ma.C. Hern�ndez-Berriel, Ma. del Consuelo Ma��n-Salas, Mexico

Compost Utilization and Agricultural Wastes 2

Compost Bioremediation of Petroleum Based Contaminated Soil

Maria Isabel Alviar, Brunei

Production and Utilisation of Anaerobic Digestate Compost From Domestic Wastes for the Improvement of Soil Quality

Joseph C. Akunna, Yusuf Abdullahi, United Kingdom

Manufacture of Organic Fertiliser from Poultry Slaughterhouse Waste Rendering Plant Sludge Using Delta-D Technology

S.A.S. Perera, Sri Lanka

Conversion of Coconut Water Waste Produced in Desiccated Coconut Mills into Organic Fertiliser Using Delta-D Technology

S.A.S. Perera, Sri Lanka

Landfill Studies

Landfill Site Selection for Municipal Solid Waste Using Geographic Information System and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis

Anurag Ohri, Prabhat Kumar Singh, India

Measurement of Representative Landfill Gas Migration Samples at Landfill Perimeters: A Case Study

Breda M. Kiernan, Cormac Fay, Stephen Beirne, Dermot Diamond, Ireland

An Investigation On Geotechnical Problems of Uncontrolled Municipal Solid Waste Landfill in The Province of Zonguldak, Turkey

Omer Faruk Capar, Ismail Hakki Ozolcer, Yilmaz Yildirim, Turkey

Development of a Soil-Property Based Permeameter to Ensure Quality Construction of Clay Liners in Waste Containment Structures

Frank Atuahene, USA

Policy and Regulations 2

Waste Management Stategies in Finland

Jouko Saarela, Finland

Waste Collection

GIS-based Tools for Managing GPS Data from Solid Waste Collection Operations

Thuy Nguyen, Bruce G. Wilson, Canada

A GIS-Based Simulation Model of Solid Waste Collection Operations

Thuy Nguyen, Bruce G. Wilson, Canada

Collective Selection evaluation of the domestic solid waste at School of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urbanism (FEC) at the State University of Campinas

Egl� Novaes Teixeira, Martina Barbosa, Nani de Oliveira, Brazil

Use of Waste in Construction 1

Effective Use of the Mudflow Earth and Sand in Sakurajima as Fine Aggregate for Concrete

Masatoshi Ikeda, Takao Nakazawa, Tanotu Utitani, Japan

Utilization of Industrial Hazardous Waste In Concrete Mix Design M-15

Rachana Malviya, Rubina Chaudhary, India

Utilization Of Waste Plastics Coated Aggrgate for Flexible Pavement and Easy Disposal Waste Plastics

R.Vasudevan, S.K. Nigam, A. Ramalinga Chandra Sekar, R. Velkennedy, B. Sundarakannan, India

Assessment of Mold Resistance Characteristics of Recycling Building Products

Jyh-Tyng Yau, Shih-Chi Lo, Jyh-Dong Lin, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Municipal Waste – Environmental and Social Problem of the Future

Libuse Benesova, Petra Hnatukova, Buhumil Cernik, Zdenka Kotoulova, Czech Republic

Effect of Alkaline Pretreatment of Food Waste on Solubilization and Biodegradability for Anaerobic Digestion

Jae Young Kim, Che-yun Eom, Jae-yong Lim, Han Sang Cho, Republic of Korea

Temporary Frost Protection of a Landfill Liner Prior to Landfilling

Andrew T. Rose, USA

Effectiveness of Solidification/Stabilization for Leaching Behavior of (Fe & Mn) Pickling Sludge

Smita Badur, Rubina Chaudhary, India

Cleaning and Conservation Waste Characterization of the State University of Campinas

Egl� Novaes Teixeira, Jos� Benedito de Castro Henrique, Brazil

Environmental Assessment 1

Global Warming And Solid Waste Management In A Developing Nation: The Case Of Southern Nigeria

Jerry Uhuo, A. Ogunbiyi, Fatai Jimoh, Nigeria

A GIS Approach to Waste Management and Recycling in New York State

Ashraf Ghaly, USA

The Influence of Increased Use of Compact Fluorescent Lighting on Environmental Mercury Emissions

John F. Katers, Richard Winter, Adam Snippen, USA

Assessment of Health Risks from a Closed Landfill with FRAMES Model Using Groundwater and Leachate Monitoring Data

Banu Sizirici, Vivek Kumar, Berrin Tansel, Luis Prieto-Portar, Debra Reinhart, Asawari Joshi, USA

Utilization of Wastes

Co-Processing of Plastic Waste with Coal in the Cement Kiln

Sant Prasad Gautam, P.S. Bundela, Vivek Chawla, India

Procedures For Environmental And Economic Assessment Of Automobile Industry Waste Recovery

