Proceedings of

18th International Conference on

Solid Waste Technology and Management

Philadelphia, PA  USA

March 23-26, 2003

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SESSION 1A — New Approaches to Landfilling

“Optimizing ArcMap Interface to Generate a User Friendly Landfill Site Selection GIS Tool,” Roozbeh Daneshvar, CANADA


“Experimental Analysis, Monitoring and Control of Landfill Gas Emissions Through IR Thermography,” Umberto Desideri, Stefania Proietti, Virginia Masciotti, ITALY


“Experimental …… Desideri


SESSION 1B — Recycling Assessment


“Packaging Recycling in Finland – Does It Really Benefit the Environment?” Eva Pongrácz, FINLAND


“Volume Weight of Recyclables,” Cecilia H. Mattsson, Per E.O. Berg, SWEDEN


“Problems and Prospects of Informal Sector for Reuse and Recycling of Waste in Kathmandu,” Ram Chandra Bhattarai, NEPAL


SESSION 1C — Ash Management 1


“The Potential for Utilization of MSWI Ash in Taiwan,” Chin-Ming Huang, Dr. Wan-Fa Yang, TAIWAN, REPUBLIC OF CHINA


“Heating Processes in MSWI Bottom Ash,” Dr. Ralf Klein, Dr. Thomas Baumann, Prof. Dr. Reinhard Niessman, GERMANY


“A New Method to Synthesize Zeolites from Municipal Solid Waste Combustion Ash,” David M. Kargbo, USA


SESSION 1D — Sludge 1


“Problems and Solutions in China’s Sewage Sludge Treatment and Disposal,” Jun Yin, Xue-Jun Tan, Nan-Qi Ren, Li Tang, Yu-Bo Cui, CHINA


“Characteristics of China’s Sewage Sludge and Its Current Situation of Treatment and Disposal,” Jun Yin, Xue-Jun Tan, Nan-Qi Ren, Li Tang, Yu-Bo Cui, CHINA


“Flow Properties of Digested Waste Water Sludge, Part I: Effect of Solid Content,” Dr. Maha Mostafa El-Shafei, Dr. Salwa Raafat Mostafa, Dr. Magdy Abadir, EGYPT


“Flow Properties of Digested Waste Water Sludge, Part II: Effect of Temperature,” Dr. Maha Mostafa El-Shafei, Dr. Dr. Magdy Saed Ibrahim, Dr. Magdy Abadir, H. H. El Sersy, EGYPT


“Identification of Biosolids Odors Using Electronic Nose Technology,” Kauser Jahan, Robi Polikar, Paul Witthohn, Huguette Mualem, Michael Faith, USA


SESSION 2A — Advances in Landfilling


“Transforming a Community Pariah to a Community Asset:  The Naturalization of the Glenridge Quarry Landfill Site,” David G. Smith, CANADA


“Vapor Phase Transport As a Groundwater Contamination Process at Arid Landfill Sites,” Gary R. Walter, A. Michael Geddis, Ray Murray, Harold W. Bentley, USA


“Landfill Gas Management and Energy Recovery of Al-Qurain Landfill Site in the State of Kuwait,” Mohammad Abdul Rahman Al-Sarawi, Mahrous Farhat, KUWAIT


“A Method for Estimating the Rate of Landfill Gas Generation by Measurement and Analysis of Barometric Pressure Waves,” Harold W. Bentley, Stewart J. Smith, Jinshan Tang, Gary R. Walter, USA


Phase Trans – Walter


SESSION 2B — Waste Management in Developing Regions


“Municipal Solid Waste Management Practices in Various Municipalities of Andhra Pradesh—A Case Study from the Indian Sub-continent,” Dr. Hima Bindu Vurimindi, Srinivas S. Vutukuru, D.S. Suman Raju, Y. Anjaneyulu, INDIA


SESSION 2C — Constructional Demolition Waste

“A Systems Analysis Tool for Construction and Demolition Waste Management,” James Wang, Ali Touvan, USA


