2020 Agenda

Because of the COVID -19 virus and travel concerns, ICSW 2020 was cancelled. The agenda that had been planned is presented here.

A summary of the conference is presented on this page. 

For the detailed agenda, please click here.

SUNDAY, MARCH 22, 2020 

-Pre-Conference Tour of Annapolis

-Professional Education Course

-Opening Reception


MONDAY, MARCH 23, 2020

 Opening Plenary

Oral Presentations

1A          Composting/Biological Treatment

1B          Environmental Impacts 1

1C          Case Studies 1


2A          Waste Generation

2B          Special Wastes

2C          Ash

2D          Chemical and Biological Treatment


3A          Energy Recovery 1

3B          Landfill 1

3C          Agricultural Wastes 1


4A          Electronic Wastes

4B          Food Wastes

4C          Use of Wastes in Construction 1

4D          Research Advances


Poster Session 1



Oral Presentations

5A          Agricultural Wastes 2

5B          Education and Policy

5C          Waste Impacts on Soils

5D          Integrated MSW Management

5E          Special Topics


6A          Use of Wastes in Construction 2

6B          Case Studies 2

6C          Energy Recovery 2

6D          Environmental Impacts 2


Poster Session 2


Oral Presentations

7A Use of Wastes in Construction 3

7B Landfill 2

Closing Reception


Technical Field Trips