Marisa Soares Borges, Humberto Gracher Riella, Brazil

Energy Recovery From Solid Waste in Cement Rotary Kiln and its Environmental Impact

Sant Prasad Gautam, R . K. Jain, B. N. Mohapatra, R. M. Gupta, S. M. Joshi, India

Stabilization of Clay Soils with Lime and Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS)

Omer Faruk Capar, Aydin Kavak, Gamze Bilgen, Turkey

Use of Waste Glass in the Degradation of Waste Polyolefin

Deepak Pant, India

Use of Scrap Tires in Cement Industry in Turkey

Aysel T. Atimtay, Emre Gungor, C. Derinoz, Turkey

Dynamic Response Of Composites

S.S. Ibrahim, Egypt

Construction and Demolition Wastes

Characterization and Valorization of C&D waste: Flexural Strength of Laminated Waste Concrete/Normal Concrete Beams

Samy Antit, Hedi Hassis, Bruno Fiorio, Tunisia

Construction and Demolition Waste Management in Romania

Cristina Iacoboaea, Oana Luca, Romania

Specialized Wastes

Composition of Waste in Hospitals

Shyam Lal Arora, S.N. Garg, Varun Kumar Arora, India

Minimization/Differentiation of Waste in Hospital

Shyam Lal Arora, S.N. Garg, Varun Kumar Arora, India

The Hospital Assessment Tool: An Integrated Solution To Evaluate And Reduce Solid Medical Waste Generation

Matthew Franchetti, USA

The Development of a Quantitative Sulphate Attack Test For Binders Used In Mine Backfill

Shah� Shnorhokian, Ferri P. Hassani, Jacques Ouellet, Canada

Traditional Medicine in Waste Bottles: Prospects of an Integrated Waste Bottles Management

Felix Chijioke Ekejiuba, Nwokoma Cosmos, Michael Iwuchukwu, Nigeria

Use of Wastes in Construction 2

Engineering Properties of Concrete Containing Large Volume of Recycled Tire Rubber

Bashar S. Mohammed, Najwa Juaini, Malaysia

Freeze-Thaw Behavior of Pervious Rubberized Concrete

Ashraf Ghaly, Andrew Heiser, USA

Beneficial Use of Recycled Materials in Construction

Pickett T Simpson, Thomas F Zimmie, USA

Environmental Assessment 2

Heavy Metal Release from WEEE and Batteries in MBT and Landfills

Alexander Janz, Bernd Bilitewski, Germany

Municipal Solid Waste Management Decisions and Implications for Greenhouse Gas Emissions: the Case of Onondaga County, NY

Fred Owusu-Ansah, Tom Rhoads, Donald J. Hughes, Richard C. Smardon, USA

Zero Waste and New York’s Climate Footprint

Marjorie J. Clarke, USA

Waste Management in Developing Regions

Analysis of Barriers Affecting the Adoption of a Sustainable Municipal Solid Waste Management System in Nigeria

C. Ezeah, C.L.Roberts, D.G.Watkin, P.S.Philips, A. Odunfa, UK

Nairobi City’s Household Solid Waste Management Problems

Judice Kemunto Maikara, Kenya


Object-Oriented Modelling Of The Integrated Waste Management Systems Using Rapid Application Development (RAD) Methodology

Krzysztof Gaska, Agnieszka Generowicz, Poland

Application Of Moduelo2 To Evaluate Hydrologic Processes In A Landfill In Southern Brazil

Carolina M. Tozetto, M. Crstina B. Braga, Brazil

A “SMART” Model for Effective Improvement of Waste Management Systems

Germaine Saad, USA

Planning Studies

Driving Sustainable Waste Management: Tools For Assessing The Suitable Sites For Waste Management Facilities In The Midlands Of England

Paul Phillips, UK

Studies Compare Between Wastewater Treatments Technologies

Lilyan Yaqup Matti, Huda Abd Al-Slam Alhafidh, Iraq

An Empirical Study on Energy Consumption and Saving Potentials for China from 1990 till 2006

Yiping Zhao, Chunyou Wu, Japan

Additional Topics

Sustainable Agriculture Through Delta-D Technology – A Solution To Urban Solid Waste And Global Warming

S.A.S. Perera, Sri Lanka

Manufacture Of Bioethanol From Vegetable And Fruit Waste In Sri Lanka

S.A.S. Perera, R.M.C.G. Ratnasinghe, D.C.G. Mahawatta, M.A.S. Perera, D.H.N. Perera, K.W.C. Mahesh, S.G. Walliwala, Sri Lanka

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