“An Outdoor Mobile Construction & Demolition Materials Processing Facility Utilizing Floatation Separation Technology,” Christopher E. Corliss, M. Brendan Mullen, USA


SESSION 2D — Sludge 2

SESSION 2E — Ash Management 2

“A Study on Strength and Deformation Behavior of Reinforced Fly Ash,” Sarvesh Chandra, Saroj Kumar Jha, INDIA

“Towards a Sustainable Concrete Technology with the Use of Fly Ash,” Sunil M. Desai, Alex Aswad, Charles A. Cole, USA


“By-Products Detoxicity Characteristics of Thermal Plasma Municipal Incinerator Ash Volume Reduction System,” Jen-Shih Chang, Kuniko Urashima, CANADA, H. Jimbo, M. Ara, T. Kikuchi, T. Ameniya, JAPAN


Slag Detoxicity Analysis of Swirl Flow Municipal Incineration Ashes and Sludge Melting Systems,” Jen-Shih Chang, Kuniko Urashima, CANADA, M. Iriyama, Y. Naka, T. Usui, JAPAN


SESSION 3A — Landfill Closure

“Economic Optimization of Landfill Closure / Postclosure, Using a Fully Automated Induced Siphon Dewatering System (ISDS)™ with a Solar/Wind Powered Pump and Wireless Telemetry (US Pat. Pend.),” Dr. Albert Montague, Samuel N. Barresi, USA


“Expedited Closure of a Coal Combustion Products Landfill,” Bruce J. Clark, USA


SESSION 3B — Industrial Wastes 1

“Industrial Waste Management in Taiwan,” Hao-Jan Hsing, Fang-Kuo Wang, Ching-Tsao Cheng, Dr. Pen-Chi Chiang, Hung-Ted Cheng,TAIWAN, REPUBLIC OF CHINA


“The Using Possibilities of Phosphogypsum by-Product of Phosphoric Acid Production as a Stabilization Material,” Nurhayat Degirmenci, Arzu Okucu, Ayse Turabi, TURKEY


“Studies on the Use of Carbon Waste Generated from Fertilizer Plant in Waste Water Treatment,” Indra Deo Mall, Nipendra Singh, INDIA, Mr. Sanjay Tewari, USA


“Enabling Sustainable Selections for the Production of Alternative Construction Materials and Alternative Raw Materials for Cement Production,” Wolfgang Schwetlick, SWITZERLAND


SESSION 3C — Use of Wastes in Construction 1

“Utilization of Silica Fume in Autoclaved Building Products,” E. El-Shimy, T.A. Osman, S.A. Abo-El-Emein, EGYPT


“Cement-Lock ® Process? A Total Solution for Waste Management,” Anil Goyal, Michael C. Mensinger, S. Peter Barone, Anthony L. Lee, USA


SESSION 3D — Public Involvement

“Developing Holistic Waste Minimisation Projects:  Key Success Factors,” Paul S. Phillips, Kathy Holley, Paul Clarkson, Margaret Bates, UNITED KINGDOM


“Short-term Effects of Feedback on Householder Recycling Behaviour,” Joanne Lyas, Dr. Peter Shaw, Dr. Mark Van-Vugt, UNITED KINGDOM


“Lessons from Kensington and Chelsea’s Recycling Roadshow—Effective Participation in Kerbside Recycling,” Dr. Adam D. Read, Jay Amies, UNITED KINGDOM


“A Saga in Community Consultation:  Porters Creek Integrated Waste Management and Recycling Park,” Anthony Reed, AUSTRALIA


SESSION 3E — Medical Wastes


“Bio-Infectious Medical Waste Disposal in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico,” Carolina Armijo, Mónica Alvarez, Socorro Romero, Sara Ojeda, Elizabeth Ramírez, MEXICO


“Assessment of the Environmental Impacts from Drug Disposal,” Luigi Bellante, Augustina Chiavola, Laura D’Aprile, A. Polettini, ITALY


SESSION 4A — Leachate Treatment and Properties

“Response Surface Methodology to Optimize Leachate Treatment Process,” Pasquale S. Canzano, Dr. C.P. Huang, USA


“Treatment of Municipal Landfill Leachate by Solar Photocatalytic Method Using Fixed TiO2,” K. Palanivelu, R. Ponethal, INDIA


“Comparison of Leaching of Pb(II), Cd(II), As(V), and Cr(VI) from Cementitious Wastes Using Acetic Acid and Landfill Leachates,” Cheryl E. Halim, Helena Natawardaya, Prof. Rose Amal,  Dr. Donia Beydoun, Dr. Jason A. Scott, Dr. Gary K.-C. Low, Dr. Julie Cattle, AUSTRALIA


“A Comparison of Lead Leaching from Cathode Ray Tubes and Computer Circuit Boards using Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Leachates to Standardized Leaching Test Results,” Yong-Chul Jang, Timothy G. Townsend, USA


SESSION 4B — Environmental / Waste Reduction Behavior/Recycling

“Pro-environmental Behavior Regarding Solid Waste Management in Students from the Mexico-United States Bordering Region,” Sara Ojeda-Benitez, Ma. Elizabeth Ramírrez Barreto, Carolina Armijo de Vega, Rafael García-Cueto, Gabriela Lozano Olvera, Héctor Arriola-Zorrilla, MEXICO


“The Uptake of Wastes Minimisation by Industry and Commerce in Northamptonshire, UK: Lessons for Future Club Development,” Paul A. Clarkson, UNITED KINGDOM


“Raising Awareness and Achieving Waste Reduction in Smes Through the “Betra” Local Support Programme,” Dr. Adam D. Read, Janette Ackroyd, UNITED KINGDOM


“Reuse and Recycle of Solid Waste in Developing Cities Like Kathmandu,” Ramesh Chandra Bandhu Bhattarai, Rabindra Baral, NEPAL


SESSION 4C — Industrial Wastes 2

“Hazardous Waste Generated by Maquiladora Industry in Mexicali, B.C.,” Socorro Romero Hernández, Carrasco M. Magdalena, MEXICO


“Separation of Heavy Metals from Spent Batteries by High-Temperature Vacuum Distillation Method,” Jianxin Zhu, Yongfeng Nie, Jinhui Li, CHINA


SESSION 4D — Tire / Rubber Wastes


“Establishment of an Asphalt-Rubber Technology Service (ARTS),” Serji Amirkhanian, Mary Corley, Brad Putman, USA


“Management and Disposal of Used and Waste Tires in Mexico: A Bordering City Case Study,” Ma. Elizabeth Ramirrez-Barreto, Sara Ojeda-Benitez, Carolina Armijo-De Vega, Héctor Arriola-Zorrila, Gabriela Lozano-Olvera, MEXICO


“Spontaneous Ignition of Rubber Material in Landfills,” Susanne Wallner, Raupenstrauch Harald, Walter Somitsch, AUSTRIA


“Biodegradation of Natural and Synthetic Rubber Wastes,” Walter Somitsch, Dipl.-Ing. Susanne Wallner, Dr. Harald Raupenstrauch, Karl-Heinz Robra, AUSTRIA


SESSION 4E– Research Advances 1


“Comparison of Compressibility Parameters of Garbage and other Soils,” Pickett Simpson, Thomas F. Limmie, USA


“A Finite Difference Model for Capillary Flow Through Porous Medium,” Dorairaja Raghu, Shailesh S. Chirputkar, USA


“Remediation of Abandoned Coal Mines Using Alkaline Injection Technology,” Jess Everett, Stephen Gladding, Geoffrey Canty, USA


SESSION 5A — Landfill Modelling, Monitoring and Management


“Modelling of Gas Extraction from Sanitary Landfill:  A Case of Study,” Massimiliano Fabbricino, Girolamo Ippolito, ITALY


“Monitoring Measures for Landfills,” Dr. Florian Koelsch, GERMANY


“Optimization of Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Disposal Capacity,” David Americo Fortuna Oliveira, Pedro Murrieta, BRAZIL


SESSION 5B — Utilization of Agricultural Wastes

“Application of Carbon Sorbent Derived from an Agricultural Waste, Jackfruit Peel for the Removal of Cd(II) from Aqueous Solution and Plating Industry Wastewater,” B. Stephen Inbaraj, N. Sulochana, INDIA


“Feasibility Study on the Recovery of Commodity Chemicals and Agri-Products from Hog Manure,” Tom Levy, Pascale Champagne, Marie-Josee Tudoret, Henri Dinel, CANADA


“Compression Molding of Natural Agricultural Products to Expand Agricultural Markets,” Ronald C. Smith, USA


“Overcoming the Technical and Market Barriers to Poulltry Litter Compost,” Lynette M. Ward, William F. Ritter, USA


SESSION 5C — Program Analyses

“Finance and Cost of Municipal Solid Waste Services in Istanbul,” Dogan Karadag, Süleyman Sakar, TURKEY


“Solid Waste Management in India:  The Informal Sector,” Dr. Amrit Srinivasan, INDIA


“The Northamptonshire Best Value Review for Municipal Wastes Management:  A Case Study in Best Practice,” Paul S. Phillips, Paul Clarkson, Adam D. Read, UNITED KINGDOM


“Scale-up Studies for the Manufacture of High Surface Area Collagen from Bovine Corium,” G.J. Maffia, Mary Ann Seltzer, Joseph Mulato, USA


“Northamptonshire Business Environment Forum (NBEF)—Supporting Sustainability, through Dynamic Partnerships, Training, and Waste Management:  A Case Study from Northamptonshire,” Daniel C.M. Bailey, John McClatchey,  Paul Phillips, UNITED KINGDOM


SESSION 5D — Combustion

“Effect  of Load Swings on Particulate Emissions from Solid-Waste Boilers,” Kenneth L. Tuttle, USA


“Ash Handling Systems in Indian Thermal Power Stations—With Some Case Studies,” A.K. Basu, INDIA


“Thermodynamic Performance Evaluation of a Biomass Fired Cogeneration Plant,” A. Khaliq, A. Mubeen, INDIA


Modelling of Gas Emissions Control Unit Installed on a Thermal Incineration Plant,” Renato Bacioccui, Renato Gavasci, Professor, Francesco Lombardi ITALY




SESSION 6A — Bioreactor Landfills

“Degradability of Chlorinated Solvents in Bioreactor Landfills,” James Wang, Matt Litman, USA


“Comparison of a Bioreactor and Traditional Subtitle “D” Landfill—A South Texas Case Study,” Natasha Fudge, Joseph Sai, USA


“Flow Diversion in Flushing Bioreactor Landfills,” Ida Soh, J.P.A. Hettiaratchi, CANADA


SESSION 6B — Solid Waste Policy and Modelling

“The Theory of Waste Management: Why Is It Needed?” Eva Pongracz, Senior Researcher, University of Oulu, Oulun Yliopisto, FINLAND


“The Bedfordshire Waste Reduction in Industry Project,” Paul S. Phillips, UNITED KINGDOM


SESSION 6C — Recycling Technology

“Recycling of Finely Ground Polyurethane in Manufacture of Rigid Foam:  Mechanical and Physical Properties,” Salwa Raafat Mostafa, Shakinaz Taha El-Sheltawy, EGYPT


“Oxidation of PVC Plastics at High Pressure and Temperature:  Oxalic Acid Production,” Rochmadi, Wahyu Hasokowati, INDONESIA


“Analysis of the Heat Transfer on Recycling of a Pole Transformer by Vacuum Heating Separation Method,” Ryo Tanaka, Tomohiko Furuhata, Haruo Katagiri, JAPAN


“ArrowBio Process Opens in Tel Aviv, Israel:  True Single Stream System for Municipal Solid Waste Yields Traditional ‘Recyclables,’ Water, Organic Soil Amendment, and Methane-Rich Biogas,” Melvin S. Finstein, USA


SESSION 6D — Waste Materials for Soils Treatment

“Soil Bio Technology (SBT) for Solid Waste Utilization,” Prof. H.S. Shankar, Dr. B.R. Patnaik, Dr. U.S. Bhawalkar, Joy Manglani, INDIA


“Use of Coal Fly Ash for AMD Remediation:  Stability of Silicate Coating on Pyrite Surface under Varying Environmental Condition,” Sabyasachi Chatterjee, David M. Kargbo, USA


“Beneficial Use of Municipal Solid Waste Combustion Ash:  Reclamation of Mine Spoils and Acid Mine Drainage,” Jiren He, David Kargbo, Madina Alharazim, USA


SESSION 7A — Landfilling Advances/Mining

“Conversion of a Landfill to a Golf Course—Technical and Geotechnical Issues,” Marwan M. Sadat, Amira Fahim, Farhad Jafari, USA


“Abandoned Mines as Hazardous Waste Repositories in Europe,” Kaliampakos Dimitrios, Mavropoulos Antonios, Prousiotis Ioannis, GREECE


“Mechanical-Biological Pre-treatment of Waste Before Deposition,” Dr. Konrad Soyez, Sebastian Plickert, GERMANY


“Potential Use of Clay-Bed as a Liner Material to Retain Chromium from Chrome-Bearing Wastes,” Kaushik Bandyopadhyay, Amitava Gangopadhyay, Amal K. Misra,  N. Som, INDIA


“A Model for Predicting the Performance of Underground Paste Backfill,” Mamadou Fall, Mostafa Benzaazoua, CANADA


Fahim – 2nd paper Landfill to Golf Course


SESSION 7B — Composting / Biological Treatment

“Development of a Low-Cost Aerated Statis Pile Composting Facility,” John J. Wood, Jan Allen, USA


“Anaerobic Biotechnology for Agricultural and Industrial Waste Management:  A Case Study,” Metin Duran, USA, Goksel N. Demirer, TURKEY


“System Design for Optimum Energy Recovery from MSW Through Anaerobic Digestion,” Virendra Kumar Vijay, Rajendra Prasad, INDIA


Aerobic Composting of Cotton Agricultural Waste by Selective Soil Fungi,  M. M. V. Baig, V. P. Mane, INDIA

SESSION 7C — Electronics Recycling and Public Involvement


“Consumer Electronics Appliance Collection and Demanufacturing—Providing a Quantitative Measure of Environmental Benefits,” Joseph R. Carpenter, Joseph A. Spatola, USA


“A Computer Recycling Option for the City of San Jose, CA,” Lavanya Ranganath, Dr. Rhea Williamson, USA


“Daventry District Council’s High Diversion Recycling Programme—How to Engage and Challenge the Public,” Dr. Adam D. Read, Susan Reed, UNITED KINGDOM


“Building Public Involvement in Recycling Services in Jaslo City (Poland)—A British Approach,” Dr. Adam D. Read, UNITED KINGDOM, Dr. Malgorzata Grodzinska-Jurczak, POLAND


Rosa – Elec Applin. Collection


SESSION 7D — Program Management

“Optimization Techniques in Solid Waste Management,” Shoou-Yuh Chang, Abdelmoniem Abdelsalam, USA


“Use of Computer-Aided Process Engineering Tool in Pollution Prevention,” William Barrett, Paul Harten, USA


SESSION 7E — Research Advances 2


“Comparison of Chelating Agents for Heavy Metals Recovery from Soils,” Renato Bacioccui, Maria Rosaria Boni, Laura D’Aprile, ITALY


“Effective Design of Tailing Dam for the Disposal of Eron Ere Tailings,” Dr. Minual K. Ghose, INDIA


“Highly Efficient Polyimide Material for High Temperature Filtration and Dust Collection,” Stephen Felix, Kenneth Spindola, USA


“Preliminary Investigations on Polyurethane Waste Recycling by Fixation—A Disposal Option for Developing Countries,” Seth Adonye Hart, Paul Ekwere, Fred Onashokor, NIGERIA


SESSION 8A — Landfill Leachate and Environmental Assessment

“Properties of Leachate Producted from a Landfill in Cairo,” Dr. Maha Mostafa El-Shafei, Ashraf Ahmed Karakish, Shakinaz Taha El Sheltawy, EGYPT


“Environmental Impact Assessment Study for the Development of a Sanitary Landfill in the South,” Mervat El-Hoz, Dr. Michel Najjar, LEBANON


“Environmental Evaluation of the Sanitary Landfill in Greater Beirut,” Mervat El-Hoz, Michel Najjar, LEBANON


“A Lab-Scale Experience on Physical-Chemical Treatments for Landfill Leachate,” Maria Rosaria Boni, Augustina Chiavola, Silvia Sbaffoni, ITALY


“Different Alternatives for the Biological Treatment of Landfill Leachate by a Sequencing Batch Reactor,” Maria Rosaria Boni, Augustina Chiavola, Silvia Sbaffoni, ITALY


SESSION 8B — Analysis and Case Studies

“Waste Component Analysis in Falan and Berlänge, Method and Result,” Cecilia H. Mattson, Per E.O. Berg, SWEDEN


“Solid Waste Characterization Study from Cruzeiro do Sul University in Brazil, A Small Community Experience,” Andre Wagner Oliani Andrade, BRAZIL


“Solid Waste Management:  The Case of Sao Paulo,” Claudia Ruberg, Geraldo Gomes Serra, BRAZIL


“The Domestic Solid Waste Management:  The Case History of Joāo Pessoa – PB, Brazil,” Claudia Ruberg, Geraldo Gomes Serra, BRAZIL


SESSION 8C — Biological Treatment of Industrial Wastes


“Biological Treatment as a Suitable Option for the Cole Plant Effluent,” Minual K. Ghose, INDIA


“Bioconversion of Press Mud—A Waste from Sugar Industry,” S.L. Pandharipande, Sachin Gadekar, Ramjeevan Agrawal, INDIA


“Towards Total Solution of Tannery Hazardous Solid Waste Utilization Through Biotechnology for Sustainable Leather Processing,” Dr. S. Chakraborti, Sanja Kapoor, Shailendra Mathur, INDIA


“Aerobic Composting of Alkaloid Industry Processing Wastes,” Osman Atilla Arikan, Ibrahim Demir, Mahmut Altinbaş, Izzet Öztürk, TURKEY


SESSION 8D — Use of Wastes in Paving Materials


“Utilization of Crushed Stone Sludge as Granular Base Material,” Motohiro Nishi, Masaru Yamada, JAPAN


“Evaluating the use of Marble Slurry in Highway Construction,” B.L. Swami, Sanjay Gupta, INDIA


“Ápplication of Cementitious Material for Low Cost Roads,” Syed, Salahuddin Shah, Malick Shoeb Ahmad, INDIA


“Use of Waste Material (Kimberlite Trailings from Diamond Mines) in Highway Sector,” B.L. Swami, Mathur Sudhir, Goyal Swami, INDIA


SESSION 9A — Household Hazardous Wastes

“Quantification and Characterization of Household Hazardous Wastes in a Mexican Family—A Case Study,” Sara Ojeda-Benitez, Ma. Elizabeth Ramirrez-Barreto, Carolina Armijo-De Vega, Gabriela Lozano-Olvera, Héctor Arriola-Zorrilla, MEXICO


SESSION 9B — Use of Wastes in Construction 2


“Production of Cements Made With Fly Ash from Municipal Solid Wastes Incinerators and Elution Characteristics of Heavy Metals from These Cements,” Takatomi Shima, Yoshinori Kanjo, Masaru Yamada, JAPAN


SESSION 9C — Agricultural Wastes and Use of Wastes in Wastewater Treatment

“Disposal of Agricultural Waste in the Field and Rhinosphere Mycoflora of Peanut,” Dr. Mrs. Jayashree Deshpande, INDIA


“Agricultural Residues:  Generation, Utilization and Availability in Punjab,” Jagtar Singh, B.S. Panesar, S.K. Sharma, INDIA


“Utilisation of Bagasse Fly Ash and Carbon Waste from Fertiliser Plant for Treatment of Pyridine and 3-Picoline Bearing Wastewater,” Indra Deo Mall, Indra Mani Mishra, Nipendra Singh, INDIA, Sanjay Tewari, USA


“Production Potential of Waste As an Alternate Raw Material to Develop Active Carbon – An Approach Towards Waste Utilization,” Manisha Mukherjee, Dr. D.S. Ramteke, Dr. R. Sarin, INDIA


“New Adsorbent from Agricultural Solid Waste for Defluoridation of Wastes,” V.Murugesan, Banumathi Arabindoo, R. Sivabalan, INDIA


SESSION 9D — Case Studies

“Community Based and Public Private Partnership in Solid Waste Management:  The Case of Dar es Salaam City,” Thomas A. Lyimo, Alodia W. Ishengoma, TANZANIA


“Municipal Solid Waste Systems and Infrastructure in Sharjah—Investigation and Upgrade Plans Case Study,” Abdallah Shanableh, Maher Omar, Abdul-Aziz Al-Midfa, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES


“Analysis of Solid Waste Management Based upon the Study of Major Settlements of Koszalin City (Przylesie),” A.W. Zuchowicki, T. Hryniewicz, W. Kuczynski, poland


“Urban Solid Waste Generation and Management in China,” Shuang-Ye Wu, Nimmi Damodaran, Avis Robinson, USA


SESSION 10A — Landfill Covers and Liners

“Evaluation of Alternative Daily Covers for Landfills,” Shoou-Yuh Chang, Shamica Williams, USA


“The Effects on Hydraulic Conductivity of the Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL) with Humic Substances of Leachate in the Landfill,” Jai-Young Lee, Dong Hoon Lee, Shin Do Kim, Young Soo Han, KOREA


SESSION 10B — Waste Management at Specific Facilities

“Management of Waste at the Residential Construction Site,” Joseph Laquatra, Mark Pierce, USA


“Wastes Minimisation in Her Majesty’s Prison Service:  A Case Study of HMP Wellingborough,” Paul A. Clarkson, Brian Coats, UNITED KINGDOM


“Solid Waste in Airports—A Case Study at Viracopos International Airport—Campinas/SP – Brazil,” Jose Orlando Paludetto Silva, Kurt Federico Ruger, Marcos Oliveira Godoi, Cecilia Helena Alzuguir, BRAZIL


“Laboratory Wastes Management at Research Center of Thailand,” Somrat Kerdsuwan, THAILAND


SESSION 10C — Research Advances 3

“Studies on Water Quality Assessment:  A Tool to Develop Sustainability,” Dr. S.N. Pathan, Archana K. Rangari, V.R. Gunale, Shri N.D. Navagire, INDIA


“Hazardous Waste Management and its Minimization for Environmental Protection,” Anjani K. Misra, Nivedita Dwivedi, Reenu Pandey, INDIA


“Leaching of Trace Elements from Solid Waste (Fly Ash) of a Thermal Power Station—A Case Study,” Bihari Singh, Rakesh Kumar, Sanjay Kumar, INDIA


SESSION 10D — Composting Analyses

“Monitoring of a Full-Scale Rotating Drum Composting Plant:  A Preliminary Study,” Edoardo Stacul, Eleonora Beccaloni, Maria Rosaria Boni, Alessandra Chiavola, Loredana Musmeci, ITALY


“The Performance of Degradable Polymer Sacks for the Collection and Open Window Composting of Organic Wastes,” Georgina Davis, Hugh Bulson, David Harrison, Eric Billett, UNITED KINGDOM


SESSION 11A – Additional Topics

“Characteristics of Leachate Produced From An Aged Municipal Solid Waster Dumping Site:  A Case Study,” Aysenur Ugurlu, Beril Akin, TURKEY


“Assessment ofMedical Waste Management Practices in Ankara,” Aysenur Ugurlu, Erdem Uyanuk, TURKEY

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